As Obama touts end of Afghan war, US strike kills 10 civilians

By Bill Van Auken, 14 February 2013

A US airstrike in eastern Afghanistan Wednesday killed 10 civilians, including five children.

New charges in Spain’s Popular Party corruption scandal

By Alejandro López, 14 February 2013

The scandal has outraged a population already suffering from mass unemployment, low wages and the destruction of social services.

French Goodyear workers protest against closure of Amiens Nord plant

By Antoine Lerougetel and Pierre Mabut, 14 February 2013

Some 800 workers from the Goodyear Tire plant in Amiens Nord, supported by more than 1,000 workers from other parts of France, protested outside the company’s French headquarters in Paris.

Unions suppress opposition to closure of Belgian Ford plant

By Dietmar Henning, 14 February 2013

In response to spontaneous walkouts by the workers, the unions intensified their cooperation with Ford.

Roma in Germany forced into abject poverty

By Sybille Fuchs, 14 February 2013

A recent report provides a shocking exposure of the contempt shown by local authorities and church institutions in Dortmund for workers from southeast Europe.

600 children living in Washington, DC homeless shelter

By Naomi Spencer, 14 February 2013

A single homeless shelter in the nation’s capital is crowded with nearly 1,000 residents.

California governor’s budget foreshadows new assaults on health care

By Thomas Gaist, 14 February 2013

Governor Brown’s agenda includes a restructuring of health care programs to shave hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget.

Australian Crime Commission’s police-state powers revealed in sports “doping” affair

By Mike Head, 14 February 2013

The ACC’s extraordinary powers, including to conduct forced interrogations, overturn fundamental legal and democratic rights established over centuries.

New Zealand unions collaborate in Summit Wool Spinners redundancies

By Tom Peters, 14 February 2013

Amid a wave of retrenchments across the country, the unions have accepted the closure of the Oamaru factory and are helping to sack 192 workers.

New in French

Le programme d’assassinats d’Obama et l’État policier

Par Joseph Kishore, 14 février 2013

Le « livre blanc » de l’administration Obama sur l’assassinat de citoyens américains est une sérieuse mise en garde pour la classe ouvrière aux États-Unis et à travers le monde. La classe dirigeante américaine, qui baigne dans l’illégalité et la violence, se dirige tout droit vers la dictature.

Le gouvernement tunisien commence à se désagréger

Par Antoine Lerougetel, 14 février 2013

L'assassinat le 6 février du dirigeant politique laïc anti-islamiste Chokri Belaïd mine la coalition gouvernementale, dont l'élément principal est le parti islamiste Ennahda

New in Russian

Кремль реагирует на замедление экономического роста дальнейшим сокращением социальных расходов

Клара Вайс, 13 февраля 2013 г.

Кремль ответил на снижение экономического роста значительным сокращением расходов на социальные нужды, что усугубляет и без того сложное экономическое положение большинства россиян.

New in Turkish

Avrupa’daki sınıfsal gerilimler kırılma noktasında

Peter Schwarz, 13 Şubat 2013

Avrupa’daki sınıfsal gerilimler hızla artıyor. Egemen sınıf, uluslararası mali krizin bütün yükünü işçi sınıfına dayatana kadar rahat etmeyecektir. Onun amacı savaş sonrası dönemde elde edilmiş olan toplumsal kazanımları ortadan kaldırmak ve Avrupa’daki ücretleri Çin ile Hindistan’dakilerle karşılaştırılabilecek bir düzeye indirmektir.

Genel grev ve kitlesel protestolar Tunus’taki ABD destekli İslamcı rejimi sarsıyor

Barry Grey, 13 Şubat 2013

Çarşamba günü, Belayid’in öldürülmesi haberinin yayılmasının ardından gelen saatlerde, başkent Tunus’ta barikatlar kuruldu ve kalabalıklar, en az 12 kentte, Ennahda’nın bürolarına saldırdı.

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Fifteen Years of the World Socialist Web Site: 1998-2013

14 February 2013

The 15th anniversary of the WSWS is a milestone of immense significance for the international socialist movement. Over the course of a decade-and-a-half, the WSWS has provided, with unequalled accuracy and insight, a daily analysis of political and cultural events.

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Year in Review: 1998

The World Socialist Web Site was launched on February 14, 1998, in the midst of a mounting political crisis in the heart of world capitalism, the United States.

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Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lankan SEP meeting marks 25th anniversary of Keerthi Balasuriya’s death

By our correspondents, 14 February 2013

Around 200 workers, youths and professionals attended the meeting held to discuss the enduring significance of Keerthi’s life and work.

Socialism and the defense of public education in Chicago

By the Socialist Equality Party, 14 February 2013

The SEP calls for the independent mobilization of the entire working class to oppose all school closings.


Britain’s Socialist Workers Party descends into factional warfare

By Chris Marsden, 14 February 2013

The politics of the anti-leadership faction has been incubated by the SWP. These forces draw on positions advocated for years by the party.

Obama defends drone assassinations in State of the Union address

By Barry Grey, 13 February 2013

The Nation magazine and Obama’s assassination program

By David Walsh, 13 February 2013

The New York bus strike and the defense of public education

By Andre Damon, 13 February 2013

Workers Struggles

After the bids: New York School bus strike at the crossroads

By Bill Van Auken, 14 February 2013

The New York City school bus strike has reached a critical turning point following the Department of Education’s opening of bids Tuesday for 1,100 school bus routes.

“I see this as an attack on public education.”
New York City workers and students express support for school bus strikers

By Bryan Dyne, 14 February 2013

The strike by 9,000 school bus workers has generated popular support among workers and youth in New York City.

More on the New York school bus drivers strike »

Auto Workers Struggles

Canadian Auto Workers union reopens CAMI-GM contract

By Carl Bronski, 13 February 2013


Australia: Join the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 13 February 2013

NHS Fightback

UK government implements cuts in South East London Healthcare Trust

By Rick Wilson, 12 February 2013

Visit the NHS FightBack web site » »

Arts Review

Donald Byrd, extraordinary jazz trumpeter, dies at 80

By John Andrews, 11 February 2013

25 years ago: Ford hit by strikes in UK and worldwide

Auto workers at all 22 of Britain’s Ford plants entered the second week of their strike on February 15, 1988.

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50 years ago: Italian metal strike ends

On February 17, 1963, 800,000 Italian metal and auto workers returned to the job having won shorter working hours and higher wages.

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75 years ago: GPU assassinates Trotsky’s son Leon Sedov

On the February 16, 1938, Leon Sedov, the eldest son of the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky and his second wife Natalya, was murdered in Paris by Stalin’s agents.

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100 years ago: Austrian socialist leader assassinated

On February 11, 1913, Franz Schuhmeier, a leader and parliamentary representative of the Austrian socialist movement, was assassinated at a railway station in Vienna.

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Letters from our readers

14 February 2013

A selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.