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$45 million fine against pilots union upheld by US Supreme Court

By Jerry White, 2 March 2001

The US Supreme Court on Monday upheld a lower court's ruling that a pilots union and two of its officers must pay $45.5 million in compensatory damages to American Airlines for refusing to halt a sick-out in 1999. The fine against the Allied Pilots Association (APA) is one of the largest in US labor history and threatens to bankrupt the union.

Arroyo attempts to shore up her grip on the Philippine presidency

By Keith Morgan and Peter Symonds, 2 March 2001

Just over a month ago, with the backing of the military, the Catholic hierarchy, significant sections of big business and the political establishment, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo forced Philippine president Joseph Estrada from office and, blessed by the Supreme Court, took charge herself. Her installation was portrayed in the national and international press, with a few misgivings, as a triumph for democracy and People Power that would end Estrada's alleged corruption, incompetence and abuse of power.

Britain's latest rail disaster claims 13 lives

By Tony Robson, 2 March 2001

The latest tragedy on Britain's railways has so far claimed the lives of thirteen people and injured a further 76 passengers, nine seriously.

Canada mounts biggest-ever security operation for Summit of the Americas

By Keith Jones, 2 March 2001

The Summit of the Americas, which will be held in Quebec City April 20-22, has become the object of the largest security operation in Canadian history. While much of this operation is cloaked in secrecy, flagrant violations of basic civil liberties have already come to light. Moreover, by transforming Quebec City into an armed camp, the authorities hope to marginalize and stigmatize opposition to the summit and to the big business agenda pursued by its 34 participating governments.

Japan gets credit downgrade as recession tendencies grow

By Joe Lopez, 2 March 2001

Two major announcements within the space of a week point to the deepening problems of the Japanese economy.

Letters to the WSWS

2 March 2001

To the editors,

On the US-British bombing of Iraq

2 March 2001

To the WSWS:

"It Began With a Lie": German TV report refutes government propaganda in Balkan War

By Dietmar Henning, 1 March 2001

Germany's Social Democratic (SPD)-Green party coalition government employed fabrications and manipulated facts to overcome popular opposition to the participation of the German armed forces in NATO's war against Yugoslavia two years ago. A German TV report by journalists Jo Angerer and Mathias Werth entitled “It Began With a Lie” provides proof of this.

Bush addresses the US Congress: An illegitimate president, a dubious surplus, a mounting social crisis

By Patrick Martin, 1 March 2001

There was more than the usual degree of political hokum in the nationally televised speech to Congress delivered by George W. Bush Tuesday night. Both the political events surrounding Bush's entry into the White House and the policies advanced by the Republican president contributed to an air of unreality, if not outright fraud.

Federal police used to intimidate Australian Broadcasting Corporation staff

By Richard Phillips, 1 March 2001

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) management took the unprecedented step last month of calling in the Australian Federal Police to question staff members over the purported leak of an internal memo on executive salaries to a Sydney newspaper.