Pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine demand Crimean-style referendum

By Johannes Stern, 8 April 2014

Conflicts between the pro-Western Kiev regime and pro-Russian regions in eastern Ukraine pose the threat of civil war and war between the imperialist powers and Russia.

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Japan gives green light to shoot down North Korean missiles

By John Watanabe, 8 April 2014

Washington and Tokyo are hypocritically using North Korean missile drills as an excuse for the remilitarisation of Japan, directed against China and Russia.

US defense secretary threatens China during Japan visit

By James Cogan, 8 April 2014

Hagel publicly stressed that the Obama administration is prepared to go to war alongside Japan against China.

Top Greek state official resigns over collusion with fascist Golden Dawn

By John Vassilopoulos, 8 April 2014

Panayiotis Baltakos was seen as the “No. 2” man in the government, co-ordinating its policies.

Media blacks out Seymour Hersh exposé of US lies on Syrian gas attack

By Patrick Martin, 8 April 2014

Seymour Hersh reported that the gas attack on Ghouta last August was staged with the assistance of Turkey to bring the US into the Syrian war.

US targets Syria for stepped-up aggression

By Jean Shaoul, 8 April 2014

US officials say they have a plan to supply the “moderate opposition” in Syria with weapons that are to be channelled through Washington’s regional allies.

Syria, Russia and Ukraine

By Jean Shaoul, 8 April 2014

Officials rejected plan to relocate homeowners years before Washington state mudslide

By Christine Schofelt, 8 April 2014

In the past week, revelations have emerged about the use of decades-old maps in the issuing of logging permits above the towns of Oso and Darrington, the area buried by the fatal March 22 mudslide.

Hungarian fascists win over 20 percent of the vote

By Markus Salzmann, 8 April 2014

While the right-wing Fidesz won the Hungarian parliamentary elections on Sunday, the real winner is the neo-fascist party Jobbik.

US conducting drone war from Germany

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 8 April 2014

New research proves that the US Ramstein military base in Germany plays a central role in Washington’s global drone war.

Cuban government passes new law on foreign investment

By Alexander Fangmann, 8 April 2014

Desperate for foreign currency, the Castro regime passed a new law opening up the economy for direct investment while offering huge tax breaks for investors.

Australian Senate vote points to acute political disaffection

By Mike Head, 8 April 2014

Amid an unprecedented mass abstention, just one in five voters cast a ballot for Labor.

New in French

L’agression de l’OTAN contre la Russie et le risque de guerre en Europe

Par Chris Marsden et Julie Hyland, 8 avril 2014

Les ministres des Affaires étrangères des pays de l’OTAN ont élaboré des projets pour étendre l’alliance militaire jusqu’aux frontières de la Russie, y compris des simulations militaires et un stationnement de troupes dans les pays voisins.

Nouvel exposé de Seymour Hersh: la Turquie a organisée des attaques au gaz pour provoquer une guerre des États-Unis contre la Syrie

Par Patrick Martin, 8 avril 2014

Citant diverses sources des services de renseignements et de l'armée, Hersh rapport que le gouvernement Obama était prêt à lancer une frappe aérienne massive contre la Syrie en s'appuyant sur des mensonges.

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New in German

Nato-Aggression gegen Russland und die Kriegsgefahr in Europa

Von Chris Marsden und Julie Hyland, 8. April 2014

Auf dem Gipfeltreffen der EU-Außenminister wurden Pläne in die Wege geleitet, das Militärbündnis bis an Russlands Grenzen auszudehnen. Weiter gehören zu den umfangreichen Plänen Kriegsübungen sowie eventuelle Stationierungen von Truppen in benachbarten Staaten.

Ungarische Faschisten gewinnen über 20 Prozent der Stimmen

Von Markus Salzmann, 8. April 2014

Die rechte Partei Fidesz von Ministerpräsident Victor Orban hat am Sonntag die ungarischen Parlamentswahlen gewonnen. Als eigentlicher Gewinner der Wahl gilt aber die neofaschistische Partei Jobbik.

USA führen Drohnenkrieg von Deutschland aus

Von Elisabeth Zimmermann, 8. April 2014

Der US-Militärstützpunkt Ramstein in Rheinland-Pfalz spielt eine zentrale Rolle im weltweiten US-Drohnenkrieg, wie neue Recherchen belegen.

Europäische Autokonzerne verlagern Produktion nach Osteuropa und China

Von Denis Krassnin und Dietmar Henning, 8. April 2014

Die europäische Autoindustrie verlagert die Produktion in wachsendem Tempo nach Osteuropa und China, baut in Westeuropa Arbeitsplätze ab und nutzt dies als Druckmittel, um niedrigere Löhne und schlechtere Arbeitsbedingung zu diktieren.

EU und ukrainisches Regime versuchen faschistischen Rechten Sektor zu disziplinieren

Von Stefan Steinberg und Chris Marsden, 8. April 2014

Seit dem Putsch in Kiew im Februar haben sich die Beziehungen zwischen dem "demokratischen" Regime, das Washington an die Macht gebracht hat, und seinen faschistischen Verbündeten zunehmend verschlechtert.

Socialist Equality Party tritt in Nordwestengland zur Europawahl an

Von Julie Hyland, 8. April 2014

Nordwestengland, die Region in der die industrielle Revolution begann, wurde durch die Deindustrialisierung und die Austeritätspolitik der aufeinander folgenden konservativen- und Labour-Regierungen schwer getroffen.

China droht Kreditkollaps

Von Nick Beams, 8. April 2014

Das Kreditsystem Chinas expandierte in den zurückliegenden fünf Jahren um geschätzte 15 Billionen Dollar, was in der Geschichte der Weltwirtschaft beispiellos ist. Dieser Wert entspricht dem Umfang des gesamten US-Bankensystems.

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IMF report: No end to economic breakdown

8 April 2014

A major IMF report prepared for a series of international financial meetings this weekend describes a world economy in permanent crisis.

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French pseudo-left falls in line with Valls’ attacks on the working class

By Kumaran Ira, 8 April 2014

The petty-bourgeois “left” parties seek to block popular opposition to the shift to the right being prepared by the newly-installed Socialist Party government.

Quebec “left” hails media mogul Péladeau’s entry into the PQ

By Laurent Lafrance, 7 April 2014

Afghan election prepares way for new puppet government

By James Cogan, 7 April 2014

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging drone assassinations of US citizens

By Tom Carter, 7 April 2014

Harvard University report endorses police state measures in Boston Marathon lockdown

By Nick Barrickman, 7 April 2014

Arts Review

Mickey Rooney, popular film star of the 1930s and 1940s, dies

By David Walsh, 8 April 2014

Longtime film, television and stage actor Mickey Rooney died on Sunday at the age of 93. Rooney was one of the most popular American movie stars in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Beautification: An exhibition by Sri Lankan artist Chandraguptha Thenuwara

By Darshana Medis and Panini Wijesiriwardane, 4 April 2014

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

Privatization of Detroit’s water moving forward at “lightning pace”

By Thomas Gaist, 8 April 2014

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is lining up private firms for what could become the largest water utility privatization in US history.

Report to the Workers Inquiry
The Political Conspiracy Behind the Bankruptcy of Detroit: Anatomy of a Crime

By Larry Porter, 21 February 2014

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Crisis in Ukraine

NATO’s aggression against Russia and the danger of war in Europe

By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, 7 April 2014

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Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

8 April 2014

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party stands in UK’s North West constituency in European Elections

By Julie Hyland, 3 April 2014

NSA Spying and the Defense of Edward Snowden

New Snowden documents detail political and corporate espionage by US, UK

By Thomas Gaist, 31 March 2014

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In Defence of Leon Trotsky

Berlin IYSSE protests Professor Jörg Baberowski’s suppression of democratic discussion at Humboldt University

22 February 2014


WSWS publishes interviews with children of the Left Opposition

By Fred Williams and Clara Weiss, 25 February 2014

The World Socialist Web Site is publishing interviews with three children of Soviet Left Oppositionists—Tatiana Smilga, Zorya Serebryakova and Yuri Primakov—and with Tatiana Isaeva, granddaughter of the outstanding Marxist literary critic, Alexander Voronsky.

25 years ago: Stalinists humiliated in Soviet election fiasco

On April 9, 1989, the second round of elections in the USSR were held with the Stalinist bureaucracy still reeling over its losses on the first ballot, held two weeks earlier.

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50 years ago: National US rail strike threatened

On June 10, 1964, US union leaders called off a threatened nationwide rail strike against massive job cuts, averting a showdown with the Johnson administration.

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75 years ago: Mussolini’s army invades Albania

Faced with minimal armed opposition, Italian forces entered Albanian territory on April 7, 1939 and completed their military occupation of the entire country by April 12.

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100 years ago: Tampico Affair triggers US intervention in Mexican Revolution

On April 9, 1914, nine US seamen working off a whaling vessel in Tampico were mistakenly arrested by Mexican forces loyal to dictator Victoriano Huerta.

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