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Austria's right-wing Freedom Party riven by disputes

By Markus Salzmann, 30 May 2001

One year since its entry into the Austrian government, the ultra-right Freedom Party is in the midst of a sharp internal crisis.

France: Wave of mass redundancies throws Jospin government into crisis

By Marianne Arens and Françoise Thull, 30 May 2001

France's Socialist Party Prime Minister Lionel Jospin stands on increasingly wobbly legs. Social tensions in France have risen sharply and workers' protests against mass redundancies, privatisation and worsening conditions have taken place since the beginning of the year, in some cases being aimed directly against Jospin.

Hundreds of jobs axed after takeover of Australian cut-price airline

By Terry Cook, 30 May 2001

Only 10 months after it was launched in July 2000, Impulse, an Australian discount airline, has become a casualty in the cut-throat war being waged by domestic air carriers. Impulse is the third domestic carrier—after the ill-fated Compass Airlines 1990-91 and Southern Cross 1992-93—to go to the wall in the last 10 years after attempting to challenge the duopoly of Qantas and Ansett.

Israeli government launches inquiry into worst-ever civil disaster

By Harvey Thompson, 30 May 2001

Ariel Sharon's Likud-led coalition has been forced to convene a Commission of Inquiry into building safety, following last week's collapse of the Versailles wedding hall during a party in which 23 people were killed and over 300 injured.

Letters and a reply on Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love

30 May 2001

Below we are posting three letters sent to the WSWS concerning “An exchange on Wong Kar-wai's film In the Mood for Love”, as well as a reply to a reader by WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh.

New report details corruption of New York's municipal workers union

By Alan Whyte, 30 May 2001

A new report resulting from an audit of New York City's largest municipal union reveals even greater corruption than had been previously reported. The KPMG Peat Marwick firm was hired to audit the activities of District Council (DC) 37 and its 56 member locals from 1995 to 1998.

Two decades after the burning down of the Jaffna library in Sri Lanka

By Vilani Peris, 30 May 2001

When the Taliban regime in Afghanistan announced and then carried out the destruction of the massive stone Buddha statues at Bamiyan, the action justifiably provoked outrage around the world. In Sri Lanka, however, the reaction in ruling circles and among the Buddhist hierarchy was mixed with a good deal of rank hypocrisy.

Britain: Oldham riots sparked by deliberate cultivation of racism

By Chris Marsden, 29 May 2001

Last weekend saw two nights of rioting and fighting between Asian youths and police in Oldham, near Manchester. On Saturday, around 500 young Asians, as well as hundreds of white youth, fought pitched battles with large numbers of riot police wearing body armour. The police described the rioting as "sheer carnage". It left 15 police officers and 10 civilians injured. Trouble flared after Asians had fought with white youth outside a fast food outlet. A group of racist white youths gathered together in response, and then attacked a number of shops, also throwing a brick through the window of a house where a pregnant Asian woman lived in the Glodwick area where many Asian immigrants have settled. The woman, Farida Azan, aged 23, was showered with glass and left in a state of shock.

Britain's general election: The Socialist Alliance and Socialist Labour Party—No alternative to Blair's New Labour

By by Socialist Equality Party of Britain, 29 May 2001

Growing disillusionment with the Blair government in the working class has led to a number of parties standing in the June 7 general election in what has been billed as the “largest left-wing electoral challenge” to Labour since the Second World War. More than 300 candidates are standing, drawn primarily from the Socialist Labour Party (SLP), the Socialist Alliance (SA) and the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP).

Five political films

By Paul Mitchell, 29 May 2001

Below we continue our coverage of the 12th Human Rights Watch Film Festival held in London recently, with a review of five films. For an overview of the festival and other reviews see: An overview of the 12th Human Rights Watch Film Festival in London [May 28 2001].