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Puerto Rican strikes hit phone privatization

By Jerry White, 30 June 1998

The strikes by 6,400 telephone workers against the sale of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company have garnered widespread support throughout the Caribbean island.

Growing signs of world slump

By Nick Beams, 30 June 1998

When the Thai government announced its decision on July 2, 1997 to float the baht, it did not make major headlines in the world news media. There were reports of problems in the Thai economy but certainly no indication of the momentous events to come.

Australian car workers speak on GM strike

By , 30 June 1998

The World Socialist Web Site is interviewing auto workers throughout the world about the General Motors strike in the United States and the ongoing restructuring and consolidation of the global auto industry. The WSWS hopes to encourage a dialogue between workers internationally to facilitate a common political response to the assault on jobs, working conditions and living standards. We urge workers to e-mail their comments to

GM's hard line staggers United Auto Workers officials

By Editorial Board, 30 June 1998

The company's bellicose tactics indicate it has decided to pursue the current confrontation until the union publicly and demonstratively abandons any pretense of opposition to its cost-cutting drive.

Economic downturn hits New Zealand

By a New Zealand correspondent, 30 June 1998

Production is falling in New Zealand, accompanied by business predictions of depression.

Philadelphia transit workers continue strike

By Ken Desmond, 30 June 1998

Negotiators bargained throughout the weekend and Monday but failed to reach an agreement to end the four-week Philadelphia transit strike.

Immigrant workers sue Donald Trump

By Bill Vann, 30 June 1998

If tourists wanted to understand more profoundly the significance of Trump Tower--that is, its place within the scheme of New York City's social relations--they could learn more from a visit to a courtroom in lower Manhattan.

Some interesting films on US television, June 27-July 3

By David Walsh, 27 June 1998

Quebec nurses' action ruled illegal

By , 27 June 1998

Tentative hospital workers' settlement in New York

By , 27 June 1998

Sydney nurses protest jobs threat

By , 27 June 1998

Nurses at the Royal Prince Alfred, a major inner-city Sydney hospital, stopped work to attend a rally on June 24. The nurses are protesting a threat by the Central Sydney Health Service to cut up to 200 jobs because of a $4 million to $7 million budget deficit.

Australian bus drivers demand increased security

By , 27 June 1998

Work delegates representing bus drivers working for private companies in the Australian state of New South Wales will meet next week to consider industrial action. The drivers are angry over the increasing number of assaults on drivers because of the failure of operators to provide adequate security.

Workers struggles around the world -- 27 June 1998

By , 27 June 1998

Our weekly round up of strikes and other important struggles, as well as articles on the conditions of the international working class

The Political Economy of 'New Labor'

By Nick Beams, 27 June 1998

An examination of a new book reveals the real agenda being advanced by

South African government to sack thousands

By , 27 June 1998

Polish steelworkers under attack

By , 27 June 1998

Pictures of the 'floating world'

By Peter Symonds, 27 June 1998

An extensive exhibition of woodblock prints, paintings and fashionable costumes currently featured at the National Gallery of Australia, provides the viewer with an insight into a remarkable period of artistic development in Japan.

HIV/AIDS epidemic ravages Africa

By David Walsh, 27 June 1998

A UN-World Health Organization report charts the spread of AIDS in the poorest regions of the globe.

Supreme Court upholds arts censorship

By Martin McLaughlin, 27 June 1998

The series of decisions issued Thursday and Friday, completing the Supreme Court's actions for the 1997-98 term, represented, with a few important exceptions, a continuation of the attacks on democratic and civil rights which have characterized the high court's trend for the past two decades.

Greek bank workers' strike called off

By , 27 June 1998

The Commercial Bank was forced to suspend a meeting of its shareholders June 19 because of a protest by striking bank workers against the privatization of its subsidiary, the Ionian Bank. Riot police were on hand as the shareholders prepared to meet.

French government tank maker to cut one-third of labor force

By , 27 June 1998

Giat, the French government's tank and munitions maker, will cut 10,500 jobs, a third of the work force. Unions are claiming that up to five of Giat's fourteen plants face closure. Alain Richards, the minister for defense, has admitted that 3-4,000 jobs will go, with details to be announced next month. Since 1996 Giat's work force has been cut by 2,500.

Japanese pilots union cancels strike

By , 27 June 1998

Future of BJP-led government again in doubt

By Keith Jones, 27 June 1998

India's financial markets have been caught in the vortex of the east Asian economic meltdown. Earlier this week the Indian rupee fell to all-time lows against the US dollar and the British pound. At the same time, a downward slide over several weeks in Indian stock values turned into a rout. India's most important stock index, the Bombay Stock Exchange's Sensitive Index, lost more than 9 percent of its value in a week and a half of trading, before rebounding 3.5 percent on June 24.

300,000 march in Rome to demand jobs

By , 27 June 1998

Philadelphia transit strike nears fifth week

By , 27 June 1998

The political economy of “New Labor”

By Nick Beams, 27 June 1998

Below we are reposting a review written by Nick Beams, a member of the WSWS Editorial Board and National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party, of a book entitled Civilising Global Capital by Mark Latham, the newly-elected parliamentary leader of the Australian Labor Party. The review, originally published on 27 June 1998, helps to clarify Latham’s political orientation and the direction that the Labor Party now intends to take.

China: a mounting tide of working class anger

By , 27 June 1998

Back to Workers Struggles Around the World

Italian chemical workers block railway line

By , 27 June 1998

Volvo announces job cuts in southern Sweden

By , 27 June 1998

A key participant in Indonesian massacre

By Mike Head, 26 June 1998

A former US Ambassador to Indonesia and Australia, Marshall Green, one of the key participants in the 1965-66 military coup which brought General Suharto to power, died of a heart attack in Washington on June 6. He was 82.

US poll shows public disgust with Starr investigation

By Martin McLaughlin, 26 June 1998

A new poll shows that the public is increasingly repelled by the media campaign against the Clinton White House.

GM prepares for long strike

By Jerry White, 26 June 1998

Indications are that General Motors, now in the twenty-second day of an escalating confrontation with the United Auto Workers, is digging in for a long strike and a decisive showdown with the union. Armed with a $13.6 billion war chest, GM is showing its resolve, both to the union and to its Wall Street investors, to press ahead with its plans to eliminate up to 50,000 jobs in the next five years and drive up productivity and profits.

Political police strengthened in Australian state

By Mike Head, 26 June 1998

The Labor Party government in the Australian state of New South Wales is strengthening the state's political surveillance force -- under the guise of replacing the notorious police Special Branch.

Alfred Kazin, champion of American literature: An appreciation

By Fred Mazelis, 26 June 1998

Alfred Kazin, the noted literary critic whose memoirs forcefully evoked the immigrant experience in early twentieth century America as well as the political and cultural odyssey of the intelligentsia over the past 60 years, died on June 5, his eighty-third birthday.

Army crackdown halts Indonesian union protest

By Peter Symonds, 26 June 1998

The Indonesian army deployed at least 25,000 troops in the capital Jakarta this week as members of the Indonesian Labour Welfare Union (SBSI) planned to hold a June 24 rally and march against the Habibie regime.

$50,000 fund launched to support World Socialist Web Site

By , 25 June 1998

The Socialist Equality Party (US) has launched a $50,000 fund to be used for the development of the World Socialist Web Site. The fund runs from April 1 through July 15 and will be used to sustain and expand the WSWS.

Maritime union deal aids Howard government

By Terry Cook, 25 June 1998

There were few surprises in the final agreement struck between the Maritime Union of Australia and Patrick Stevedoring to end the waterfront dispute that erupted on April 7 when the company sacked its entire workforce.

Drug-resistant germs: a global crisis

By Kaye Tucker, 25 June 1998

Staphylococcus aureus and at least three other bacterial species, all potentially life threatening, are now resistant to a growing number of antibiotics.

Britain's Labour government sets minimum wage

By Jean Shaoul, 25 June 1998

The first-ever minimum wage in Britain will do nothing to reduce poverty and inequality.

Clinton's trip to China--shadowed by crisis at home and abroad

By Martin McLaughlin, 25 June 1998

President Clinton arrived in China late Wednesday night (US time), in the longest and most elaborate state visit ever made to that country by a US president. The trip comes at a time of mounting crisis for both the Clinton administration itself and for Clinton's hosts, the Beijing dictatorship headed by President Jiang Zemin.

Strikes break out in Indonesia

By Martin McLaughlin, 24 June 1998

Tens of thousands of Indonesian workers have joined in strikes and protests against the military-backed regime and the policies of crippling economic austerity imposed at the dictates of the International Monetary Fund and the US government.

Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly take place tomorrow

By Chris Marsden, 24 June 1998

The June 25 elections will set up an Assembly based on reaffirming sectarian divisions in Northern Ireland.

The right-wing politics behind school vouchers

By Walter Gilberti, 24 June 1998

This is first time that a state or federal court has found that state aid to pay tuition at a religious school does not violate the US Constitution's strict separation of church and state.

Whit Stillman's The Last Days of Disco: Life for some in the "very early 1980s"

By David Walsh, 24 June 1998

Filmmaker Whit Stillman wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Essex fire fighters take action

By Steve James, 24 June 1998

Fire fighters in Essex, England, east of London, have begun industrial action against the local Fire Authority's decision to cut 16 jobs and downgrade vital fire appliances at Chelmsford Fire Station.

Japan's banking crisis: the global implications

By Nick Beams, 24 June 1998

In talks on the Asian financial crisis, the United States is pushing for the liquidation of a large portion of Japan's banking system.

Case against nine asylum seekers in Britain collapses

By Tania Kent, 24 June 1998

The Labour government's prosecution of asylum seekers involved in an August 20, 1997 protest at the Campsfield Detention Centre collapsed on June 17. After 10 months of psychological distress and three suicide attempts, eight of the refugees--Sunny Ozidede, Stanley Nwaidike, Edward Onabanjo-Agora, Harrison Tubman, John Quaquah, Lucky Agbebaku, Enahoro Esemuze and Sambou Marong--were found not guilty of violent conduct and riot charges. The case of the ninth detainee, a minor who was too ill to attend the trial, was "stayed". He is being held in a secured hospital.

Patients suffer under new hospital funding scheme

By Margaret Rees, 23 June 1998

Patient care is being sacrificed for financial reasons under a new hospital funding scheme -- known as

Joschka Fischers Antwort auf die Globalisierung

By , 23 June 1998

"Hättest Du geschwiegen, wärst Du Philosoph geblieben." (Lateinisches Sprichwort)

UAW convention opens as impact of GM strike widens

By Jerry White, 23 June 1998

The United Auto Workers national convention opened Monday as the strikes at two General Motors parts plants in Flint, Michigan reduced the automaker's North American output by 95 percent. The strikes by 9,200 workers began June 5 at the Flint Metal Center stamping plant and June 11 at Delphi Flint East, which makes sparkplugs, engine parts and instrument clusters.

Dayton GM workers critical of UAW leaders

By Jim Lawrence, 23 June 1998

An element of the current GM strike in Flint which the mainstream media has all but ignored is the anger and frustration felt by tens of thousands of auto workers towards the United Auto Workers leadership. For nearly two decades the UAW officialdom has openly espoused a pro-company policy, urging the rank and file to accept wage and benefit concessions, the erosion of working conditions and the elimination of jobs, in the name of making the Big Three car companies--GM, Ford and Chrysler--more competitive against their Japanese and European rivals.

New Zealand slides into recession

By a New Zealand correspondent, 23 June 1998

The New Zealand dollar and sharemarket plunged last week, marked by panic selling in the midst of the currency crisis which hit the Japanese yen and the Australian dollar.

Music is international: the film Comedian Harmonists

By Bernd Reinhardt, 23 June 1998

A new German film looks at a singing group of the 1930s with a remarkable history.

Joschka Fischer's answer to globalisation

By Peter Schwarz, 23 June 1998

"If you had remained silent, you would have remained a philosopher."(Latin proverb)

Gap between rich and poor is wider than ever

By Martin McLaughlin, 23 June 1998

The assets controlled by the 200 wealthiest individuals are greater than the Gross Domestic Product of the entire continent of Africa.

India: the BJP-RSS nexus

By Keith Jones, 20 June 1998

As a result of last month's nuclear tests the capitalist press in the West turned its attention to India, a country of 950 million whose travails and tragedies rarely merit a mention, even in the back pages, by the "serious" dailies. Yet in all the commentary, little of substance has been said about the political and ideological makeup of India's new government.

Workers struggles around the world--20 June 1998

By , 20 June 1998

Our weekly round up of strikes and other important struggles, as well as articles on the conditions of the international working class

Taste of Cherry: An invigorating cinematic experience

By , 20 June 1998

Ein schleichender Staatsstreich

By , 20 June 1998

Der Rechtsanwalt und Unabhängige Ermittler Kenneth Starr, der seit mittlerweile vier Jahren versucht, dem US-Präsidenten Clinton mit juristisch auswertbaren Skandalen zu Leibe zu rücken, hat Anfang Juni deutlicher denn je zuvor seine politische Zielsetzung zu erkennen gegeben. In einem Schreiben an den Obersten Gerichtshof der USA erklärte er: "Die Nation hat ein zwingendes Interesse an einer möglichst raschen Klärung der Frage, ob der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten in kriminelle Machenschaften verwickelt ist - Urteile müssen gefällt, Unterlagen für eine mögliche Amtsenthebung zusammengestellt, oder Entscheidungen über eine Einstellung von Verfahren bekannt gegeben werden."

Clinton calls for end to GM strike

By Jerry White, 20 June 1998

President Clinton on Friday called for a quick end to the strikes at two General Motors parts plants in Flint, Michigan that have brought the auto maker's North American operations to a virtual halt. Clinton told reporters, "I would like to encourage the parties to work it out.... I hope they'll do it in a timely fashion."

The worst year in history for tuberculosis

By Debra Watson, 20 June 1998

Tuberculosis, although preventable and curable, has become the leading killer of women in their reproductive years.

Some interesting films on US television, June 20-26

By David Walsh, 19 June 1998

Geschichtliche und soziale Hintergründe des eritreisch-äthiopischen Grenzkriegs

By , 19 June 1998

Im monatelangen Grenzkonflikt zwischen Eritrea und Äthiopien ist es am 9. Juni im Gebiet der Grenzstadt Zalambessa zu schweren Kämpfen gekommen. In diesem Konflikt am Horn von Afrika stoßen zwei der ärmsten Nationen des Kontinents aufeinander. In beiden herrschen Führer von Bewegungen, die sich einst auf den nationalen Befreiungskampf und manchmal sogar auf den Sozialismus beriefen. Die Kämpfe haben deutlich, wenn auch nicht zum erstenmal gezeigt, daß auf Nationalismus gegründete Bewegungen völlig unfähig sind, den unterdrückten afrikanischen Massen einen Weg vorwärts zu zeigen.

US Senate kills tobacco bill

By Barry Grey, 19 June 1998

The tobacco industry swung the congressional vote with a $40 million lobbying campaign.

Brill article details media role in plot to oust Clinton

By Editorial Board, 19 June 1998

The 28-page article entitled "Pressgate," published in the inaugural issue of the magazine Brill's Content, provides a detailed account of the behind-the-scenes collaboration between right-wing opponents of Bill Clinton, news reporters and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr that resulted in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Strike at Canadian paper giant

By François Legras, 19 June 1998

Five thousand workers began strike action June 15 at 11 Abitibi-Consolidated paper mills, located in Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) has chosen Abitibi-Consolidated as the "target company" for establishing a pattern settlement for 25,000 pulp and paper workers in eastern Canada. Abitibi-Consolidated, for its part, is determined to break the 30-year-old tradition of pattern bargaining, insisting on a separate contract at each of the 11 mills.

US intervention cannot halt Japan breakdown

By Nick Beams, 19 June 1998

One week ago Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin was telling the US Congress that no intervention would be undertaken to stop the fall in the Japanese yen. It was up to the government in Tokyo to take action, he insisted.

GM official threatens to slash more US jobs

By Jerry White, 18 June 1998

An evaluation of the financial upheaval as an expression of the crisis of the global profit system. Includes a list of reports on conditions in each country

The Starr investigation and the destabilization of the Clinton Administration: Readers respond

By , 18 June 1998

Paddy Lynn of the Workers Party - "I want to see mainstream politics coming back to Northern Ireland"

By , 18 June 1998

Divergent views on the Northern Ireland Agreement

By a WSWS reporting team, 18 June 1998

World Socialist Web Site reporter Richard Tyler interviewed political and trade union figures in Belfast on the eve of the May 22 referendums in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland on the British-Irish Agreement announced last April. These interviews provide an insight into the attitudes and aspirations of those whom the Agreement affects, as well as the social interests of some of the forces backing the new political arrangements.

Australian coal union imposes sweeping job cuts

By Terry Cook, 18 June 1998

The Australian coal miners union has set another precedent for the wholesale destruction of jobs, wages and conditions in an agreement reached this month with mining giant BHP at the central Queensland town of Moura, the site of a notorious gas explosion in 1994.

Republican leader of US Senate calls homosexuality a "sin"

By David Walsh, 18 June 1998

Recent Republican Bible-thumping and attacks on homosexuals should send a warning about the direction of US politics.

"Flawed as the Agreement is in parts, it can change the culture of politics here"

By , 18 June 1998

The Northern Ireland Women's Coalition (NIWC) was formed in the spring of 1996. It describes itself as "truly cross-community in composition. Our members are women and men from diverse backgrounds and traditions: rural and urban; young and old; republican, loyalist, nationalist, unionist and other."

"There has to be unity amongst working class people"

By , 18 June 1998

A 'new artistic concept of space'

By Maria Esposito, 18 June 1998

The recent purchase of Georges Braque's Le Verre d'Absinthe (The Glass of Absinthe) by the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, is an important addition to the gallery's collection of paintings by this significant 20th century artist.

US Supreme Court ruling: a further blow to legal aid for the poor

By Walter Gilberti, 18 June 1998

A court ruling could cut as much as one-quarter of the funding for legal assistance to those in need.

AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies: Some serious questions

By David Walsh, 18 June 1998

The American Film Institute's celebration of a century of filmmaking in the US could have been an extraordinary event. Instead, both the list of the supposed 100 greatest American movies and the June 17 three-hour CBS special during which the list was revealed were predictable and mediocre.

Terry Carling, Northern Ireland Officer of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions - "It is the best thing for investment since the sliced loaf"

By , 18 June 1998

NATO air maneuvers near Kosovo foreshadow new and wider war in the Balkans

By Bill Vann, 17 June 1998

The exercises conducted by NATO warplanes near the borders of Kosovo signal the preparation of another military intervention in the Balkans by the US and the Western European powers.

Drohende Kriegsgefahr auf dem indischen Subkontinent

By , 17 June 1998

Nach der Zündung eines nuklearen Sprengsatzes durch Pakistan am 28. Mai steht der indische Subkontinent an der Schwelle eines vierten indo-pakistanischen Krieges. Pakistan rechtfertigte den Atomtest mit der Behauptung, Indien hätte sonst die Testanlagen bombardiert. Das hat Indien zwar heftig dementiert, nichtsdestotrotz hatten indische Regierungsbeamte in den Tagen vor dem pakistanischen Test aber wiederholt gewarnt, daß indische Truppen bald in den von Pakistan besetzten Teil Kaschmirs einrücken könnten.

He Got Game: More of Spike Lee's filmmaking

By David Walsh, 17 June 1998

The real subject of Spike Lee's new film is fame and how fascinating that is.

Further moves to privatise education in Australia

By Will Marshall, 17 June 1998

The West Report into university financing and policy, released in April, proposes to accelerate the privatisation of Australian tertiary education.

Strikes threaten to halt GM's North American operations

By Jerry White, 16 June 1998

An evaluation of the financial upheaval as an expression of the crisis of the global profit system. Includes a list of reports on conditions in each country

Report charges illegal links between Starr and media

By Martin McLaughlin, 16 June 1998

The independent counsel investigating the Clinton White House has admitted leaking secret information to the media.

What's behind global "economic schizophrenia"?

By Nick Beams, 16 June 1998

The world economy seems to be afflicted by a severe case of schizophrenia. On the one hand the United States, according to official accounts, is enjoying continued economic growth, low inflation, unprecedented wealth creation and falling unemployment. On the other, conditions in Japan, the world's second largest economic entity, are openly described as similar to the 1930s Depression.

What makes the Celtic Tiger run?

By Julie Hyland, 16 June 1998

The expansion of the Republic of Ireland's economy has been hailed as one of the

British firefighters strike against cuts and job losses in Essex

By Steve James, 16 June 1998

Three hundred fire fighters struck on June 8 and 12 against Essex Combined Fire Authority's decision to cut 16 jobs. The Fire Authority is seeking to save around £300,000 by replacing them with part-time fire fighters on specialist emergency vehicles. The June 12 strike coincided with demonstrations in Chelmsford and Brentwood, and plans for another one-day strike. The action followed a ballot returning a large majority for industrial action.

International labour struggles

By , 16 June 1998

This roundup of labour struggles includes strikes by West Australian nurses, Norwegian air traffic controllers and public sector workers in the Czech Republic.

Flint strikes force GM to idle more plants

By the Editorial Board, 16 June 1998

The ripple effect of strikes at two key parts plants in Flint, Michigan continue to spread throughout General Motors' North American operations, with no progress reported in contract talks between the auto maker and two locals of the United Auto Workers union.

Globalization book featured at Australian bookstore

By Mike Head, 16 June 1998

Nick Beams, one of the authors of Globalization and the International Working Class, a Marxist assessment of the new stage in world economy, was invited to deliver a short lecture at the Co-op Bookshop in Sydney on June 11.

London Underground workers strike

By Tony Robson, 16 June 1998

Thousands of workers on the London Underground struck June 14 in a dispute related to the Labour government's privatisation of the subway system.

The Truman Show: Further signs of life in Hollywood

By David Walsh, 15 June 1998

A new film takes a clever and perceptive look at the influence of the media in our lives

Bulworth and The Truman Show: The New York Times' Mr. Rothstein responds

By David Walsh, 15 June 1998

An angry column in The New York Times denounces a number of recent, more critical films

The 1998 San Francisco International Film Festival

By David Walsh, 15 June 1998

A new film takes a clever and perceptive look at the influence of the media in our lives

WSWS answers questions on coverage of Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict

By , 15 June 1998

Clinton, Starr and Libertarianism: An exchange

By , 15 June 1998

Workers struggles around the world--13 June 1998

By , 13 June 1998

Our weekly round up of strikes and other important struggles, as well as articles on the conditions of the international working class

A quarter of all schools in Bradford, England set to close

By Barry Mason, 13 June 1998

The Labour Party-controlled Bradford council in Yorkshire is proposing to close 70 of its 264 schools.

The murder of James Byrd, Jr. - Racial violence and the social forces in America that fuel it

By Martin McLaughlin, 13 June 1998

The Texas killing is another expression of the increasing brutalization of American society.