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What is the meaning of the political warfare in Washington?

By Editorial Board, 28 February 1998

The past week has seen an escalation of political conflict within the highest echelons of the American capitalist state that is without precedent. Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's attempt to silence public criticism of his tactics by hauling Clinton administration aides and investigators before his grand jury is a flagrant violation of First Amendment rights.

Protests defy Suharto’s repression

By Peter Symonds, 28 February 1998

Indonesia is in political and social turmoil in the lead-up to next week’s meeting of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR).

Some thoughts about the 1998 Winter Olympics

By David Walsh, 28 February 1998

A commentary on the Winter Games held in Nagan, Japan in 1998.

Not by nature's hand alone

By Shannon Jones, 28 February 1998

Despite the substantial media coverage, one question has not been asked. How is it possible that despite all the advances in technology thousands of people were left defenseless and unprepared for such an event?

Italian PDS founds new party

By Wolfgang Weber, 27 February 1998

A three-day meeting in mid-February saw the founding of a new party, the Democratici di Sinistra (DS–Left Democrats). The ceremony was presided over by the ex-Stalinists of the PDS (Partito Democratico della Sinistra–Democratic Party of the Left) together with the remains of the former Christian Democrats and the Socialist Party, and a few other left-wing groups. Two-thirds of the 1,800 delegates gathered in Florence were from the PDS and its leader, Massimo D'Alema, was elected as the new party's first chairman.

Starr’s attack on First Amendment rights

By Martin McLaughlin, 27 February 1998

The decision of independent counsel Kenneth Starr to subpoena White House officials about their contacts with the press raises a direct challenge to First Amendment rights.

Scabs begin training on Australian waterfront

By Terry Cook, 27 February 1998

Encouraged by the acquiescence of the trade union movement, the National Farmers Federation (NFF) has successfully begun training a strike-breaking force of scabs at Melbourne's Webb Dock, in the middle of Australia's largest industrial port.

No power in New Zealand's largest city

By Peter Symonds, 26 February 1998

An extensive and lengthy power blackout has hit Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, often hailed as a "model" of economic deregulation. For five days, electricity has been virtually cut off to the city's central business district.

US leads attack on Japan at G-7 meeting

By Mike Head, 26 February 1998

The G-7 finance ministers, meeting in London last week, were unable to produce any plan to resolve the economic meltdown centred in East Asia.

Electricity shutdowns in Australia

26 February 1998

Electricity blackouts throughout the Australian state of Queensland confirm that the power failure in New Zealand is anything but an isolated case.