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An exchange on the Danish Euro referendum

30 September 2000

The World Socialist Web Site has received the following email from a reader in response to the article “Right-wing politics dominate Danish Euro referendum” ( A reply by Steve James is included below.

Denmark: Referendum rejects euro heightening Europe's currency crisis

By Chris Marsden and Steve James, 30 September 2000

The September 28 referendum in Denmark on adoption of the euro was the continent's first ever plebiscite on the European single currency. In over a 90 percent turnout, Danes opted to keep the krone by a majority of 53 to 47 percent. The No vote has delivered a serious blow to the faltering European rival to the dollar, which will have ramifications far beyond Denmark's borders.

Devastating floods leave millions homeless across Indochina

By John Roberts, 30 September 2000

The flooding of the Mekong River in recent weeks has inundated large areas of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and destroyed the homes or possessions of an estimated four and a half million people. As of early last week, at least 278 people had died in the floods, over 100 of these in Vietnam. Many were children, who were unable to swim and were caught in the rising waters. Thousands of homeless families are living on the top of dangerously saturated dykes or in water-logged thatched huts with little food and no safe drinking water.

Germany: Nearly 100 people killed by right-wing violence over last decade

By Elizabeth Zimmermann, 30 September 2000

On September 14 the national newspapers, the Frankfurter Rundschau and the Berlin Tagesspiegel, published a list of nearly 100 people who have been victims of extreme right-wing violence over the last ten years since German reunification. (The complete list can be found at The published number is far greater than the figure acknowledged by the Social Democratic-Green coalition government in Berlin or its predecessors.

US threats over Timor militias raise political tensions in Indonesia

By James Conachy, 30 September 2000

Mounting international insistence that Indonesia comply with the September 8 UN Security Council resolution to disarm and disband the militia groups operating in West Timor is heightening instability within the government of President Abdurrahman Wahid.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

30 September 2000

Thai textile workers fight company attacks

Britain: Labour Party conference pleases big business

By Julie Hyland, 29 September 2000

With a general election expected in May next year, the Labour Party's annual conference held this week in Brighton came at a critical time for Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Economic instability dominates South East Asia

By Joe Lopez, 29 September 2000

While recent large falls in Asian stock markets have been attributed to rising oil prices and declines on Wall Street, some analysts are pointing to more fundamental problems that could see a repeat of the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98.

Further revelations of corruption in New York City unions

By Alan Whyte, 29 September 2000

The latest revelations of mob control of the New York City construction unions are, among other things, a significant expression of the real nature of the trade unions today.

Letter on Trotsky anniversary meeting

29 September 2000

Dear Editors,