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More letters on the GM strike

By , 31 July 1998

Two more US children face murder charges

By our reporter, 31 July 1998

In a practice which is now becoming commonplace in the United States, two more children have been indicted on murder charges, one 11 years old, the second only 10.

Australia: Labor seeks to block pollution documents

By Peter Stavropoulos, 31 July 1998

The Labor government in New South Wales has sought to block the release of vital documents relating to the reopening of a copper smelter.

US, Britain block relaxation of Iraq inspections

By Martin McLaughlin, 31 July 1998

The US and Britain have blocked a Russian proposal that would have meant the first easing of UN weapons inspections of Iraq.

Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan: Small truths at the expense of big ones

By David Walsh, 31 July 1998

The new

Dramatic rise in support for the Scottish National Party

By Steve James, 31 July 1998

The attacks by the Labour government are fuelling support for the Scottish National Party, which the creation of a new Scottish Parliament has done nothing to avert.

Attack on Scottish local government workers exposes factional struggle in Labour Party

By Steve James, 31 July 1998

Attempts to push through the privatisation of local government services have led to disputes within the Labour Party in Scotland.

Ontario unions bury protest campaign against Harris government

By Keith Jones, 31 July 1998

The Ontario Federation of Labour has abandoned plans to organize a one-day, province-wide strike against Ontario's Tory government and terminated a series of regional anti-Tory protests.

TRW announces the closure of 21 plants

By Larry Roberts, 31 July 1998

The parts supplier will close 21 plants worldwide as part of a $150 million restructuring program.

Demand for release of Sri Lankan detainees

By , 30 July 1998

International Labor Defence has written to the Sri Lankan authorities demanding the release of eight political detainees.

Kenneth Starr, the American media and the pursuit of "truth"

By the Editorial Board, 30 July 1998

The supposed crusade for truth headed up by Starr is about nothing other than Clinton's private sexual affairs, a matter of no legitimate concern to anyone other than the individuals involved and their families. But there is a compelling need for a genuine search for truth concerning the Starr investigation.

Clinton crisis reveals decay of American democracy

By Editorial Board, 30 July 1998

The politically motivated Starr investigation has brought the Clinton administration to the brink of collapse.

Poetry, soldiers and war

By Harvey Thompson, 30 July 1998

The release on video of a film that failed at the box office and deserved better

Australian students rally against racist party

By Richard Phillips, 30 July 1998

Some 10,000 high school students joined protests in Australian cities, voicing opposition to One Nation, a right-wing nationalist party.

Government cuts prepare rail disaster

By Barry Jobson, 30 July 1998

All the conditions exist for a major rail disaster in New South Wales and the situation will only worsen as the Carr state Labor government continues to implement cost cutting measures.

Labour Government sets out to close Britain's borders to refugees

By Tania Kent, 30 July 1998

The Blair government's new White Paper represents a fundamental attack on the democratic right to asylum.

High school students discuss One Nation

By our reporters, 30 July 1998

Looting and land seizures in Indonesia

By Mike Head, 30 July 1998

Impoverished Indonesian workers and small farmers are looting shops, warehouses and plantations, and seizing landed estates despite warnings they will be shot by the military.

US auto union ends strike on GM's terms

By Jerry White, 30 July 1998

As part of the agreement, the UAW and GM management will set up a new high-level body to suppress future local strikes.

Political instability in Japan

By Mike Head, 29 July 1998

The Tokyo share market plunged almost 3 percent on Monday after Japan's Prime Minister-elect Keizo Obuchi was rebuffed by his first three choices for Finance Minister.

On liberalism and the Democratic Party

By , 29 July 1998

Parents and teachers denounce NZ school closure

By a New Zealand correspondent, 29 July 1998

The New Zealand Labour Party's spokesman on education was jeered by angry parents and students at a public meeting against the imminent closure of a secondary school.

On the treatment of workers in Singapore

By , 29 July 1998

Tiny Rowland: No longer the "Unacceptable Face of Capitalism"

By Jean Shaoul, 29 July 1998

The former mining boss made his fortune on deals with bourgeois-nationalist regimes in Africa.

Northwest Airlines workers rebel against machinists' union

By Cory Johnson, 29 July 1998

The anger of workers against the International Association of Machinists has reached a new height with rank-and-file members signing cards to replace the IAM with another union.

On socialism and democracy

By , 29 July 1998

UAW abandons jobs fight at General Motors

By Jerry White, 29 July 1998

The United Auto Workers leadership agreed to a settlement which opens the way for the further destruction of auto workers' jobs and an erosion of their working conditions.

Another comment on form and content in music

By , 29 July 1998

Replies to critics of the GM strike

By , 28 July 1998

Support from NZ for victimised Australian teacher

By , 28 July 1998

Australia: Former PM Fraser calls for coalition

By our reporter, 28 July 1998

After a series of policy reversals for the Howard government, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has called for a grand coalition of the Liberal and Labor parties.

An exchange on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

By , 28 July 1998

More warehouse strikers arrested in Sydney

By Erika Zimmer, 28 July 1998

Striking warehouse workers in Australia are facing escalating attacks from both the company and police.

Starr subpoenas Clinton in Lewinsky investigation

By Martin McLaughlin, 28 July 1998

The events of the past four days mark a new and possibly final stage in the political warfare in Washington.

The Capitol shooting as the symptom of a social crisis

By David Walsh, 28 July 1998

What social circumstances helped produce the most recent shooting tragedy?

Argentine workers launch GM solidarity campaign

By , 28 July 1998

A group of socialist workers in Argentina have launched a campaign among Argentine workers and students in support of the striking General Motors workers in the US.

Settlement near in GM strike

By Jerry White, 28 July 1998

The UAW is near an agreement which will give the company key concessions on jobs and productivity.

America: Two snapshots of the brutal society

By Helen Halyard and Kate Randall, 25 July 1998

Episodes that shed light on American society

Lack of resources compounds Papua New Guinea tragedy

By Richard Phillips, 25 July 1998

Six days after the wave struck, the PNG government announced it was abandoning all efforts to recover bodies from the Sissano lagoon, in the heart of the devastated area.

Some interesting films on US television, July 25-31

By David Walsh, 25 July 1998

A letter on Nathaniel Abraham case

By , 25 July 1998

British media show concern about Labour's closeness to business

By Barbara Slaughter, 25 July 1998

A recent scandal reveals that many in influential circles are worried that the Labour Party is burning too many political bridges.

Wall Street demands GM victory in strike

By Martin McLaughlin, 25 July 1998

The head of the US central bank made clear his solidarity with the automaker.

Hundreds turn out for miner's funeral

By Terry Cook, 25 July 1998

The mining town of Cessnock all but came to a standstill as up to 2,000 attended the funeral of a coal miner who was crushed to death on July 17.

Background to PNG disaster: the legacy of colonial domination

By Richard Phillips, 25 July 1998

The death and destruction wrought by the tsunami on the West Sepik coast highlights the legacy of economic backwardness in Papua New Guinea.

British carmaker Rover to cut 1,500 jobs

By Tony Hyland, 25 July 1998

The British subsidiary of BMW will impose a four-day workweek as well as job cuts.

Mexican auto worker: "I would like to help the GM workers win"

By Carlos Rivera, 25 July 1998

A reporting team for the WSWS traveled to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico last week and filed this account.

Sharpton, lawyers guilty of defamation in Brawley case

By David Walsh, 25 July 1998

A sordid case says something about racialism and the function of the lie.

Unions cancel Korean general strike

By Mike Head, 25 July 1998

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions called off last Thursday's proposed general strike at the last minute, leaving thousands of auto, bank and public sector workers confronting mass layoffs.

Workers struggles around the world 25 July 1998

By , 25 July 1998

Canadian Auto Workers official denounces GM strike

By Jacques Richard, 24 July 1998

The Quebec director of the Canadian Auto Workers union has denounced workers at the General Motors Saturn assembly plant for voting in favor of strike action.

Australia: Teachers denounce privatisation of migrant language courses

By Richard Phillips, 24 July 1998

Teachers in Sydney demonstrated last week over the privatisation of migrant English language courses and the destruction of 500 jobs.

The evidence of US nerve gas use in Operation Tailwind

By Martin McLaughlin, 24 July 1998

Details from the rebuttal by April Oliver and Jack Smith

Readers commend coverage of PNG tidal wave disaster

By , 24 July 1998

A new rift in New Zealand's government

By a New Zealand correspondent, 24 July 1998

New Zealand's Maori Affairs Minister, Tau Henare, has been dropped as deputy leader by his party, NZ First, provoking a political crisis.

Comments on the Starr-Clinton controversy

By , 24 July 1998

A self-assured experiment in film

By Richard Phillips, 24 July 1998

A recent Taiwanese film marks the return of an interesting film director.

Sri Lankan military hid bodies of its Tamil victims in mass graves

By our correspondent, 24 July 1998

Sri Lanka's People's Alliance government has been rocked by allegations that the military massacred 400 Tamil-speakers in 1996, then hid their bodies in mass graves.

Philadelphia transit workers to vote on tentative pact

By Alan White and Ken Desmond, 24 July 1998

The workers are voting on a contract which has not yet been set down in writing.

Support for victimised Australian teacher

By , 24 July 1998

Fired journalists defend report on nerve gas use in Vietnam War

By Martin McLaughlin, 24 July 1998

The two producers of

An exchange on Bulworth and race and class in America

By , 24 July 1998

Arts editor David Walsh and a reader from New York City discuss issues raised by Warren Beatty's film.

In response to Why did CNN retract its nerve gas story? A closer look

By , 24 July 1998

In response to an article on the IRS overhaul

By , 24 July 1998

Death toll high among immigrants, elderly

By Helen Halyard, 23 July 1998

More than 100 people have died, mainly immigrant workers and the elderly.

The cover-up of a racist murder in Britain - What the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry has revealed and what it has not

By Tony Hyland, 23 July 1998

A public probe into the murder of an 18-year-old black youth in 1993 by racists has failed on all counts.

The devastation of CUNY: a cynical attack on working class youth

By Fred Mazelis, 23 July 1998

Open admissions has been shown to a diversion designed to suggest that the system was working, while in fact students were being deprived of all the tools they needed for education.

An exchange of letters on the Mad Cow Disease (BSE) crisis

By , 23 July 1998

The book has been praised for its honesty and integrity in uncovering the truth about this public health disaster.

Homeless Russian boy raised by stray dogs

By Richard Tyler, 23 July 1998

There are two million homeless children in Russia.

Greenspan: US central bank will resist a movement for higher wages

By David Walsh, 23 July 1998

The US central banker is clearly disturbed by signs of growing worker militancy.

A reply to a letter "On form and content in music"

By , 23 July 1998

Auto layoffs spark general strike call in Korea

By Mike Head, 23 July 1998

Thousands of South Korean auto and metal workers have walked off the job in the first stage of a proposed indefinite general strike against mass retrenchments.

Support won for victimised teacher

By Margaret Rees, 23 July 1998

Committee to Defend Public Education members opened up an important discussion at an Australian Education Union state conference on the sacking of Geraldine Rawson and other teachers.

Student asks about Tiananmen Square

By , 22 July 1998

World Bank warns of disaster in Indonesia

By Mike Head, 22 July 1998

No country in recent history has suffered such a dramatic reversal in fortune as Indonesia, according to a report released by the World Bank last week.

British GM workers speak on US strike, working conditions

By Trevor Johnson and Steve James, 22 July 1998

WSWS reporters spoke to GM workers at the Vauxhall plant in Luton, one of two GM-owned plants in the UK.

Buffalo '66: "All my life I've been a lonely boy"

By David Walsh and Joanne Laurier, 22 July 1998

Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66, co-scripted by the director and Alison Bagnall, is one of the most beautiful and moving American films I have seen in a very long time. It deserves the support of every serious moviegoer.

US isolated at conference on war crimes

By Martin McLaughlin, 22 July 1998

Washington opposed the new International Criminal Court because it believed that American soldiers were likely to be prosecuted.

Resident fights for release of pollution documents

By our reporter, 22 July 1998

A lifelong resident of Port Kembla, the site of the BHP steelworks, is suing the Environment Protection Agency for the release of documents relating to the reopening of a copper smelter.

"The unions use nationalism to divide the workers"

By , 22 July 1998

Student leader commends coverage of James Byrd murder

By , 22 July 1998

One in four US children under six live in poverty

By Paul Scherrer, 22 July 1998

A new study reports a startling increase in the poverty rates for families of the

"There should be equal opportunity around the world"

By , 21 July 1998

GM, General Motors, strike, Toyota, Coromandel </p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/rus-j21.html">IMF protected US banks in Russian bailout</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Nick Beams, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">The bailout has prevented an immediate collapse of the Russian financial system, but none of the conditions which produced the crisis have been alleviated.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/nyc-j21.html">A whiff of fascism from New York City welfare chief</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Bill Vann, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">The head of New York's forced-labor scheme makes use of a Nazi phrase.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/cal-j21.html">Executions on the rise in California</a></h4> <p class="info"> By John Andrews, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">In 20 years the State of California has put to death four men. This summer it scheduled three executions in six weeks.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/coal-j21.html">Remaining 9,000 British miners' jobs under threat</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Jean Shaoul, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">The Labour government aims to drive down wages and conditions, and use the former coal communities as the basis for new sweatshop factories.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/gm2-j21.html">Auto workers turn away from GM-UAW collaboration</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Editorial Board, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">The vote to strike at Saturn is an indication of a rising mood of militancy in the American working class.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/gm-j21.html">Court to monitor arbitration in US auto strike</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Martin McLaughlin, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">The court-ordered arbitration is aimed at pressuring the UAW to end the strikes and suppress opposition to GM's cutting of jobs.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/indo-j21.html">Australian Labor Party says shoot at Indonesian fishing boats</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Mike Head, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">The Australian Labor Party wants the Navy to shoot at Indonesian boats allegedly fishing illegally in the Timor Sea.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/png-j21.html">Up to 6,000 killed by PNG tidal wave</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Richard Phillips, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">An estimated 6,000 people, most of them children and the elderly, have died after a tsunami tidal wave devastated 13 coastal villages in Papua New Guinea's remote West Sepik province.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/pov-j21.html">One in four US children under six live in poverty</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Paul Scherrer, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">A new study reports a startling increase in the poverty rates for families of the</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/tsar-j21.html">The old Russia and the new: Yeltsin buries the tsar</a></h4> <p class="info"> By David Walsh, 21 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">Boris Yeltsin presided recently over the reburial of the last tsar's remains. Who was Nicholas II of Russia and over what sort of regime did he rule?</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/mich-j18.html">Police in Michigan mount a manhunt for anti-Klan demonstrators</a></h4> <p class="info"> By , 18 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">Ann Arbor, Michigan police have taken extraordinary measures to arrest 16 people in connection with a May 9 rally.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/nath-j18.html">An exchange over the Nathaniel Abraham case</a></h4> <p class="info"> By , 18 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">Responses to a WSWS article on the case of 12 year old to stand trial for murder in Michigan, and a reply.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/sr-j18.html">Publisher commends <I>WSWS</I></a></h4> <p class="info"> By , 18 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc"></p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/cnn-j18.html">Reader comments on the retraction of the CNN "Tailwind" story</a></h4> <p class="info"> By , 18 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc"></p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/hosp-j18.html">Patients cut off waiting lists in Australian hospitals</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Margaret Rees, 18 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">Doctors have been ordered to exclude dangerously ill patients from waiting lists to prevent hospitals being penalised financially by the Victorian state government.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/ind-j18.html">Indian postal workers end strike</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Keith Jones, 18 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">With the Indian government threatening military intervention, union leaders ordered more than half a million workers to end a nation-wide strike July 16.</p> <h4><a href="/en/articles/1998/07/silb-j18.html">Who is Laurence Silberman?</a></h4> <p class="info"> By Martin McLaughlin, 18 July 1998 </p> <p class="desc">The judge appointed by Reagan helped whitewash the Iran-Contra affair.</p> <p> </p> <div style="position:relative;"> <h3> </h3> <div id="tools" class="clearfix"> <ul class="tools"> <li><a href="/en/search.html?text=&title=&description=&author=&keywords=&year=1998&month=07&topic=&topictitle=&page=1" style="color:#CC0000;">1</a></li> <li><a href="/en/search.html?text=&title=&description=&author=&keywords=&year=1998&month=07&topic=&topictitle=&page=2">2</a></li> <li><a href="/en/search.html?text=&title=&description=&author=&keywords=&year=1998&month=07&topic=&topictitle=&page=3">3</a></li> <li><a href="/en/search.html?text=&title=&description=&author=&keywords=&year=1998&month=07&topic=&topictitle=&page=2">Next page</a></li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> <div id="sidebar"> <div class="column" style="width:430px;"> <div class="infobox" style="padding:0; 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