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European elections could topple British Conservative Party leader

By Chris Marsden, 29 May 1999

The upcoming European elections could cost William Hague his position as Conservative Party leader. Whatever the outcome, it will deepen the longstanding divisions inside the party regarding its policy towards the European Union (EU) in general, and Britain's adoption of the euro currency in particular.

How profit equalizes across capitalist industries

By Nick Beams, 29 May 1999

A note to our readers: The question and reply below follow an earlier exchange on the source of capitalist profit. See “How is value determined,” 11 May 1999 []

Human rights group charges NATO bombing is war crime

By Chris Marsden, 29 May 1999

The human rights group, the Movement for the Advancement of International Criminal Law, has sent a submission to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, requesting the indictment of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and Defence Secretary George Robertson for war crimes.

Intellectual integrity and claims of Serb genocide

29 May 1999

To the editor,

New KLA leader was responsible for ethnic cleansing

By Peter Stavropoulos, 29 May 1999

Former Croatian Army Brigadier-General Agim Ceku has been appointed by the “Kosovo Provisional Government” as the new chief-of-staff for the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Ceku, who retired from his Croatian Army post in February, will replace KLA commander Suleiman Selini, whose faction has fallen out of favor with the US State Department for refusing to participate in the Rambouillet conference.

Sharemarket "madness" boosts Australia's wealthy

By Mike Head, 29 May 1999

“Up, up and away.” That was last year's celebratory headline on the Business Review Weekly's Rich 200 List of Australia's wealthiest individuals and families. And why not? Their combined wealth had leapt 17.5 percent in 12 months.

Snapshots of a brutal society—one week in America

By Kate Randall and John Andrews, 29 May 1999

Fairfield, Connecticut—Ecuadoran family run down on railroad tracks

Some interesting films on US television, May 29-June 4

By Marty Jonas (MJ) and David Walsh (DW), 29 May 1999

Video pick of the week--find it in your video store

Teamsters carhaulers face strike deadline

By Jerry White, 29 May 1999

The contract covering 12,200 Teamsters carhaulers expires midnight Monday and a strike could be launched that would quickly disrupt the US auto industry. A walkout would include drivers, mechanics, yard and office workers employed by the trucking companies that ship vehicles from auto factories, rail yards and ports to car dealerships.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

29 May 1999

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