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An exchange with a WSWS reader on ethnic conflict in Nigeria

30 September 1999

A letter from a reader

A time "out of joint": Peter Zadek's Hamlet at the Berlin Schaubühne

By Stefan Steinberg, 30 September 1999

One of Germany's leading theatre directors, Peter Zadek, has brought together many members of the Hamlet cast from his famous 1977 Bochum production and restaged Shakespeare's play at the Berlin Schaubühne. Ulrich Wildgruber, Zadek's Hamlet 22 years ago, now plays Polonius; Eva Mattes once again performs the role of Hamlet's mother Queen Gertrude. Knut Koch is Reynaldo and Herman Lause the ghost of Hamlet's father. In addition to his original cast, Zadek has cast Germany's actor of the year, Otto Sander, as Claudius. Finally Zadek has chosen one of Germany's outstanding actresses, Angela Winkler ( The Lost Honour of Katarina Blum, The Tin Drum, Danton), to play Hamlet.

Buchanan and the crisis of the US two-party system

By Martin McLaughlin, 30 September 1999

Two weeks ago ultra-right media commentator Patrick Buchanan indicated he was preparing to bolt the Republicans and seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party. The response in both the Republican Party and the media has demonstrated the nervousness within the American ruling class over any political challenge to the two-party system.

French high school students protest poor conditions and teacher shortages

By Richard Tyler, 30 September 1999

Less than one month since the beginning of the new school year, thousands of lycée (high school) students took to streets of southern France on Tuesday in protest against the poor conditions in many schools. They also complained that teacher shortages meant classes were dropped or overcrowded.

Right-wing organizations push school vouchers in Michigan

By Debra Watson and Jerry White, 30 September 1999

The strike by Detroit teachers earlier this month exposed the ongoing attack on public education taking place throughout the US. Behind the guise of school "reform" and "choice" some of the most bitter enemies of public education are pressing ahead with their campaign to siphon funding from the public schools in order to subsidize parochial and private education, and further lower tax rates on big business.

United Auto Workers reaches deal with General Motors

By Jerry White, 30 September 1999

The United Auto Workers union reached a tentative agreement with General Motors Tuesday for a new four-year contract covering 143,000 workers at its US factories. The contract is similar to the one reached with DaimlerChrysler September 16, and includes a 3 percent yearly wage increase, a cost-of-living raise and a $1,350 signing bonus. DaimlerChrysler workers approved their agreement by a 86 percent margin last Sunday.

US-Japan conflicts over rising yen

By Nick Beams, 30 September 1999

A year after US president Clinton warned that the world was facing its worst financial crisis in 50 years, finance ministers of the G7 all but declared it to be over at their meeting in Washington last Saturday. While “we still face a number of challenges”, economic prospects for the major industrial nations had improved, the meeting claimed.

Workers Struggles: Europe and Africa

30 September 1999

Workers in Slovakia protest welfare spending cuts

A letter on police brutality in Los Angeles

29 September 1999

To the editor:

Ansett New Zealand pilots fight company lockout

By John Braddock, 29 September 1999

Airline pilots employed by Ansett New Zealand are engaged in a bitter battle against company plans to carry through job cuts and attacks on working conditions. The company has locked out 125 pilots since September 15 in a determined effort to break the pilots' resistance.