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Labour Government set to ration healthcare

By Jean Shaul, 30 September 1998

The Blair Labour Government has seized on the launch of so-called

Gillette to slash 4,700 jobs

By , 30 September 1998

Damage control at start of Labour Party Conference in Britain

By Julie Hyland, 30 September 1998

Even before the British Labour Party's annual conference began on Sunday, Prime Minister Tony Blair needed to mount a damage limitation exercise. Four of six seats on Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC), opened for election by the party's new constituency section, had been won by members of the

Seven days in January--A chronology of Kenneth Starr's coup

By Editorial Board, 30 September 1998

New Zealand officially in recession

By a correspondent, 30 September 1998

New Zealand, a country held up around the world in the 1980s and early 1990s as a model of

Letters from readers on the Starr investigation

By , 30 September 1998

US Senate bill tightens screws on debtors

By Martin McLaughlin, 29 September 1998

Blair government tells poor to fend for themselves

By Robert Stevens, 29 September 1998

The Blair government's Social Exclusion Unit (SEU) report, Bringing Britain together: a national strategy for neighbourhood renewal, was touted as the beginning of a programme to eradicate poverty in Britain in a

Gas blast paralyses Australian state

By a reporter, 29 September 1998

Maintenance job cuts have been revealed as a possible cause of explosions that ripped through Esso's natural gas plant in the southern Australian state of Victoria last Friday, killing two workers, injuring eight others and shutting off energy supplies throughout the state for at least a week.

A change of power in Bonn

By Peter Schwarz, 29 September 1998

New York City events introduce Aleksandr Voronsky's Art as the Cognition of Life

By Kate Randall, 29 September 1998

Mehring Books officially launched its newest title, Art as the Cognition of Life, Selected Writings 1911-1936, by Aleksandr K. Voronsky, at book signings at two Borders Book Shops in New York City this past weekend.

Philippine Airlines collapses

By Keith Morgan, 29 September 1998

Philippine Airlines (PAL), Asia's oldest airline, closed down at midnight on September 23 after almost six decades of operation.

"By thinking in images the artist cognizes the world in order to change it"

By , 29 September 1998

Dissatisfaction dominates Australian election

By Mike Head, 29 September 1998

With just three days left to polling day, the outcome of the Australian federal election this Saturday is more uncertain than ever.

Biggest ever Japanese bankruptcy

By Nick Beams, 29 September 1998

Japanese Leasing, a non-bank affiliate of the failed Long Term Credit Bank, has announced that it is filing for bankruptcy with liabilities of 2.2 trillion yen or more than $16 billion. Two other affiliates of the LTCB are expected to suffer the same fate.

David Walsh reviews the 23rd Toronto International Film Festival

By , 29 September 1998

Unemployment growing by millions says ILO report

By Nick Beams, 26 September 1998

California court supports cover-up of prison brutality

By John Andrews, 26 September 1998

In the latest government action covering up for sadistic brutality at California's maximum security Corcoran State Prison, Superior Court Judge Cecily Bond reversed discipline levied against a former associate warden and five other high-ranking officers who supervised the systematic beating of 36 black inmates as they disembarked from a bus in 1995.

Interview with Socialist Equality Party candidates

By our correspondent, 26 September 1998

Millions languish in poverty, US report shows

By Shannon Jones, 26 September 1998

Four thousand jobs cut in Britain

By , 26 September 1998

Transit workers still without contract

By Alan White and Ken Desmond, 26 September 1998

Ontario Tories to legislate end to teacher strikes

By Lee Parsons, 26 September 1998

Swedish Social Democrats battered in election

By our reporter, 26 September 1998

New support in Britain for campaign against LTTE's persecution of Tamil socialists

By Chris Marsden, 26 September 1998

A number of prominent Labour MP's in Britain have made calls for the release of the members of the Socialist Equality Party in Sri Lanka, imprisoned by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Some interesting films on US television, September 26-October 2

By David Walsh, 26 September 1998

Emergency bailout for bond market speculator

By Martin McLaughlin, 25 September 1998

Wall Street was the scene of an extraordinary six-hour meeting Wednesday of the most powerful bankers and speculators, convened to devise a rescue operation for Long-Term Capital Management, a hedge fund whose collapse threatened to destabilize the US and world financial system.

Fourth Tamil socialist reportedly released by LTTE

By our reporter, 25 September 1998

School students strike against New Zealand funding scheme

By a correspondent, 25 September 1998

Six hundred students at Mountainview High School in Timaru, a rural centre in the South Island of New Zealand, went on strike earlier this month against the school's board of trustees' decision to opt for the National Party government's

Copper smelter case proves government cover-up

By Peter Stavropoulos (SEP candidate for Throsby), 25 September 1998

Port Kembla resident Helen Hamilton's partial victory last Friday in obtaining a court order for the release of secret Environment Protection Agency (EPA) documents on the reopening of the Port Kembla copper smelter further exposes a concerted cover-up by the state Labor government.

Clinton crisis exposes Blair's "Third Way"

By Julie Hyland, 25 September 1998

British Prime Minister Tony Blair had hoped that the

On the social crisis in Japan

By , 25 September 1998

This letter was sent to the WSWS by a Japanese language teacher in Kumamoto, Japan.

Striking images, but a misleading interpretation

By Harvey Thompson, 25 September 1998

Starting in 1993, Donovan Wylie spent 24 months photographing

Tamil masses in the north of Sri Lanka protest cuts in food rations

By K. Ratnayake, 25 September 1998

The Tamil masses, trapped in the racist war in the Mulaithivu and Killinochchi districts of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, are protesting against cuts in food rations imposed by the government in Colombo.

Basque separatist ETA offers unconditional cease-fire

By Vicky Short, 24 September 1998

On September 16 the Basque separatist group ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna--Basque Homeland and Freedom) announced an indefinite and total cease-fire commencing on September 18. This is the first time in its 30 years of armed struggle that such an unconditional truce has been called.

New York City events to launch Art as the Cognition of Life by A.K. Voronsky

By Kate Randall, 24 September 1998

Mehring Books will officially launch its newest release, Art at the Cognition of Life: Selected Writings 1911-1936, by Aleksandr K. Voronsky, at a series of events this week in New York City, September 24-27.

Mandela government sends invasion force to Lesotho

By Chris Talbot, 24 September 1998

600 South African troops were sent into the tiny country of Lesotho in an attempt to put down opposition to the government headed by Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili. Acting under the auspices of the South African Development Community (SADC), this is the first time South African troops have intervened in another country since the end of apartheid rule in 1994.

US Senate kills bill to raise minimum wage

By Barry Grey, 24 September 1998

President Zedillo slashes budget

By Gerardo Nebbia, 24 September 1998

In a speech to the Mexican Congress on September 10, President Ernesto Zedillo called for the country to export itself out of its economic problems. Except for a brief period in 1997, Mexico has never fully recovered from the crash of 1994.

Does opposition to Starr mean support for Clinton?

By Editorial Board, 24 September 1998

David Walsh at the Toronto International Film Festival

By , 24 September 1998

Human Rights Watch demands release of Tamil socialists held by the LTTE

By our reporter, 24 September 1998

The executive director of the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch has faxed a letter to the LTTE demanding the release of members of the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka).

Bloody disturbances in Albania

By Justus Leicht, 24 September 1998

The crisis in the Balkans region intensified with the eruption of civil-war type disturbances in Albania during the second weekend of September.

A reactionary consensus on 'work-for-the-dole'

By Sue Phillips (SEP Senate candidate for Victoria), 24 September 1998

Protest turns back attempt to demolish Detroit art project

By Shannon Jones, 23 September 1998

Patriotism and the Australian tax package

By Terry Cook (SEP candidate for Hunter), 23 September 1998

No nerve gas on Iraqi missiles

By our reporter, 23 September 1998

Statement of SEP (Sri Lanka) General Secretary Wije Dias on status of Tamil socialists held by the LTTE

By , 23 September 1998

The Socialist Equality Party has convened this press conference to bring to the attention of the public important new information concerning our five Tamil comrades who have been apprehended by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the Killinochchi district.

Colombo press conference called to press for release of all SEP members - Sri Lankan Socialist Equality Party cites reports that LTTE has released three Tamil socialists

By Keith Jones, 23 September 1998

Commentary on the Northern Ireland Agreement - Using and abusing emergency power legislation with the blessing of Sinn Fin/IRA

By Vincent McKenna, 23 September 1998

Two reports highlight the growth of global poverty and ill-health

By Tania Kent, 23 September 1998

Two recent reports by the World Health Organisation and the UN focus on the poverty, degradation and social squalor confronting millions of people world-wide

A look at Chicago's poor: "Drama in ordinary experiences"

By Sheila Brehm, 23 September 1998

Clinton grand jury testimony broadcast by networks

By Editorial Board, 22 September 1998

Monday's nationwide television broadcast of President Clinton's testimony before the Monica Lewinsky grand jury was a scene straight out of the Inquisition.

US officials question official rationale for Sudan missile attack

By Barry Grey, 22 September 1998

A month after the US missile attack that destroyed the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, the initial American assertions of

Socialism and the environment

By , 22 September 1998

The "programs of prompt action" of the Social Democrats and the Greens

By Wolfgang Weber, 22 September 1998

Both the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens have presented a program for their first 100 days in the event that they take power in the forthcoming national elections in Germany.

Ford Argentina adds to job cuts sweeping global auto industry

By Jerry White, 22 September 1998

Announcing that it will cut production for the

Obuchi raises spectre of "war economy"

By Nick Beams, 22 September 1998

Tensions between the United States and Japan have reached such a point that the Japanese Prime Minister, Keizo Obuchi, has raised the spectre of a military build-up in an attempt to deflect US criticism of his government's handling of Japan's economic and banking crisis.

The Force of Giacometti--painter, sculptor

By Lee Parsons, 22 September 1998

While he may not be as widely known as some of his more celebrated contemporaries, Alberto Giacometti (1901-66) is generally regarded as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.

BHP share crash hits steelworkers

By Peter Stavropoulos (SEP candidate for Throsby), 22 September 1998

Anwar's arrest intensifies Malaysia's political instability

By Peter Symonds, 22 September 1998

Art as the discovery of truths, large and small

By Adrian Falk, 19 September 1998

This book brings to vivid life some of the critical disputes between classical Marxism and its opponents in the 1920s; it develops a positive method of literary and art criticism which is of burning contemporary relevance; it elaborates a philosophy of art which stands on the shoulders of the greatest nineteenth century thinkers and writers; it exemplifies the greatest critical tradition in history, which Stalin and his cohorts exterminated out of fear; and it is written in the most lucid, attractive, compelling and direct style.

Why all are silent on the waterfront deal

By Terry Cook (SEP candidate for Hunter), 19 September 1998

How not to fight the right-wing coup in Washington

By Martin McLaughlin, 19 September 1998

Growing nervousness over economic crisis

By Nick Beams (SEP Senate candidate for NSW), 19 September 1998

Some interesting films on US television, September 19-25

By David Walsh, 19 September 1998

Unions put seal on pro-business agenda

By Robert Stevens, 19 September 1998

The right-wing agenda after Clinton

By Martin McLaughlin, 19 September 1998

Working class organizations, artists and intellectuals demand LTTE release Sri Lankan socialists

By Editorial Board, 19 September 1998

Appeals for the release of the five SEP members in LTTE custody

By , 19 September 1998

Workers struggles around the world: 19 September 1998

By , 18 September 1998

Latin America's crisis spells social upheavals

By Bill Vann, 18 September 1998

Blair tells workers that Labour is unable to stop UK job losses

By Julie Hyland, 18 September 1998

Russian Marxist Historian Dies in Moscow

By David North, 18 September 1998

Vadim Zakharovich Rogovin, the Russian Marxist historian and sociologist, and author of a monumental six-volume study of the Trotskyist opposition to the rise of the Stalinist regime within the USSR, died of cancer early Friday morning in Moscow. He was 61 years old.

Vadim Rogovin: 1937-1998

By David North, 18 September 1998

Vadim Zakharovich Rogovin, the Russian Marxist historian and sociologist, and author of a monumental six-volume study of the Trotskyist opposition to the rise of the Stalinist regime within the USSR, died of cancer early Friday morning in Moscow. He was 61 years old.

Cold water treatment for Clinton plan

By Nick Beams, 18 September 1998

US President Clinton's call for concerted action by the major capitalist powers to confront the global economic crisis seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

'User pays' in Australian schools

By Will Marshall (SEP Senate candidate for Victoria), 18 September 1998

Socialist Equality Party on the TV program "The Outsiders"

By our own correspondent, 18 September 1998

Australian Labor Party turns full circle on East Timor

By Mike Head, 18 September 1998

Clinton grand jury videotape to be made public

By Martin McLaughlin, 17 September 1998

IMF, Indonesia abolish food subsidies

By Peter Symonds, 17 September 1998

Correspondence on globalisation and the contradictions of capitalism

By , 17 September 1998

Unions derail Ontario teachers' struggle

By Lee Parsons, 17 September 1998

What is behind Labour's expulsion of Scottish MP Tommy Graham?

By Steve James, 17 September 1998

More signs of recession in US economy

By Jerry White, 17 September 1998

Why have hospitals become dangerous places?

By Carol Divjak (SEP Senate candidate for NSW), 17 September 1998

Starr report increasingly discredited

By Editorial Board, 17 September 1998

Setback for Social Democratic Party in Bavarian elections

By Peter Schwarz, 16 September 1998

Financial scandal threatens to engulf French presidency

By Gerard Naville, 16 September 1998

Filipino president declares himself 'pro-business'

By Keith Morgan, 16 September 1998

Just three months after being elected, Filipino President Estrada has dumped the

British Trades Union Congress delegates condemn LTTE repression

By Mike Ingram, 16 September 1998

Economic crisis worsens in New Zealand

By a correspondent, 16 September 1998

New Zealand's recession is worsening and will lead to rising levels of unemployment, according to a new report released last week by the Treasury department.

A letter and reply on the Kronstadt rebellion

By , 16 September 1998

A letter and reply on the Kronstadt rebellion.

Text of "Urgent Action Appeal" by Amnesty International

By , 16 September 1998

"Mad cow disease" could have spread to Britain's sheep

By Barry Mason, 16 September 1998

Marxism and the law

By , 16 September 1998

An interview with dissident US miner Richard Cicci

By Paul Scherrer, 16 September 1998

Amnesty International issues urgent appeal on behalf of Sri Lankan socialists

By Editorial Board, 15 September 1998

Mass arrests of legal immigrants in El Paso, Texas

By Gerardo Nebbia, 15 September 1998

Japan enters deepest post-war recession

By Nick Beams, 15 September 1998