World Bank cuts forecast for global economic growth

By Barry Grey, 17 January 2013

More than four years after the September 2008 financial meltdown on Wall Street, there is no end in sight to the economic crisis.

Europe slides deeper into recession

By Stefan Steinberg, 17 January 2013

Industrial output across the 17 countries of the euro zone fell in November for the third successive month.

France launches ground offensive in Mali

By Ernst Wolff, 17 January 2013

French ground troops have attacked rebel forces holding the small town of Diabaly, near the border with rebel-held northern Mali.

Obama on gun control: Expand surveillance and police powers

By Naomi Spencer, 17 January 2013

In the name of addressing the epidemic of mass shootings in the US, the White House is seeking to expand police powers of the state.

Renault announces 7,500 job cuts in France

By Antoine Lerougetel, 17 January 2013

On Tuesday French carmaker Renault announced large-scale job and pay cuts, as the auto industry slashes production.

Pakistan Supreme Court orders arrest of PPP prime minister

By Vilani Peiris and Sarath Kumara, 17 January 2013

The Pakistan Supreme Court timed its order for the prime minister’s arrest in order to boost a right-wing protest led by a pro-Army Muslim cleric.

Japanese government boosts military spending

By Peter Symonds, 17 January 2013

With Washington’s encouragement, Japan’s new government is pursuing an aggressive diplomatic and military strategy against China.

Israeli police charge protest movement leader with assault

By Jean Shaoul, 17 January 2013

Last week, police filed charges against 27-year-old Daphni Leef, one of the leaders of Israel’s mass social protest movement in the summer of 2011.

Germany’s Left Party supports unconditional cooperation with the SPD and Greens

By Peter Schwarz, 17 January 2013

The Left Party has set its sights on an alliance with the Social Democratic Party and the Greens in the election in the German state of Lower Saxony on Sunday.

Pro-austerity contenders in Czech Republic presidential election

By Markus Salzmann, 17 January 2013

On January 25-26, the Czech Republic will hold its first direct presidential election since the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993.

New Australian Greens platform marks further rightward shift

By Mike Head, 17 January 2013

With a federal election due this year, the Greens are trying to position themselves as king-makers of the next government.

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اروپا در سال ۲۰۱۳

۲۰۱۳ پیتر شوارتز

اروپا غرق در عمیقترین بحرانهای اقتصادی و اجتماعی خود، پس از جنگ جهانی دوم است. لاسزلو اندور، کمیسر اتحادیه اروپا در هنگام ارائه "گزارش اشتغال و ترازنامه اجتماعی ۲۰۱۲ در اروپا" در روز سه شنبه بیان کرد که در سال ۲۰۱۲، نسبت به هر سال دیگری در دو دهه گذشته، تعداد بیشتری از مردم شغل خود را  از دست دادهاند. او به این نکته اشاره کرد که کسانی که اشتغال دارند، علیرغم اشتغال، پول کمتری در اختیار دارند و خطر لغزش به ورطهٔ فقر به شکل اجتناب ناپذیری در حال گسترش است.

New in French

Les syndicats français acceptent la « réforme » pro-patronale du marché du travail

Par Pierre Mabut, 17 janvier 2013

Les propositions avancées par le gouvernement du Parti socialiste du président François Hollande saperont les protections légales des travailleurs face aux baisses arbitraires des salaires, à l’allongement du temps de travail et aux licenciements.

Un activiste du libre accès aux données, mort à 26 ans

Par Kevin Reed, 17 janvier 2013

Aaron Swartz, pionnier de l'internet, militant en faveur du libre accès aux données sur internet et de la justice sociale, a été retrouvé mort vendredi 11 janvier, à Brooklyn, New York, apparemment par suicide.

New in German

Das verfaulte Fundament amerikanischer Nahost-Politik

Von Bill Van Auken, 17. Januar 2013

In Bahrain starben dreizehn Wanderarbeiter bei einem Brand im Arbeitslager. Kurz davor war ein srilankisches Hausmädchen in Saudi-Arabien enthauptet worden.

Indien und Pakistan bedrohen sich im Streit um Kaschmir

Von Sampath Perera, 17. Januar 2013

Die Spannungen zwischen Indien und Pakistan bleiben akut. Die beiden Länder werfen sich gegenseitig vor, die aktuellen Grenzstreitigkeiten angefangen zu haben.

Die Privatisierung des Offenbacher Klinikums und die Rolle von Verdi und Linkspartei

Von Michael Regens und Marianne Arens, 17. Januar 2013

Das Klinikum Offenbach soll privatisiert oder radikal saniert werden. Sämtliche Parteien, auch Die Linke, verteidigen die Angriffe auf die Beschäftigten.

Landtagswahl in Niedersachsen

Von Lena Sokoll, 17. Januar 2013

Die Landtagswahl in Niedersachsen am kommenden Sonntag gilt als Test für die Bundestagswahl im September 2013.

Resolution des Parteitags der SEP (Großbritannien): „Verteidigt Julian Assange und WikiLeaks“

Von der Socialist Equality Party (GB), 17. Januar 2013

Wir veröffentlichen hier die 3. Resolution des 1. Parteitags der SEP (GB) vom 17. bis 19. November 2012. Sie wurde einstimmig angenommen.

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2013 and the new Scramble for Africa

17 January 2013

US aims in Africa centre on securing hegemony over the entire continent, a conflict in which its chief rival is now China.

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Workers Struggles

New York City school bus drivers strike to defend jobs

By Sandy English, 17 January 2013

Nearly 9,000 school bus drivers struck on Wednesday to ensure that job security provisions remain in New York City’s contracts with the private bus companies that transport children.

Striking school bus drivers: “The mayor is putting a price on our children”

By a reporting team, 17 January 2013

The WSWS spoke to striking school bus drivers at the Atlantic Express terminal in the Bronx.

Mobilize the working class to support New York’s school bus drivers!

By the Socialist Equality Party, 16 January 2013


The rotten foundations of US policy in the Middle East

By Bill Van Auken, 16 January 2013

Father of Aaron Swartz indicts US government for son’s suicide

By our reporters, 16 January 2013

Hands off Mali!

By Alex Lantier, 15 January 2013

400,000 still homeless three years after Haitian earthquake

By John Marion, 15 January 2013

Arts Review

Revival of Clifford Odets’ Golden Boy (1937): The American dream turns sour

By Robert Fowler, 16 January 2013

Opposition emerges in film industry to Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty

By David Walsh, 14 January 2013

Bankstown Fire

Australia: Engineer speaks with WSWS about building safety

By Richard Phillips, 16 January 2013

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Columbia geophysicist Klaus Jacob on Hurricane Sandy
“Disasters always amplify pre-existing inequities”

By Daniel de Vries, 14 January 2013

25 years ago: More than 100 killed during Philippine local elections

By the completion of the Philippine local elections on January 18, 1988 more than 100 people had been shot to death.

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50 years ago: Alabama governor calls for “segregation forever”

In his inaugural address on January 14, 1963, George Wallace called for the perpetual upholding of racial segregation in the southern state.

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75 years ago: Barcelona suffers heavy bombing

At noon on January 19, 1938, the Catalonian city of Barcelona suffered its worst bombing raid of the Spanish Civil War.

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100 years ago: Major European powers issue ultimatum to the Ottoman Empire

On January 17, 1913, the six major European powers sent a collective note to the Ottoman Empire advising it to surrender Adrianople and the Aegean Islands.

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17 January 2013

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