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BHP makes record profit but the markets are far from satisfied

By Peter Stavropoulos, 30 August 2000

Last month, BHP, one of Australia's largest companies, announced the highest net profit in its 115-year history. The $A1.63 billion profit ($2.03 billion before abnormal items were deducted) was also a record $3.9 billion turnaround from last year when the giant minerals and steel corporation recorded a net loss of $2.3 billion—the largest ever for an Australian firm.

Clinton visit inaugurates Colombian intervention

By Bill Vann, 30 August 2000

President Bill Clinton's eight-hour visit to the Caribbean port city of Cartagena August 30 marks the initiation of “Plan Colombia,” the blueprint for an open-ended US military intervention on the South American continent.

Discovery of Chilean boy's body highlights role of Lagos government's accord with military

By Mauricio Saavedra, 30 August 2000

The tragic story of the Farina family, who after three decades located the body of their 13-year-old brother Carlos Farina—killed by the Chilean military in 1973—is a sharp reminder of the brutal crimes that the government of President Ricardo Lagos is seeking to have excused under a recently-signed accord with the military.

Moscow's Ostankino TV tower goes up in flames

By Patrick Richter, 30 August 2000

On Sunday afternoon, Moscow inhabitants watched incredulously as the city's landmark Ostankino TV tower, one of the technical miracles of the post-war period, went up in flames. As the blaze spread through the tower the stabilising steel cables inside were melting one after another in the intense heat, threatening to send the whole building toppling over.

Neo-Nazis confess to brutal killing of Mozambican in east Germany

By Ulrich Rippert, 30 August 2000

Last week, without any visible agitation or signs of regret, three neo-Nazis confessed to beating to death 39-year-old Mozambican Alberto Adriano in June this year in the eastern German city of Dessau. The Federal Prosecutor's Office has accused the three defendants—aged 16 to 24—of murder.

Turkish army kills Kurdish civilians in north Iraq

By Justus Leicht, 30 August 2000

According to reports from various groups, on August 15 and 17 the Turkish airforce carried out a number of sorties in the north east province of Erbil in the north of Iraq resulting in a high tally of either dead or wounded civilians, mainly women and children.

Australian government seeks to push through revamped military call-out bill

By Mike Head, 29 August 2000

The Australian government and the opposition Labor Party are pushing a military call-out Bill through the Senate this week in time for next month's planned protests at the World Economic Forum in Melbourne and the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Eight immigrants die attempting to reach Greece

By Richard Tyler, 29 August 2000

Sometime during Saturday night, a small wooden boat carrying 31 immigrants and their Turkish captain capsized in the Aegean. Coastguards rescued six of those on board and one was able to swim ashore. Eight bodies were recovered, but 17 are missing, presumed drowned.

New measures against football hooligans undermine civil liberties in Britain

By Julie Hyland, 29 August 2000

Controversial measures banning suspected football hooligans from travelling abroad came into force in Britain on Monday.

Ruling party in Mexico suffers another defeat in Chiapas state vote

By Patrick Martin, 29 August 2000

The Partido Revolucionario Institutional (PRI—Institutional Revolution Party) was swept from power August 20 in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico, in the first statewide election after the PRI's historic defeat in the July 2 presidential election. Chiapas is one of eight impoverished southern states which have been strongholds of the PRI throughout its 71 years in power nationally, but Pablo Salazar, candidate of an eight-party opposition coalition, easily defeated Sami David of the PRI, 57 percent to 43 percent.