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The International Space Station: a project with enormous scientific potential

By Luciano Fernandez, 31 December 1998

A further erosion of Australian public health care

By Margaret Rees, 31 December 1998

Canadian Auto Workers union to stump for Liberals in next Ontario election

By a reporter, 31 December 1998

On films and form: a letter from a reader

By , 31 December 1998

Canada's social democrats to move further to the right

By Keith Jones, 31 December 1998

House fires during the holidays kill scores of people acrosss the US

By Shannon Jones, 31 December 1998

A spate of fatal fires over the holidays has exposed the reality of widespread social distress behind the media-created image of a prosperous and contented population in America. A large portion of the victims were children, for the most part living in poor neighborhoods and dilapidated homes, in many cases without gas, light or heat.

Detroit fire death toll at 79

By D'Artagnan Collier, 31 December 1998

 The death of six children in a Detroit house fire on December 27 is the latest in a series of fatal blazes that has driven the 1998 fire death toll in the city to 79, an increase of 22 over last year. Of those killed, half were children. Thirteen children died in December alone.

Detroit firefighter speaks out: "All these kids do not have to die"

By a WSWS reporting team, 31 December 1998

 Reporters from the WSWS met with a group of Detroit firefighters at a station not far from the scene of the December 27 fire that killed six children. By the time their company arrived to assist, the blaze had already claimed the children's lives. The firefighters expressed concerns over cuts that have taken place in the department, leading to an increase in civilian casualties and grave danger to the firefighters themselves.

The Jefferson-Hemings controversy

By Helen Halyard and Shannon Jones, 31 December 1998

Substantial debate and controversy have accompanied the science journal Nature's release of genetic test results supporting the claim that Thomas Jefferson fathered children by one of his slaves, Sally Hemings.

Workers Struggles: Europe and Africa

By , 31 December 1998

Some interesting films on US television, January 2-8

By Marty Jonas (MJ) and David Walsh (DW), 31 December 1998

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

By , 31 December 1998

Oldest human-like fossil uncovered in South Africa

By Frank Gaglioti, 30 December 1998

New Zealand coalition government in disarray

By a correspondent, 30 December 1998

New revelations of corruption in New York City unions

By Bill Vann, 30 December 1998

One month after the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees staged an administrative takeover of New York City's largest municipal union body, ousted its top bureaucrat Stanley Hill and installed its own administrator, the revelations of fraud, corruption and gangsterism within District Council 37 continue to leak out, like pus from an infected wound.

"International campaign secured our release"

By , 30 December 1998

Why did the Scottish National Party oppose the bombing of Iraq?

By Steve James, 30 December 1998

The Scottish National Party raised considerable objections to British participation in the United States' air attack on Iraq. This opposition was neither principled, nor motivated by humanitarian considerations. Rather it stemmed from the SNP's close orientation to Europe.

David Walsh's list of the best films of 1998

By , 30 December 1998

WSWS arts editor David Walsh lists some of the better American and international films of 1998.

Plans for Greater London Authority ignore growing social inequality

By Keith Lee, 30 December 1998

The creation of the GLA is supposed to remedy the capital's lack of any co-ordinating body, ever since the Tory government abolished the Greater London Council in the 1980s. This is widely seen as an impediment in the competition for international investment projects on which the British economy depends.

After the bombing of Iraq, danger grows of a US ground assault

By Barry Grey, 30 December 1998

Chapter 1: Preparations for the First Show Trial

By , 29 December 1998

Stalin fell far short of achieving his goals with the trials that followed Kirov’s murder. The immediate organizers of the murder were declared to be a group of thirteen young "Zinovievists," shot in December 1934 during the case of the so-called "Leningrad Center."

Exposing Stalin’s “retouching”

By Stefan Steinberg, 29 December 1998

Following successful stops in Vienna and Milan, David King's extraordinary exhibition on the history of Stalin's photographic falsifications is on display at the Haus am Waldsee in Berlin until 7 February.

"Stalin and his regime destroyed the revolution."

By Stefan Steinberg, 29 December 1998

An interview with photographer David King

1937: Stalin’s Year of Terror By Vadim Z. Rogovin – Introduction

By , 29 December 1998

Once upon a time, unintentionally, And probably hazarding a guess, Hegel called the historian a prophet Predicting in reverse. B. Pasternak

The mask falls: Germany's Red-Green government and the bombing of Iraq

By Ulrich Rippert, 29 December 1998

Voices against the war

By a correspondent, 29 December 1998

Science and Society, a Socialist Perspective

By Chris Talbot, 29 December 1998

I am speaking as a member of the Socialist Equality Party, which is part of the international Trotskyist movement--the International Committee of the Fourth International. Since February, we have launched the World Socialist Web Site and are seeking to encourage critical thought in many different areas, including science, medicine and technology. I am also speaking as someone with a background in science and am currently a lecturer in mathematics.

Workers Struggles: The Americas

By , 29 December 1998

1937: Stalin's Year of Terror By Vadim Z. Rogovin – Table of Contents

By , 29 December 1998

Table of contents for 1937: Stalin's Year of Terror, by Vadim Z. Rogovin.

Marxist standpoint on "Science and Society" debated at British university

By our correspondent, 29 December 1998

The Socialist Equality Party was invited to present a guest lecture on

Stalin’s Great Terror: Origins and Consequences

By Vadim Rogovin, 29 December 1998

This lecture was delivered by Professor Vadim Rogovin at the University of Melbourne in Australia on May 28, 1996.

Television technicians in US reject ABC ultimatum

By Allen Whyte, 29 December 1998

Reply to a supporter of the US bombing of Iraq

By , 29 December 1998

1937: Stalin’s Year of Terror

By , 29 December 1998

Mehring Books is pleased to announce publication of 1937: Stalin's Year of Terror by Vadim Z. Rogovin (584 pages, ISBN 0-929087-77-1, $US 29.95 plus shipping - available online).

Leon Trotsky and the Fate of Marxism in the USSR

By , 29 December 1998

This lecture was delivered by Professor Vadim Rogovin at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, on June 3, 1996

Social inequality, bureaucracy and the betrayal of socialism in the Soviet Union

By Vadim Rogovin, 29 December 1998

This lecture was delivered by Professor Vadim Rogovin at the Ruhr University in Germany in December 1996.

Some interesting films on US television, December 26-January 1

By Marty Jonas (MJ) and David Walsh (DW), 26 December 1998

The WSWS will not post articles December 25-28. Postings will resume Tuesday, December 29.

By , 24 December 1998

Notes from the Amsterdam documentary film festival

By Natasha Senjanovic, 24 December 1998

Labour government rocked by high-level resignations

By Julie Hyland, 24 December 1998

Two leading ministers in Tony Blair's Labour government resigned within hours of each other on Wednesday afternoon.

Detroit firefighters lack equipment and manpower

By Larry Roberts, 24 December 1998

Asia, Australia and the Pacific

By , 24 December 1998

US and British bombs killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians

By Barry Grey, 24 December 1998

Canadian Prime Minister's role ruled off limits

By Keith Jones, 24 December 1998

Workers Struggles: Europe, Russia and Africa

By , 24 December 1998

Agents provocateur: the activities of Richard Butler and UNSCOM

By Peter Symonds, 24 December 1998

Job cuts decimate New Zealand forestry industry

By a correspondent, 23 December 1998

GM plant closing in Saginaw, Michigan

By Jerry White, 23 December 1998

Le Pen's Front National splits

By Gerard Naville, 23 December 1998

US media downplays links between congressional Republicans and fascists - Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott praised white supremacist group

By Martin McLaughlin, 23 December 1998

Meatpackers strike against demand for $6 per hour wage cuts

By Lee Parsons, 22 December 1998

On the bombing of Iraq

By , 22 December 1998

Soros warns of "market fundamentalism"

By Nick Beams, 22 December 1998

The growing realization over the past 12 months that the so-called "Asian meltdown" is in fact a crisis of the world capitalist system has brought a series of warnings from within ruling circles about the dangers posed by the unrestricted operations of financial markets.

Workers Struggles: The Americas

By , 22 December 1998

Labour's backdoor privatisation of essential public services

By Jean Shaoul, 22 December 1998

The British Labour government has embarked on a massive programme of privatisation. This will hit vital public and social services via the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public/Private Partnerships. Within a few years, most of Britain's hospitals, schools and other services will be owned by big corporations. It means ever fewer essential services at greater cost to the taxpayer, while spawning new corporations almost entirely dependent on the state for their profits.

Is America drifting towards civil war?

By Editorial Board, 22 December 1998

ABC-TV gives ultimatum to locked-out workers

By Allen Whyte, 22 December 1998

A vote of social protest

By Bill Vann, 22 December 1998

Is America drifting towards civil war?

By the Editorial Board, 21 December 1998

In light of the disputed outcome of the US presidential election, the World Socialist Web Site is reposting for the benefit of our readers our statement from December 21, 1998, "The impeachment of President Clinton: Is America drifting towards civil war?" This statement sums up many of the most important aspects of the social and political crisis which underlies both the right-wing campaign to drive Clinton from office and the political and constitutional impasse revealed by Tuesday's election.

Some interesting films on US television, December 19-25

By Marty Jonas (MJ) and David Walsh (DW), 19 December 1998

San Francisco's homeless dying at record rate

By Jerry White, 19 December 1998

Blair is Clinton's sole international ally once again

By Chris Marsden, 19 December 1998

Once again, Britain is alone amongst the major imperialist powers in lending unequivocal support to the US war against Iraq. Britain has supplied Tornado aircraft to take part in the bombing of Baghdad and other Iraqi locations.

A shameful chapter in American history

By Martin McLaughlin and David North, 19 December 1998

Indonesian regime resorts to brutal police measures

By Peter Symonds, 19 December 1998

An exchange on gambling and socialism

By , 19 December 1998

Workers Struggles Around the World: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

By , 19 December 1998

"They will monitor anything we do on that phone"

By a correspondent, 18 December 1998

Australian miners union calls strike against coal price cuts

By Terry Cook, 18 December 1998

Peter Symonds replies to two letters on the trial of Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia

By , 18 December 1998

Labour's reform of the House of Lords

By Editorial Board, 18 December 1998

Anyone concerned with democratic principles must view the existence of the British House of Lords as an affront. This unelected second chamber, which dates back to feudal times, consists mainly of hereditary peers. Its abolition has long been regarded as an essential component of any struggle for a more just, egalitarian society.

Law Lords overturn earlier decision refusing Pinochet "sovereign immunity"

By our correspondent, 18 December 1998

A specially constituted Law Lords panel has rescinded the earlier House of Lords ruling denying former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet

Controversy mounts over role of UN inspectors in Iraq

By Martin McLaughlin, 18 December 1998

The Teamsters election and its significance for the working class

By Jerry White, 18 December 1998

Slumping sales, profits behind US layoffs

By Shannon Jones, 18 December 1998

British media incites hatred against Eastern European refugees

By Tony Hyland, 18 December 1998

Public opinion is being carefully conditioned by the mass media to accept the legitimacy of Labour's Immigration and Asylum Bill. Home Secretary Jack Straw declares that most asylum-seekers are

Striking bus driver killed in Blackburn, England

By a correspondent, 17 December 1998

Europe, Russia and Africa

By , 17 December 1998

Immigration and Asylum Bill turns refugees into pariahs

By Tony Hyland, 17 December 1998

Protest strikes target BJP government's economic policies

By Arun Kumar, 17 December 1998

Military aggression and political diversion

By Editorial Board, 17 December 1998

Venezuelan and foreign capital size up former coup leader

By Bill Vann, 17 December 1998

A special holiday offer from Mehring Books

By , 17 December 1998

Welfare jobs cut in Australia

By Susanne Ilchmann, 16 December 1998

Workers Revolutionary Party member resigns and declares his support for the International Committee of the Fourth International

By , 16 December 1998

The World Socialist Web Site has received the following letter written by Paul Day, resigning his membership in the Workers Revolutionary Party in Britain.

New York City transit authority to employ welfare recipients

By Allen Whyte, 16 December 1998

Sri Lankan regime to try LTTE leaders for Central Bank bomb attack

By N.W. Wickramasinghe, 16 December 1998

A personal tribute to film director Alan Pakula by writer John Nichols

By , 16 December 1998

From a reader in India

By , 15 December 1998

On the Starr investigation

By , 15 December 1998

In memory of Vadim Z. Rogovin

By David North, 15 December 1998


Key ACTU meeting reveals unions in decline

By Terry Cook, 15 December 1998

Workers Struggles: The Americas

By , 15 December 1998

Exxon-Mobil merger to form world's largest company

By Joe Lopez, 15 December 1998

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the South Pacific

By , 12 December 1998

US moves B-52s towards Iraq

By Martin McLaughlin, 12 December 1998

Clinton’s groveling emboldens right-wing push for impeachment

By Barry Grey, 12 December 1998

Hypocrisy surrounds international cricket scandal

By Mike Head, 12 December 1998

Judiciary Committee Republican Bob Barr spoke at white supremacist convention

By Barry Grey, 12 December 1998

Some interesting films on US television, December 12-18

By Marty Jonas (MJ) and David Walsh (DW), 12 December 1998

Decision on Pinochet heightens political crisis

By Chris Marsden, 12 December 1998

British Home Secretary Jack Straw's ruling that former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet must face extradition proceedings to Spain has done nothing to lessen the legal and political crisis provoked by his arrest.