Justice Department memo sanctions state assassinations of US citizens

By Bill Van Auken, 6 February 2013

A Justice Department white paper places unlimited power in the hands of the American president to order the assassination of perceived enemies of the state.

S&P charged with fraud in mortgage ratings

By Barry Grey, 6 February 2013

Despite the criminality amply documented in its 119-page complaint, the government does not name a single individual in its legal brief, nor has it pressed criminal charges.

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy implicated in corruption scandal

By Alejandro López and Alejandro de Castro, 6 February 2013

Evidence indicates that leading Popular Party politicians were paid regular sums of money from secret slush funds provided by construction companies and other businesses.

Goodyear France announces closure of its Amiens-Nord site

By Pierre Mabut and Antoine Lerougetel, 6 February 2013

French unions have rejected industrial action to unite Goodyear workers with their colleagues in France, Europe and internationally .

Iranian president publicly accuses rivals of corruption

By Peter Symonds, 6 February 2013

The public brawl is another sign of the bitter divisions wracking the Iranian regime in the lead up to presidential elections on June 14.

All party support for local authority cuts in Scotland

By Steve James, 6 February 2013

Social cuts across all 32 of Scotland’s local authorities will remove thousands more public-sector jobs and impact all areas of social care and cultural provision.

West Chicago teachers strike

By Shane Feratu, 6 February 2013

Classes were canceled Monday for West Chicago Schools, where teachers have gone on strike for the first time in over 60 years.

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Biden in München: Das hässliche Gesicht des Imperialismus

Von Bill Van Auken, 6. Februar 2013

Bidens Rede gab in München den martialischen Ton für die Sicherheitskonferenz vor. Er machte Schluss mit dem Gerede über das Ende der weltweiten Serie von Kriegen und stellte klar, dass der amerikanische Imperialismus sich überall auf der Welt auf neue Schlachten vorbereitet.

Obama-Regierung beansprucht das Recht auf präventive Cyberkriegsführung

Von Joseph Kishore, 6. Februar 2013

Die Regierung bereitet im Geheimen rechtliche Argumente vor, um die Cyberkriegsführung gegen andere Länder auszuweiten, vor allem gegen den Iran und China.

Wirtschaftliche und soziale Krise in Russland vertieft sich

Von Clara Weiss, 6. Februar 2013

Der Kreml reagiert auf sinkende Wachstumszahlen, indem er mit weitreichenden Sparprogrammen die bestehenden sozialen Missstände und die Rezessionstendenzen verschärft.

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Obama’s contraception climb-down and the separation of church and state

6 February 2013

President Obama’s repeated cave-ins to religious organizations on the issue of birth control underscore the rightward evolution of American liberalism and its abandonment of core democratic principles.

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Ed Koch: The right-wing trajectory of a Democratic politician

By Fred Mazelis, 6 February 2013

Koch’s political trajectory reflected the sharp turn to the right of a broad social layer, beginning in the 1970s.

Workers Struggles

Video: Striking New York City bus workers speak on their struggle

6 February 2013

In this video, New York City bus workers speak about their fight against billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg and make an appeal for support from the working class as a whole.

New York City school bus drivers should reject union moves to end strike

By Jerry White, 5 February 2013

Letter from a New York City school bus driver

5 February 2013

New York City cops aid strike-breakers

By Bryan Dyne, 5 February 2013

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Arts Review

Girl on Fire—Alicia Keys closes her eyes to the world

By Hiram Lee, 6 February 2013

The latest album by the popular R&B singer.

Dustin Hoffman’s Quartet: Aging and the artist

By Joanne Laurier, 1 February 2013


Biden in Munich: The ugly face of imperialism

By Bill Van Auken, 5 February 2013

Obama administration claims power to authorize pre-emptive cyberwar strikes

By Joseph Kishore, 5 February 2013

Greek government threatens striking ferry workers with martial law

By Christoph Dreier, 5 February 2013

Alabama standoff ends with death of hostage-taker

By David Walsh, 5 February 2013

Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lankan SEP to mark 25th anniversary of Keerthi Balasuriya’s death

By the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)

The memorial meeting to be held February 10 will discuss Keerthi Balasuriya’s political and theoretical contribution to the struggle for socialist internationalism and its significance for the working class today.

Auto Workers Struggles

Germany: A new capitulation by the IG Metall union to Opel management

By Philipp Frisch, 4 February 2013

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NHS Fightback

UK: Unite union appeals to Labour to save the National Health Service

By Richard Duckworth, 1 February 2013

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25 years ago: Forty-year sentence for striking coal miners

On February 4, 1988, four Kentucky miners, victims of one of the most blatant frame-ups ever orchestrated by the federal government against workers, were sentenced.

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50 years ago: Ba’ath Party launches Iraq bloodbath with CIA backing

On February 8, 1963, the Iraqi wing of the pan-Arabist Ba’ath Party launched a coup that brought down the government of Prime Minister Abd al-Karim Qasim.

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75 years ago: Italian Fascist government introduces anti-Semitic policies

On February 7, 1938, the Italian fascist regime of Benito Mussolini put in place a spate of new anti-Semitic laws.

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100 years ago: Protests force resignation of Japanese prime minister

On February 4, 1913, the government of Prime Minister Katsura Tarō was censured by Japan’s Diet, its bicameral legislature, after mass protests broke out.

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