Washington, EU impose new sanctions on Russia

By Alex Lantier, 29 April 2014

The sanctions, which threaten to unleash a trade war, escalate the risk of conflict between the Western powers and Russia over Ukraine.

White House cynicism on the Holocaust

By Patrick Martin, 29 April 2014

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US economic “recovery” dominated by low-wage jobs

By Andre Damon, 29 April 2014

While the jobs lost in the 2008 crisis were primarily higher and medium-wage, a disproportionate amount of new jobs pay less than about $13 per hour, according to a report issued Monday by the National Employment Law Project.

Anti-NATO protesters in Chicago sentenced to years in prison

By Kristina Betinis, 29 April 2014

In pressing for long prison sentences, Illinois state prosecutors compared the case to last year’s bombing of the Boston Marathon.

Nevada standoff highlights role of the ultra-right in US politics

By Patrick Martin, 29 April 2014

Politicians and media pundits who hailed rancher Cliven Bundy are now denouncing his racist views.

Tornadoes cut a path of destruction across Southeast US

By Nick Barrickman, 29 April 2014

A powerful storm system tore through the Southeast US on Sunday, producing tornadoes that killed an estimated 18 people.

Israel halts peace talks over Palestinian reconciliation deal

By Jean Shaoul, 29 April 2014

The rival Palestinian bourgeois parties, Fatah and Hamas, announced a “reconciliation” agreement to form an interim government and hold elections.

As Obama visits Manila: US signs agreement for basing forces in the Philippines

By Joseph Santolan, 29 April 2014

Washington is moving to base US forces in the Philippines as a key step in its drive to militarily encircle China, as part of its ‘pivot’ to Asia.

Australian prime minister outlines budget attacks on welfare and health

By Nick Beams, 29 April 2014

Far from being for the good of the “country,” as Abbott claims, the planned budget cuts hit hardest at those on the lowest incomes.

Australia: Two miners crushed to death in underground wall collapse

By Terry Cook, 29 April 2014

The two miners were killed when a catastrophic rock burst buried their continuous mining machine under tonnes of coal.

New in French

Les Etats-Unis, l’Union européenne et le G7 vont imposer de nouvelles sanctions à la Russie

Par Barry Grey, 29 avril 2014

Les Etats-Unis ont profité de la détention des observateurs militaires occidentaux par des militants pro-russes à Slaviansk pour intensifier leur guerre de propagande contre Moscou.

Algérie: Bouteflika remporte un quatrième mandat de président

Par Stéphane Hugues, 29 avril 2014

Le président algérien Abdelaziz Bouteflika du Front de libération nationale (FLN) a proclamé sa victoire aux élections présidentielles qui se sont tenues jeudi 17 avril.

Le PSG allemand lance son clip pour les élections européennes

Par nos correspondants, 29 avril 2014

Le Parti de l'Egalité socialiste ((Partei für Soziale Gleichheit-PSG) a lancé vendredi son clip pour les élections européennes.

Réunion publique du CIQI à Paris le 11 mai pour les élections européennes.

26 avril 2014

Réunion publique du CIQI à Paris le 11 mai pour les élections européennes

Les quinze ans du WSWS: 1998-2013
Année passée en revue : 2009
Pourquoi je lis le WSWS: Courrier des lecteurs

New in German

Kriegsgefahr in Asien

Von Peter Symonds, 29. April 2014

Obama bereist die amerikanischen Verbündeten in Asien, heizt Krisenherde an, um die militärische Umzingelung Chinas zu stärken und einen neuen pazifischen Krieg vorzubereiten.

Ukraine-Krise und Medienlügen

Von Alex Lantier, 29. April 2014

Die Medien übernehmen die ihnen zugedachte Propagandafunktion für die Aufrüstung gegen Russland.

Festsetzung von OECD-Beobachtern dient als Vorwand für amerikanische Eskalation
USA, EU und G7 beschließen neue Sanktionen gegen Russland

Von Barry Grey, 29. April 2014

Die USA nutzen die Festnahme von westlichen Militärbeobachtern durch prorussische Aufständische in Slawjansk aus, um ihren Propagandakrieg gegen Moskau zu verschärfen.

Versammlung des IKVI zur Europawahl in Paris

Von dem IKVI, 29. April 2014

Das Internationale Komitee der Vierten Internationale wird sein Europawahlprogramm am 11.Mai in Paris vorstellen. Redner der Partei für Soziale Gleichheit aus Deutschland und der Socialist Equality Party aus Großbritannien werden die dringendsten Fragen zur Sprache bringen, mit denen die europäischen Arbeiter konfrontiert sind: die soziale Konterrevolution und die Kriegsgefahr.

PSG-Wahlkampagne in Köln
„Es ist unerträglich, dass in Kiew Faschisten an der Macht sind“

Von unseren Korrespondenten, 29. April 2014

In den letzten beiden Wochen sprachen Mitglieder und Unterstützer der Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (PSG) mit Arbeitern, Arbeitslosen und Studenten in Köln.

Unterstützt den Online-Wahlkampf der PSG

Von unseren Korrespondenten, 29. April 2014

Leser der World Socialist Web Site und Unterstützer der Partei für Soziale Gleichheit können aktiv am Online-Wahlkampf der PSG teilnehmen

Weiterer Rechtsruck in Ungarn

Von Markus Salzmann, 29. April 2014

Nach der Parlamentswahl in Ungarn rücken sowohl der Ungarischer Bürgerbund (Fidesz) von Ministerpräsident Victor Orban wie die Oppositionsparteien weiter nach rechts.

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US-backed Egyptian regime sentences 683 more to die

29 April 2014

Washington stands exposed as the direct accomplice in the Egyptian junta’s crimes, with President Obama all but soaping the hangman’s noose.

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International May Day

“The most important thing a person can do for a movement of the working class”
Worldwide support for International May Day Online Rally

By our correspondents, 29 April 2014

Representatives from more than 55 countries have signed up so far to participate in the May 4 International May Day Online Rally at internationalmayday.org.

Attend the International May Day Online Rally!

By Joseph Kishore, 22 April 2014

No to imperialist war! Reclaim the revolutionary traditions of May Day!

By David North, 12 April 2014

Online Rally May 4
Celebrate May Day 2014 with the World Socialist Web Site!

The International Committee of the Fourth International and the WSWS are hosting an International Online Rally on Sunday, May 4, with speakers from all over the world. Register to participate today by visiting internationalmayday.org!

SEP European Election Campaign

Partei für Soziale Gleichheit launches European election campaign in Berlin

By our correspondent, 29 April 2014

The Socialist Equality Party enters the European election campaign as the only party in Germany opposing the warmongering of the country’s politicians, academics and media.

German PSG releases European election broadcast

By our correspondents, 28 April 2014


New Zealand pseudo-lefts give green light for Mana-Internet Party alliance

By John Braddock, 29 April 2014

The pseudo-left organisations, which are all embedded in the Mana Party, did not oppose its decision to pursue an electoral deal with the right-wing Internet Party.


Anti-Semitism and the Russian Revolution: Part one

By Clara Weiss, 29 April 2014

This is the first part of a three-part review of a historical study by Ulrich Herbeck on the history of anti-Semitism in Russia from the Tsarist empire until the end of the Civil War in 1922.

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

AFSCME and other city unions sign onto Detroit bankruptcy plan

By Jerry White, 29 April 2014

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) signed a deal to support a restructuring plan that will impose savage cuts in city worker jobs, pensions and health benefits.

New from Mehring Books: The Truth Behind the Bankruptcy of Detroit

23 April 2014

A detailed exposure of a social crime: the decision to use the courts to impose unprecedented attacks on the Detroit working class.

More on the bankruptcy of Detroit »

Socialist Equality Party

Greetings to Australian congress from Sri Lankan SEP

By Deepal Jayasekera, 29 April 2014

“The whole of South Asia, including Sri Lanka, is being dragged into the maelstrom of geo-political tensions as a consequence of the US ‘pivot’ to Asia.”

British Trotskyist leader addresses Australian SEP congress

By Chris Marsden, 26 April 2014

SEP (Australia) Second National Congress: Greetings by David North

By David North, 24 April 2014

Crisis in Ukraine

The Ukraine crisis and the political lies of the media

By Alex Lantier, 28 April 2014

Kerry’s statement on Ukraine: A lying brief for war

By Alex Lantier, 26 April 2014

More on the crisis in Ukraine »

Arts Review

The Long Way Home: Sydney Theatre Company signs up with the Australian military

By Richard Phillips, 26 April 2014


One million years of the human story in Britain

By Joan Smith, 26 April 2014

Featured Photo Essay

"The system is set up for those in poverty to stay in poverty"
The face of food stamp cuts
Jennifer - Portland, Oregon

By C.W. Rogers, 18 April 2014

In this photo essay, the first in a series on food stamp cuts in the US, the WSWS speaks to Jennifer Noonan, a mother of two, whose monthly food stamp benefits were cut by $49 last year.

Jury returns verdict in trial of Iran-Contra defendant

On May 4, 1989, after 11 days of deliberation, the jury cleared Lt. Col. Oliver North of nine of the 12 charges against him.

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50 years ago: May Day protests against fascism, Stalinism, war

May 1, 1964 was marked by protests in Europe, Asia and the Western Hemisphere, some of them suppressed violently by the police of fascist or Stalinist regimes.

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75 years ago: Moscow Stalinists call for Popular Front alliance with “democratic” bourgeois parties

A May Day manifesto published May 1, 1939 in the Soviet Stalinist bureaucracy’s main organ, Pravda, perverted the traditional call for international workers unity by calling instead for the subordination of workers to bourgeois parties.

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100 years ago: Police attack mass May Day rally in New York

This week, 100 years ago, a May Day rally in New York, celebrating the revolutionary holiday of the international working class, was brutally attacked by baton-wielding police, injuring dozens.

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