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60 years after the assassination of Trotsky The contemporary significance of Leon Trotsky's life and work

30 October 2000

A reply to a supporter of the World Socialist Party of the USA

30 October 2000

Letter to from a supporter of the World Socialist Party USA

Colombia civil war intensifies as US escalates intervention

By Patrick Martin, 30 October 2000

The Colombian military suffered its worst setback of the year in the ongoing civil war against several peasant-based guerrilla groups, as 54 soldiers and national policemen were killed in a three-day battle earlier this month in the northwestern state of Antioquia, near the border with Panama. Almost half of the casualties came when guerrillas shot down a US-made Black Hawk helicopter with 22 soldiers on board.

Competitive pressures drive Chevron-Texaco mega-merger

By Joe Lopez, 30 October 2000

The planned $35 billion merger of the Chevron Corporation and Texaco announced earlier this month will create the world's fourth largest oil company. More than 4,000 jobs will be cut from their combined workforce, with the merged companies expecting annual cost savings of $1.2 billion within six to nine months of closing the deal.

Las agresión bélica de Israel y el patrimonio del sionismo

30 October 2000

WSWS : Español

Philadelphia teachers strike

By Jerry White, 30 October 2000

Twenty-one thousand teachers and other school employees, members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT), went on strike at the close of the school day Friday, October 27 after talks between the PFT and school and city authorities failed to result in an agreement for a new contract. Negotiations continued throughout the weekend and as this article was being posted no settlement had been reached.

Two boys imprisoned for killing British toddler Jamie Bulger face possible release

By Chris Marsden, 30 October 2000

The British legal system was forced to publicly acknowledge one of the worst judicial abuses of recent years last week, when the two boys convicted in 1993 of killing toddler Jamie Bulger were deemed eligible for release.

Ethnic violence and mass deportations of immigrants in Libya

By Trevor Johnson, 28 October 2000

Beginning in September, African immigrants living in Libya have been routinely set upon and killed by gangs of Libyan youths, with no action taken by the security forces to prevent the attacks. Immigrants, including thousands of Nigerians and Ghanaians and many from Chad, Niger, the Gambia and Sudan have since been forcibly removed from Libya as part of an organised repatriation in the wake of the widespread violence. Some of the deportees said they had suffered beatings, while others said they had been robbed or had their homes burned down.

General Guei ousted in Côte d'Ivoire clashes

By Chris Talbot, 28 October 2000

General Guei, who seized power in a coup last Christmas Eve in Côte d'Ivoire, was forced to quit after thousands of protesters took to the streets of Abidjan, the capital. This followed presidential elections last Sunday in which Guei excluded most of the candidates and had expected to top the poll.

Impeachment not revisited

By Joanne Laurier, 28 October 2000

The Contender is a political drama, obviously inspired by the 1998 impeachment crisis surrounding US President Bill Clinton. Writer and director Rod Lurie, a former film critic and entertainment journalist, describes himself as a “political junkie.” He says that “Presidential election years are like football seasons to me. I watch the events unfold with great excitement.” Remarkably, however, Lurie has made no reference to the impeachment crisis in either his production notes or his comments to the press. This refusal to address the Clinton scandal directly, mirroring the silence of the major presidential candidates on the issue, is telling. As an examination of the film will demonstrate, Lurie is a Hollywood liberal, with all the opportunism and superficiality that all too often implies.