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The WSWS is a unique and indispensable resource for the international working class. Six days a week, the site publishes news and analysis on every major world development, along with commentary on social, political, economic, historical and cultural topics.

How do we do it? Only with your support. The ruling class ensures that the corporate-controlled media has endless resources to disseminate government lies and capitalist propaganda. Countless well-paid commentators and newspaper columnists do whatever they can to pollute public consciousness.

To tell the truth, to counter these lies, to raise the consciousness of the international working class, we depend on the regular financial support of readers all over the world.

Your donation helps us support our staff, pay for the technological foundation of the site, invest in new equipment to improve our video, send reporters to cover important developments and workers' struggles, promote the WSWS to increase our readership, and much more.

These are dangerous times. The ruling classes of the world are plotting war. Democratic rights are being destroyed. The banks and lords of finance demand endless austerity to pay for their limitless self-enrichment. Workers everywhere are under attack.

The international working class can and will fight back, but it must be armed with an understanding, with a voice, with a perspective. This is the task of the WSWS, a task that you help sustain every day with your financial contribution.

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