Scientists warn of “biological annihilation” as Earth’s mass extinction accelerates

By Josh Varlin, 12 July 2017

A scientific study published Monday concludes that the planet is already seeing its sixth mass extinction—the first since humans evolved.

Vertebrate species populations in dramatic decline

Trump Jr. emails on meeting with Russian lawyer bring political warfare in Washington to fever pitch

By Barry Grey, 12 July 2017

Behind the investigations into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election is a furious struggle between the White House and the national security establishment over foreign policy.

New York Times voices moral outrage over profiteering military contractors ... in Russia

London police drag out Grenfell Tower fire investigation

By Robert Stevens, 12 July 2017

Fully one month after the fire, not a single person has been arrested or charged for what is the corporate manslaughter of at least 80 people.

Australian building experts discuss the Grenfell Tower fire

By our reporters, 12 July 2017

Public meetings in Australia and New Zealand
The Grenfell Tower disaster: A crime against the working class

More on the Grenfell Tower fire »

EU and Japan sign largest-ever Free Trade Agreement

By Gary Alvernia, 12 July 2017

Despite being hyped as a victory over protectionism, the FTA signals the growth of competing trade blocs and the rising danger of conflict and war.

A generation of orphans
The impact of US opioid epidemic on foster care and social services

By Genevieve Leigh, 12 July 2017

Social service workers, health care workers, and nonprofit organizers spoke to the WSWS about the devastating consequences of the opioid epidemic on children.

US hospital visits due to opioid issues top one million a year

Notes on police violence
Latest Chicago police killing shrouded in secrecy

Trump’s voter fraud commission forced to pause data collection

By Evan Blake, 12 July 2017

The commission, whose efforts to collect vast swaths of personal data violated multiple laws and regulations, has been set up to justify the disqualification of voters.

New York City commuters voice anger at decay of mass transit system

By our reporters, 12 July 2017

The WSWS spoke to train commuters in New York City about the dangers and frustrating conditions that have overwhelmed the mass transit system in recent months.

Delays in transit service continue as repairs begin on New York’s Penn Station

Number of European working poor doubles in a decade

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 12 July 2017

According to a new study by the Hans Böckler Foundation, more and more people in work in Europe are being forced into poverty.

New Irish prime minister uses identity politics to cover-up right-wing agenda

By Dermot Quinn, 12 July 2017

Varadkar was a staunch supporter of the last four government budgets, which favoured tax cuts for the richest 10 percent.

Canada to wage offensive cyberwar

By Laurent Lafrance, 12 July 2017

The Liberal government has ordered the Canadian military and signals intelligence agency to collaborate in the development of cyberwar capabilities.

Australia: Unanswered questions over police killing of Melbourne teenager

By Will Morrow, 12 July 2017

Australia’s intelligence agency ASIO appears to have been in communication with Numan Haider before police shot him.

New in French

Les tensions transatlantiques dominent le sommet du G20

Par Nick Beams, 12 juillet 2017

Malgré l’improvisation d’une résolution unanime, le sommet du G20 a été, en quelque sorte, le rassemblement le plus divisé des principaux dirigeants politiques de la période d’après-guerre.

Après les manifestations de Hambourg
Le gouvernement allemand prévoit une répression des opinions de gauche

Par Andre Damon, 12 juillet 2017

Des membres de haut rang du gouvernement allemand ont appelé à l’élaboration d’une liste d'« extrémistes de gauche » dans toute l’Europe et à une interdiction permanente de leur entrée en Allemagne.

Un incendie détruit le marché de Camden à Londres

Par Chris Marsden, 12 juillet 2017

L’incendie a fait rage pendant trois heures et détruit 30 pour cent des premier, deuxième et troisième étages.

New in German

Nach Hamburger Protesten: Regierung plant Unterdrückung linker Meinungen

Von Andre Damon, 12. Juli 2017

Vertreter der Regierung fordern die Einrichtung einer europaweiten Datei für „linke Extremisten“ und ein permanentes Einreiseverbot nach Deutschland.

Die New York Times empört sich über Militärunternehmen – in Russland

Von Bill Van Auken, 12. Juli 2017

Die Times hat im letzten Vierteljahrhundert alle Angriffskriege der USA unterstützt. Jetzt empört sich die Redaktion darüber, dass ein russischer Rüstungslieferant vom Krieg in Syrien profitiert.

Berlin: Kundgebung gegen tödliche Polizeigewalt

Von Verena Nees, 12. Juli 2017

Gegen die Einstellung der Ermittlungen zum Tod des irakischen Flüchtlings Hussam Fadli formiert sich Protest.

Krieg und Revolution: 1914-1917

Von Nick Beams, 12. Juli 2017

Dies ist der dritte von fünf Vorträgen, die das Internationale Komitee der Vierten Internationale aus Anlass des einhundertsten Jahrestags der Russischen Revolution von 1917 präsentiert.

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The “liberation” of Mosul: Washington’s latest war crime in the Middle East

12 July 2017

The crimes carried out against the people of Mosul are on a Hitlerian scale, with tens of thousands killed or wounded and close to one million people driven from their homes.

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Grenfell Tower Inferno: “It’s worse than a terrorist attack”

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Photo Essay—Sri Lanka: The housing crisis and Colombo’s poor

By Shantan Kumarasamy and Panini Wijesiriwardane, 3 July 2017

A photo essay on the conditions of life for the many thousands living in makeshift housing around Colombo.


After Hamburg protests, German government plans crackdown on left-wing views

By Andre Damon, 11 July 2017

Eighty arrested on Capitol Hill protesting legislation
Senate Republicans maneuver in effort to pass draconian health care bill

By Kate Randall, 11 July 2017

More on health care in the US »

Transatlantic tensions dominate G20 summit

Global financial parasitism and the political strategy of the working class


Beatriz at Dinner: Not the sort of resistance that amounts to much

By Joanne Laurier, 12 July 2017

Directed by Miguel Arteta (Cedar Rapids) and featuring Salma Hayek and John Lithgow, the new film promotes a New Age-type opposition to a Trump-like figure.

American Epic: A three-part documentary about early “roots music”
The Carter Family, Mississippi John Hurt, Lydia Mendoza, Joseph Kekuku and more …

By Matthew Brennan, 11 July 2017

Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled: Historical drama with hardly any history

Workers Struggles

Chicago Transit Authority train operators vote to strike

By Jeff Lusanne, 12 July 2017

In a preliminary poll of train operators, 98 percent voted to strike the against the Chicago Transit Authority after 18 months without a new contract.

Hollywood averts a third major strike with SAG-AFTRA deal

By Kimie Saito, 12 July 2017

The new three-year master contract must now be approved by the union’s board of directors and then ratified by union members.

AT&T West workers reject deal pushed by Communications Workers of America

By Jake Dean, 11 July 2017

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

Professor Sean McMeekin and the construction of a historical lie (Part II)

By David North, 10 July 2017

Professor Sean McMeekin revives discredited anti-Lenin slanders (Part I)

This week in the Russian Revolution
July 10–July 16: The beginning of the “July Days” in Petrograd

10 July 2017

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

International Amazon Workers Voice

Virginia and Maryland Amazon workers denounce speed-ups as company profits from millions in government giveaways

By Nick Barrickman and Brad Dixon, 8 July 2017

“The company is a prison”
Fall River, Mass., Amazon worker says company forces workers to grab heavy pallets 50 feet in air

By John Marion, 2 July 2017

Canadian Amazon workers face low wages and constant speed-up

Amazon pays warehouse workers $233 per month in India

Watch: How can Amazon workers fight back?

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Mehring Books

Preface to the Turkish edition of The Heritage We Defend

By David North, 23 June 2017

A Turkish language edition of The Heritage We Defend by David North will be released next month by Mehring Yayıncılık, the publishing house of the Socialist Equality Group (Toplumsal Esitlik), the Trotskyist organization in Turkey working in political solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International. The Heritage We Defend was originally published in 1988. We are posting the preface for the Turkish edition written by David North.

Book Review

Locking Up Our Own, by James Forman, Jr.
New book describes the role of black mayors and police officials in mass incarceration

By Fred Mazelis, 5 July 2017

Free the Maruti Suzuki workers!

The Maruti Suzuki frame-up and the history of international labor defense campaigns

By Shannon Jones, 5 July 2017

Lawyer for framed up Maruti Suzuki workers: The court “committed violence” to the “principles” of law

More on the frame-up of Maruti Suzuki workers »

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party holds public meeting on Sri Lankan floods disaster

By our correspondents, 5 July 2017