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Australian students rally against racist party

By Richard Phillips, 30 July 1998

Some 10,000 high school students joined protests in Australian cities, voicing opposition to One Nation, a right-wing nationalist party.

Clinton crisis reveals decay of American democracy

By Editorial Board, 30 July 1998

The politically motivated Starr investigation has brought the Clinton administration to the brink of collapse.

Government cuts prepare rail disaster

By Barry Jobson, 30 July 1998

All the conditions exist for a major rail disaster in New South Wales and the situation will only worsen as the Carr state Labor government continues to implement cost cutting measures.

High school students discuss One Nation

By our reporters, 30 July 1998

Labour Government sets out to close Britain's borders to refugees

By Tania Kent, 30 July 1998

The Blair government's new White Paper represents a fundamental attack on the democratic right to asylum.

Looting and land seizures in Indonesia

By Mike Head, 30 July 1998

Impoverished Indonesian workers and small farmers are looting shops, warehouses and plantations, and seizing landed estates despite warnings they will be shot by the military.

Poetry, soldiers and war

By Harvey Thompson, 30 July 1998

The release on video of a film that failed at the box office and deserved better

US auto union ends strike on GM's terms

By Jerry White, 30 July 1998

As part of the agreement, the UAW and GM management will set up a new high-level body to suppress future local strikes.

Another comment on form and content in music

29 July 1998

Northwest Airlines workers rebel against machinists' union

By Cory Johnson, 29 July 1998

The anger of workers against the International Association of Machinists has reached a new height with rank-and-file members signing cards to replace the IAM with another union.