Syriza wins Greek elections

By Alex Lantier, 26 January 2015

While the election result reflects broad popular opposition to austerity in Greece and across Europe, Syriza is committed to the EU, the euro and the defense of capitalism.

The election in Greece and the political tasks of the working class

On the fourth anniversary of 2011 uprising
At least 18 dead as Egyptian military regime violently represses demonstrations

By Thomas Gaist, 26 January 2015

At least 18 protestors were killed by security forces during mass demonstrations marking the anniversary of protests that led to the downfall of the Mubarak regime.

Blood and capital

ISIS kills Japanese hostage

By Ben McGrath, 26 January 2015

The apparent murder of one of the hostages held by ISIS, Haruna Yukawa, comes as Japan plans to expand its military presence in the Middle East.

Ransom deadline passes for Japanese hostages held by ISIS

Japanese government boosts military spending

Top New York state Democrat indicted for corruption

By Philip Guelpa, 26 January 2015

Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the New York State Assembly, was indicted for accepting bribes and influence peddling.

Rikers Island officers fired for hog-tying and beating prisoner

By Sandy English, 26 January 2015

The horrific beating of Robert Hinton was only one case in a string of violence and murder in New York City’s Rikers Island prison.

Torture and death in America’s prisons

More on police violence in America »

Mass job losses unfold in global oil industry

By Gabriel Black, 26 January 2015

Several major oil service companies announced that they would cut significant sections of their workforce, leading to tens of thousands of new layoffs.

Hundreds of thousands of US layoffs expected as oil boom unravels

Pipeline leak spills thousands of gallons of crude oil into Yellowstone River

By Bryan Dyne, 26 January 2015

Residents of Glendive, Montana were forced to use bottled water for five days after the January 17 spill.

Federal judge cuts BP oil spill fine by billions of dollars

First round of US-Cuba talks end as restrictions eased

By Alexander Fangmann, 26 January 2015

While deep disagreements remain between the regimes in Havana and Washington, the movement towards the resumption of relations continues at great speed.

US-Cuban rapprochement: The lessons of history

German corporations call for new forms of workplace exploitation

By Dietmar Henning, 26 January 2015

Corporations and government institutions in Germany have called for a “fourth industrial revolution” based on at-will employment.

Spain: Regional Catalan president calls early elections

By Alejandro López, 26 January 2015

The calling of early elections comes as the Catalan parliament discusses its 2015 budget, which will impose further austerity measures on the region.

Japan: Two workers killed at TEPCO nuclear plants in Fukushima

By Ben McGrath, 26 January 2015

The deaths are another reminder of the ongoing dangers at the tsunami-affected Fukushima Daiichi complex, and the official disregard for workers’ health and safety.

Housing affordability crisis worsens in New Zealand

By John Braddock, 26 January 2015

A property bubble and rampant speculation has contributed to soaring income inequality, housing over-crowding and homelessness.

New in Spanish

Ministro Catalán admite que el independentismo fue manipulado para descarrilar el rencor social

Por Paul Mitchell, 26 enero 2015

Palabras del Consejero Territorial Santi Vila confirman la predicción de World Socialist Web Site sobre el rol criminal de las seudoizquierdas.

New in Turkish

Yunanistan’daki seçimler ve işçi sınıfının siyasi görevleri

Peter Schwarz, 26 Ocak 2015

Yunanistan’da Pazar günü gerçekleşecek olan parlamento seçimleri, uluslararası işçi sınıfı için önemli dersler içeriyor.

Deflasyonun ekonomik ve siyasi sonuçları

Nick Beams, 26 Ocak 2015

Neredeyse iki yıldır, enflasyon, her ay bir öncekinden daha kötü bir sonuç göstererek, Avrupa Merkez Bankası (ECB) tarafından hedeflenen yüzde 2 oranının sürekli altında.

Britanya işçi hareketi Amerika’da köleliğin sona ermesine nasıl yardım etti? - II

Joe Mount, 26 Ocak 2015

Bu yazı, Britanya işçi sınıfının, Amerikan İç Savaşı’nda Kuzey Birliği güçlerinin zaferindeki ve ABD’de köleliğin kaldırılmasındaki rolü üzerine bir makalenin ikinci bölümüdür.

Charlie Hebdo ve Vichy’nin hayaleti: Laval’dan Hollande’a

Joseph Kishore ve Alex Lantier, 21 Ocak 2015

Geçtiğimiz hafta Fransa’da yaşananlar Fransız tarihinin önceki bir dönemiyle, Vichy yönetimiyle rahatsız edici bir benzerlik taşıyor.

Britanya işçi hareketi Amerika’da köleliğin sona ermesine nasıl yardım etti? - I

Joe Mount, 21 Ocak 2015

Bu yazı, Britanya işçi sınıfının, Amerikan İç Savaşı’nda Kuzey Birliği güçlerinin zaferindeki ve ABD’de köleliğin kaldırılmasındaki rolü üzerine bir makalenin ilk bölümüdür.

New in French

2015 et la marée montante des guerres

Par Bill Van Auken, 26 janvier 2015

Sur presque tous les continents, l’impérialisme américain lance des interventions militarites qui risquent de provoquer une nouvelle guerre mondiale.

Les marchés financiers fêtent le lancement par la BCE d'un « programme d'assouplissement quantitatif » de €1.000 milliards

Par Nick Beams, 26 janvier 2015

La mesure n'aura pas ou peu d'impact sur l'économie réelle. Elle est plutôt destinée à mettre à la disposition des marchés financiers des fonds supplémentaires à coût quasi nul pour la spéculation financière.

L’EJIES remporte un siège au ‘parlement étudiant’ de l’université Humboldt de Berlin

26 janvier 2015

L’EJIES remporte un siège au ‘parlement étudiant’ de l’université Humboldt de Berlin

L'état de l'Union imaginaire d’Obama

Par Patrick Martin et Joseph Kishore, 26 janvier 2015

Le caractère irréel du discours sur l’état de l’Union d’Obama mardi dernier n’a eu d’égal peut-être que sa représentation par les médias et les partisans du Parti démocrate.

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Imperialist mourning for King Abdullah

26 January 2015

The close collaboration between Washington and the Saudi regime speaks volumes about the nature of American intervention in the Middle East.

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The Greek Election

On-the-spot coverage from Greece
Greek students describe social crisis facing youth

By our reporters, 26 January 2015

The economic crisis has forced hundreds of thousands of Greek workers and young people to leave the country in search of jobs and better prospects.

Unemployed Greek workers face desperate situation

Greek election: SYRIZA leader calls for “new patriotic alliance”

Workers, youth in Athens discuss upcoming election

Pseudo-left groups in Greece line up behind SYRIZA

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25 years ago: Haitian strongman lifts state of siege

The state of siege declared in Haiti by Lt. General Prosper Avril was ended on January 30, 1990.

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The Fight Against Imperialist War

IYSSE wins seat in Humboldt University Parliament

22 January 2015

According to the preliminary election results released early Thursday morning by Humboldt University, the International Youth and Students for Social Equality will have one seat in the student parliament. The ballots were tabulated late Wednesday night following voting that was held over two days.

German IYSSE meeting series ends with discussion on historical falsification and the universities

By our reporters, 21 January 2015

Humboldt University discussion: “The Charlie Hebdo campaign is being used to suppress freedom of speech”

Scholarship, not war propaganda!
The IYSSE’s campaign against war and historical falsification at Humboldt University

By Andre Damon and Jesse Olsen, 13 January 2015


Europe faces political “earthquakes,” BBC warns on Democracy Day

By Paul Mitchell, 24 January 2015

New Senate Intelligence Committee chair moves to suppress CIA torture report

By Patrick Martin, 24 January 2015

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Saudi king’s death threatens to deepen US crisis in Middle East

By Bill Van Auken, 24 January 2015

After Yemeni regime’s collapse, calls mount for US military escalation across Middle East and Africa

2015 and the rising tide of war

Obama to press India for economic and strategic concessions

By Deepal Jayasekera and Keith Jones, 24 January 2015

Financial markets celebrate European Central Bank launch of €1 trillion quantitative easing program

By Nick Beams, 23 January 2015

US announces plans to deploy military advisers to Ukraine

By Niles Williamson, 23 January 2015

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Russia and US end collaboration on nuclear disarmament

By Clara Weiss, 23 January 2015

Arts Review

The historical and political issues in Selma

By Fred Mazelis and Tom Mackaman, 20 January 2015

American Sniper: A wolf in sheep dog’s clothing

By Matthew MacEgan, 24 January 2015

Auto Workers Struggles

Fiat-Chrysler boss wants wages tied to profits in new auto contract

By Shannon Jones, 23 January 2015

Socialist Equality Party

SEP (UK) public meetings: Socialism and the fight against austerity and war