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Dear Reader,

The WSWS is the most widely read socialist publication on the Internet and is entirely supported by the efforts and contributions of its readers... readers like you. Your support and active involvement in the fight for socialism is more critical than ever before.

The coming period will see immense political shocks and struggles. Following the election of Donald Trump in the US, the American ruling class will escalate its policy of war and social counterrevolution. With the support of the Democratic Party, Trump is selecting a cast of generals, fellow billionaires, and corporate profiteers for his cabinet.

Trump’s election is part of right-wing shift of the corporate and financial elite around the world. The working class will fight back, and it is to these fights, and the larger battles on the horizon, that the World Socialist Web Site is oriented.

The political preparation of an emerging mass movement is the critical issue. Workers and youth must not only take note of the major political, social, economic and cultural developments, but must also be shown their connection to past struggles and the decades-long history of the revolutionary socialist movement. This is at the center of the work of the WSWS.

The WSWS is the voice of the international working class. It is the essential counter to the lies of the mass media and the bought-and-paid for representatives of the ruling class.

We depend on your support. The extensive coverage and commentary, on-site interviews at protests and workers struggles, call-in programs and live-streamed events, the overall effort to prepare workers and youth for revolutionary struggles—all depend upon you.

Yours sincerely,
The World Socialist Web Site

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