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We would like to thank all of our readers who have contributed to the World Socialist Web Site New Year Fund. With your support, we have made significant progress in raising the necessary resources for the WSWS as 2015 begins. However, there is a significant way to go.

Support from our readers is absolutely vital for the continued functioning of the site, and for its expansion in 2015. Unlike the publications of the political establishment, right and “left,” the WSWS cannot rely on funding from wealthy foundations or from sections of the state. All of the financial resources needed to support our staff and the technological requirements to run the site come from you, our readers.

This year will pose enormous challenges and possibilities. In our perspective published at the beginning of the year, we noted that 2014 was a year of “perpetual crisis,” and that this reality, “an essential indicator of the advanced state of global capitalist disequilibrium, will continue with even greater intensity in 2015.”

This prognosis has certainly been confirmed in the first three weeks of the new year. As Europe is mired in economic stagnation, the ruling classes throughout the continent have seized on the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo to cast aside basic democratic rights as part of a renewed “war on terror.” The most reactionary political forces are being encouraged and legitimized—like the Front National of Marine Le Pen in France.

In every major country, the assault on democracy is at the nexus of violence abroad and social counterrevolution at home. In Germany, attempts are being made to downplay the crimes of Hitler as the country’s ruling elite seeks to stake its claim in the imperialist redivision of the world. In the United States, the brutal crimes revealed in the CIA torture report last year have been completely dropped by the media, with no accountability for those responsible.

World capitalism enters 2015 in a state of advanced crisis. World war, economic collapse, dictatorship, fascism—this is the reality that workers all over the world confront. To fight back, the working class needs knowledge and understanding. It needs the truth. This is the role of the World Socialist Web Site.

Your financial support is critical for making this possible. If you have not contributed to the New Year Fund, please make as large a donation as you can. We are also asking you today to sign up for a regular subscription, a commitment to support, on an ongoing, monthly basis, the publication that you and tens of thousands like you rely on every day.

With your help, the WSWS will continue to grow and provide leadership to millions of workers all over the world looking for a way out of the catastrophe created by capitalism.

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