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This year marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution. The lectures that will be broadcast by the World Socialist Web Site are an important part of our celebration of 1917. They will explain the historical and contemporary significance of this monumental historical event.

One hundred years after the revolution, the international capitalist system is in deep crisis, and the world political situation is changing rapidly. The inauguration of Donald Trump in the United States is a part of an aggressive right-wing turn of ruling classes around the world toward nationalism, war and reaction.

Already, mass protests against the Trump administration are taking place all over the world. It is more critical than ever that the international working class be armed with the revolutionary, Marxist perspective that only the WSWS provides.

There are many reasons why you should financially support the WSWS: its daily coverage of world events, its on-the-sport reporting of workers struggles and protests, its reviews of art and films, its essays on great historical experiences, and, above all, the uncompromising integrity of its political analysis.

We need your support to meet the tasks posed by the crisis of world capitalism. To keep pace with an increased readership, we must continuously maintain and improve the technological infrastructure of the site. We need more video and other multi-media presentations. We must increase the number of languages offered to reach workers and young people of every nationality. We must expand the reach of the WSWS through social media.

Donate to the World Socialist Web Site! Make the WSWS what it must be: the political voice of a socialist movement all around the world to put an end to capitalism and open a new path for humanity.

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