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British High Court ruling opens way for euthanasia of disabled

By Tania Kent, 30 April 1999

A High Court ruling April 22 against the family of a disabled 12-year-old boy has serious implications for healthcare in Britain. The court refused to require the hospital to consult with the parents of the child before terminating life support for him.

From “peacekeeper” to war hawk—Canada and NATO's war on Serbia

By Keith Jones, 30 April 1999

With few dissenting voices, Canada's political elite and opinion makers have applauded NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Indeed, Canada has been among the most bellicose of the 19 NATO states. Before the war was a fortnight old, Liberal Defence Minister Art Eggleton was suggesting NATO should consider a ground troop invasion of Kosovo.

History in the service of ideology

By Ann Talbot, 30 April 1999

The Construction of Nationhood: Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism, by Adrian Hastings, Cambridge University Press 1997

NATO's humanitarian attack and the media

By JS, 30 April 1999

The following article was sent by JS, a Swiss observer who has had experience in Eastern Europe. The World Socialist Web Site is reproducing the article for the information of our readers. Its views are those of the author, not the WSWS. In an accompanying letter, JS says that his article "does not deal with the refugee situation, but rest assured that I'm just as horrified as the rest of you. My heart goes out to both the Kosovars and the Serbs. I see them both as victims of politics. I aim to be neutral in the conflict. My reaction is targeted at NATO's miscalculated bombing campaign and the media's all-too-apparent impotent response to it."

Russia: The end of a world power

By Patrick Richter, 30 April 1999

The arrogant attitude of Washington towards the Russian government during the bombardment of Serbia marks a turn in relations with Russia and gives cause to assess the real character of the liberal reforms which have been carried out there since 1991.

The Columbine High School massacre: Letters from readers

30 April 1999

To the editors of WSWS,

The German Green Party at war

By Ulrich Rippert, 30 April 1999

The repulsive spectacle presented by the German Green Party over the past weeks as a party of war and government defies description. When and where has there been a party which so fundamentally betrayed its principles in such a short period of time? Is there any parallel to be found to the complete irresponsibility with which the Greens have used their position as part of the ruling SPD-Green coalition? Every fundamental party standpoint has been cast to the winds, and one reads the present assertions by many leading Green politicians in government that they completely exclude any support for the intervention of ground troops in Kosovo as the anticipation of their imminent agreement to take precisely such a step.

Union defends BHP after serious explosion at Newcastle steelworks

By Terry Cook, 30 April 1999

On the night of April 20 hundreds of people in the suburbs surrounding BHP's steel plant in the Australian industrial city of Newcastle poured into the streets after a tremendous explosion at the factory shook their homes. The residents stood aghast as flames leapt up and clouds of dense smoke rose from the plant's powerhouse and drifted across suburbs to the west.

Workers Struggles: Europe, the Middle East and Africa

30 April 1999

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature by e-mailing information to

American missile kills a dozen children in Serbian town

By Martin McLaughlin, 29 April 1999

An American cruise missile destroyed a large portion of the village of Surdulica Tuesday in southeastern Serbia, about 200 miles from Belgrade, killing at least 20 people, including a dozen children between the ages of 5 and 12. Some 50 homes were completely destroyed and as many as 600 damaged, a staggering toll in an agricultural town with a population of 15,000. The missile struck near the center of the town, leaving a crater 20 to 30 feet across.