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Australian car workers speak on GM strike

30 June 1998

The World Socialist Web Site is interviewing auto workers throughout the world about the General Motors strike in the United States and the ongoing restructuring and consolidation of the global auto industry. The WSWS hopes to encourage a dialogue between workers internationally to facilitate a common political response to the assault on jobs, working conditions and living standards. We urge workers to e-mail their comments to

Growing signs of world slump

By Nick Beams, 30 June 1998

When the Thai government announced its decision on July 2, 1997 to float the baht, it did not make major headlines in the world news media. There were reports of problems in the Thai economy but certainly no indication of the momentous events to come.

Economic downturn hits New Zealand

By a New Zealand correspondent, 30 June 1998

Production is falling in New Zealand, accompanied by business predictions of depression.

GM's hard line staggers United Auto Workers officials

By Editorial Board, 30 June 1998

The company's bellicose tactics indicate it has decided to pursue the current confrontation until the union publicly and demonstratively abandons any pretense of opposition to its cost-cutting drive.

Immigrant workers sue Donald Trump

By Bill Vann, 30 June 1998

If tourists wanted to understand more profoundly the significance of Trump Tower--that is, its place within the scheme of New York City's social relations--they could learn more from a visit to a courtroom in lower Manhattan.

Philadelphia transit workers continue strike

By Ken Desmond, 30 June 1998

Negotiators bargained throughout the weekend and Monday but failed to reach an agreement to end the four-week Philadelphia transit strike.

Puerto Rican strikes hit phone privatization

By Jerry White, 30 June 1998

The strikes by 6,400 telephone workers against the sale of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company have garnered widespread support throughout the Caribbean island.

Australian bus drivers demand increased security

27 June 1998

Work delegates representing bus drivers working for private companies in the Australian state of New South Wales will meet next week to consider industrial action. The drivers are angry over the increasing number of assaults on drivers because of the failure of operators to provide adequate security.

China: a mounting tide of working class anger

27 June 1998

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French government tank maker to cut one-third of labor force

27 June 1998

Giat, the French government's tank and munitions maker, will cut 10,500 jobs, a third of the work force. Unions are claiming that up to five of Giat's fourteen plants face closure. Alain Richards, the minister for defense, has admitted that 3-4,000 jobs will go, with details to be announced next month. Since 1996 Giat's work force has been cut by 2,500.