23 January 2013

ILO report: Global unemployment to hit record high in 2013

By Kate Randall, 23 January 2013

Five years after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, world economic growth has decelerated and the jobless rate is projected to continue to rise until at least 2017.

Israel: High voter turnout results in setback for Netanyahu

By Jean Shaoul, 23 January 2013

Netanyahu has sought to capitalise on the rise of new right-wing secular parties to push through an austerity budget for 2013.

UK police officer found guilty of trying to sell information to News of the World

By Dave Hyland, 23 January 2013

The fallout from the investigation ignited by phone-hacking and other illegal activities at Rupert Murdoch’s News International continues.

Closed fire station costs Detroit resident her home

By a WSWS reporting team, 23 January 2013

The Detroit Fire Department took 21 minutes to respond to a fire because nearby stations were either closed or browned out, a result of the cuts to public services in Detroit.

One in ten Washington, DC public schools to be closed

By Adam Sagitov and Nick Barrickman, 23 January 2013

The DC education chancellor released a finalized list of 15 public school closures slated for this year and next.

Germany: The role of the unions and Left Party in hospital privatisations

By Michael Regens and Marianne Arens, 23 January 2013

Health workers in Germany seeking to defend services confront a united front of hospital management, politicians of all parties and the trade unions.

Indonesian police gun down alleged terrorists

By John Roberts, 23 January 2013

Within two days of the latest shootings, President Yudhoyono unveiled plans to further boost the police and military apparatus.

Fijian junta discards draft constitution

By Frank Gaglioti, 23 January 2013

While elections are still to be held next year, the military leaders are determined to retain a major role in government.

New in Persian

خاور میانه در سال ۲۰۱۳

۱۲ ژانویه ۲۰۱۳ کریس مارسدن

کارگران و ستمدیده گان خاورمیانه با چشمانداز جنگ فرقه ای، سرکوب دولتی و گسترش فلاکتبارانه فقرمواجه هستند. همه چیز در گرو تجدید حیات خیزش انقلابیاست که در سال ۲۰۱۱ متولد شد. این تجدید حیات اما این بار باید بر پایههای برنامهای استوار باشد که بیانگر منافع سیاسی مستقل طبقه ی کارگر است.

New in French

Les questions politiques dans la lutte contre le parti fasciste Aube dorée

Par Chris Marsden, 23 janvier 2013

Des dizaines de milliers de gens vont se réunir aujourd’hui sur la place Syntagma à Athènes pour exprimer leur opposition au parti fasciste Aube dorée.

New in Turkish

2013’te Asya

Peter Symonds, 23 Ocak 2013

Asyalı işçi sınıfı ve ezilen kitleler derinleşen bir ekonomik ve toplumsal kriz ve yükselen savaş tehlikesiyle karşı karşıyalar. Egemen sınıflar milliyetçilik ve militarizm zehirine başvururken, işçilerin sosyalist enternasyonalizm temelindeki birliği acil bir gereklilik haline gelmektedir.

SEP (Almanya) neo-faşist NPD’nin yasaklanmasına neden karşı çıkıyor?

Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi-Almanya (PSG), 23 Ocak 2013

Sağdan gelen tehlikeye karşı ciddi bir mücadelenin, işçi sınıfının toplumsal ve demokratik haklarına yönelik kapsamlı saldırılara karşı mücadele ile birleştirilmesi gerekir. İşçi sınıfı, egemen sınıfın ve onun Sol Parti içindeki savunucularının politikalarının karşısına, kendi bağımsız eşitlikçi sosyalist bir toplum perspektifini çıkarmalıdır. Bugün, demokratik hakların bankaların ve şirketlerin paragözlülüğüne karşı savunulabileceği tek zemin budur.

New in Romanian

Asia în 2013

De Peter Symonds, 23 ianuarie 2013

Clasa muncitoare şi masele asuprite din Asia se confruntă cu o adâncire a crizei economice şi sociale şi cu pericolul aflat în creştere a unui nou război.

New in German

Obamas demagogische Antrittsrede

Von Barry Grey und David North, 23. Januar 2013

Präsident Barack Obamas zweite Amtseinführungsrede war ein kalkulierter Versuch, die wachsenden sozialen Spannungen mit völlig demagogischen Worten über Demokratie und Gleichheit zu übertünchen.

Imperialistische Mächte weiten den Krieg aus

Von Ernst Wolff, 23. Januar 2013

Während die französische Armee ihre Angriffe in Mali fortsetzt, stellen die imperialistischen Großmächte eins unzweideutig klar: es geht um eine dauerhafte neokoloniale Eskalation militärischen Eingreifens in ganz Westafrika.

Italien: Beppe Grillos unaufhaltsamer Weg nach rechts

Von Marianne Arens und Peter Schwarz, 23. Januar 2013

Die Fünf-Sterne-Bewegung des Komikers Beppe Grillo gilt im aktuellen italienischen Wahlkampf als aussichtsreichste Protestpartei außerhalb der großen politischen Lager.

USA und Deutschland warnen Großbritannien vor EU-Austritt

Von Julie Hyland, 23. Januar 2013

Die Angst vor der Destabilisierung oder einem Austritt Großbritanniens aus der EU treibt Washington und Berlin in ein Wortgefecht mit dem britischen Premierminister Cameron

Deutsche Telekom AG baut weitere 1.200 Stellen ab

Von Dietmar Henning, 23. Januar 2013

Der Umbau der Deutschen Telekom AG auf Kosten der Belegschaft geht weiter. Im sogenannten „Overhead“ sollen jährlich 100 Millionen Euro eingespart werden.

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Imperialism plans “decades of war” in Africa

23 January 2013

The French intervention in Mali, followed by the bloody siege in Algeria, represents a turning point in what has emerged as a new imperialist scramble for Africa.

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Lance Armstrong and the world of professional sports

By David Walsh, 23 January 2013

Armstrong apparently operated a type of mini-Mafia in cycling, bringing to the sport the very worst of American predatory entrepreneurship.

Inaugural demagogy

By Barry Grey and David North, 22 January 2013

Obama’s second inauguration

By Barry Grey and David North, 21 January 2013

Lupe Fiasco kicked off US inaugural stage while performing anti-war song

By Andre Damon, 22 January 2013

French Left Front promotes war in Mali

By Kumaran Ira, 22 January 2013

US attorney downplays vendetta against Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz

By Eric London, 21 January 2013

Workers Struggles

School bus drivers in New York face NLRB threat as strike enters second week

By Clare Hurley, 23 January 2013

The National Labor Relations Board says it has begun an investigation of company complaints that could lead to an injunction to declare the school bus drivers’ struggle illegal.

Mobilize the working class to support New York’s school bus drivers!

By the Socialist Equality Party, 16 January 2013

More on the New York bus drivers strike »

Harlan, Kentucky coal truck drivers take independent strike action

By Naomi Spencer, 23 January 2013

Coal truck drivers at two Harlan, Kentucky mines initiated a strike over non-payment of wages.

Auto Workers Struggles

GM Brazil strike

By Jerry White, 23 January 2013

Thousands of auto workers in Brazil carried out a 24-hour strike Tuesday at General Motors’ São José dos Campos plant, 50 miles northeast of Sao Paulo.


Baseball great Stan Musial dead at 92

By Alan Gilman, 23 January 2013

During his career Musial won seven batting titles, three World Series titles, was voted the National League’s most valuable player three times and was named to a record-tying 24 All-Star teams.

NHS Fightback

Fightback needed to defend the UK’s National Health Service

21 January 2013

Visit the NHS FightBack web site »

Arts Review

Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables: Social misery, with a vengeance

By Hiram Lee, 21 January 2013

Director Kathryn Bigelow defends her indefensible Zero Dark Thirty

By David Walsh, 18 January 2013

Mehring Books

New from Mehring Books
The theoretical and historical origins of the pseudo-left

18 January 2013

This report by David North was delivered at the Second National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party.

25 years ago: Results of Haitian “gunpoint election” released

On January 25, 1988, one week after rescheduled Haitian presidential elections, Leslie F. Manigat was named the winner by the Provisional Electoral Council.

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50 years ago: US longshoremen’s strike ends

On January 26, 1963, 65,000 longshoremen ended their 34-day strike and picketing campaign against shippers along the US East and Gulf coasts after acceptance of a deal brokered by a federal panel appointed by President John Kennedy.

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75 years ago: Romanian regime persecutes Jewish population

This week in 1938, the Romanian government stepped up its repression and propaganda campaign against the nation’s large Jewish population.

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100 years ago: Socialist candidate Eugene V. Debs arrested

On January 24, 1913, Eugene V. Debs was arrested in his hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana.

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