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An attack on democratic rights

By the Editorial Board, 30 May 1998

One of the initiatives on the California ballot next Tuesday is the "English for the Children Initiative" or Proposition 227. The stated aim of the measure is to end bilingual education in California's schools by June 1998.

Blood money: two exposés of Swiss collaboration with the Nazis

By Nancy Russell, 30 May 1998

The scandal arising from the abortive attempt of the Union Bank of Switzerland to shred documents relating to Swiss-Nazi financial arrangements has led to a year-long series of revelations, conferences, threatened sanctions, international recriminations and a number of books, including Nazi Gold by Tom Bower and Hitler's Secret Partners by Isabel Vincent.

Gathering war clouds in South Asia

By the Editorial Board, 30 May 1998

With Pakistan's detonation of a nuclear device May 28, South Asia has been brought to the brink of a fourth Indo-Pakistani war. In justifying its staging of a nuclear test, Pakistan charged that India was about to launch an air strike on its nuclear test site. India has vigorously denied this charge, but in the days preceding the Pakistani test leading Indian government officials repeatedly warned that Indian troops might soon cross into Pakistani-occupied Kashmir.

New York mayor announces layoffs

By Alan White, 30 May 1998

New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced the layoff of 600 hospital workers May 18, only days after the Department of Homeless Services declared that it was cutting 1,000 jobs over the next one or two years. The layoffs in the hospital system take place immediately.

Opposition leaders try to shore up Habibie

By Mike Head, 30 May 1998

Opposition figures in Indonesia, including Islamic leader Amien Rais, have cleared the way for President Habibie to attempt to cling to office, heading a thinly veiled military dictatorship, for at least 18 months.

What will it mean for the working class?

By Editorial Board, 30 May 1998

The substantial vote to accept the Northern Ireland Agreement in the May 22 referendums in the north and south has been hailed as the start of a new chapter in the troubled history of the island.

Wilde’s martyrdom in perspective

By David Walsh, 30 May 1998

Brian Gilbert's Wilde, from a script by Julian Mitchell, with Stephen Fry in the leading role, has a certain seriousness about it. This account of Anglo-Irish poet-playwright Oscar Wilde's trials and tribulations might prompt a spectator to wonder what all the fuss was about.

Some interesting films on US television, May 30-June 5

By David Walsh, 30 May 1998

Workers Struggles Around the World

30 May 1998

Records reveal germ warfare tests conducted in southern Britain

By Paul Mitchell, 29 May 1998

The government releases most official documents in Britain to the Public Record Office after 30 years. To find a document you must search among the hundreds of catalogues listed by government departments. Each one has a title, usually a few words, such as "1938 Note on Russia", or "Aerial bomb trials". Either you know what you are looking for or you guess.