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Britain: Labour MPs oppose bombing--but not war

By Julie Hyland, 30 October 2001

Some fourteen Labour MPs have joined forces to launch a “Labour against the Bombing” group in parliament. This brings together a cross-section of the parliamentary Labour Party—from nominally left MPs such as group leader Alan Simpson, Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway to Tam Dalyell, a veteran critic of past military campaigns, and includes those formerly considered stalwarts of Prime Minister Tony Blair, such as Paul Marsden.

Five workers killed in New York City construction accident

By Jeremy Johnson and Peter Daniels, 30 October 2001

Five construction workers were killed and ten injured in a scaffolding collapse in New York City on October 24. The deadly accident took place in the Gramercy Park area, barely two miles from the site of the World Trade Center. A 14-story-tall scaffolding collapsed suddenly at 4 p.m., trapping the workers under a pile of wood and metal. Rescue workers, some called from the site of the World Trade Center disaster, had to work cautiously in extracting the injured from the three-story-high pile of rubble to keep the loose façade above from falling on top of them.

Iranian filmmaker faces death penalty in upcoming trial

By David Walsh, 30 October 2001

Iranian filmmaker Tahmineh Milani faces execution if she is convicted in an upcoming trial. Milani, one of Iran’s best-known women directors (The Legend of a Sigh [1991], What Else Is New? [1992], Two Women [1999]), was engaged in promoting her new film, The Hidden Half —which had been approved by government censors and the Ministry of Culture—when she was arrested in late August on the orders of Iran’s Revolutionary Council. The film, set in the present, depicts in flashback political struggles that took place in Iran in the aftermath of the 1979 coming to power of the Islamic forces. The central protagonist recounts her involvement with left-wing activists, among others.

Los poderes imperialistas se esconden detrás de la máscara del 'anti terrorismo' para preparar nuevas formas del colonialismo

30 October 2001

WSWS : Español

New Norwegian government relies on far right Progress Party

By Steve James, 30 October 2001

On October 16, Progress Party leader Carl I. Hagen announced on Norwegian television that he would support a Christian Democrat, Conservative and Liberal coalition government led by former Prime minister Kjell Bondevik. Hagen’s announcement was preceded by a phone call to the sitting Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, triggering his resignation.

Pakistani immigrant dies in US custody

By Shannon Jones, 30 October 2001

The death of a Pakistani immigrant being held by US authorities underscores the serious violations of civil liberties suffered by the hundreds of non-citizens detained without recourse to legal due process in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Socialist Equality Party and World Socialist Web Site public meetings in Britain: "Why we oppose the war in Afghanistan"

30 October 2001

Sheffield Thursday 8 November, 7.30pm St Matthews Meeting Rooms Carver St, S1 4FT

US propagandists invoke the Cold War

By Bill Vann, 30 October 2001

The Bush administration and its media apologists have repeatedly compared the foreign and domestic measures that are being carried out under the mantle of a “war against terrorism” to the Cold War against the Soviet Union. Earlier this month, on the eve of a visit to the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sounded this theme. “It undoubtedly will prove to be a lot more like a cold war than a hot war,” he said.

Workers Struggles: The Americas

30 October 2001

Unemployed demand jobs in Peru

Drowned refugees were victims of Australian policy

By Mike Head, 29 October 2001

Among the more than 350 refugees who drowned in the Indian Ocean last week trying to get to Australia, were at least five women and 13 children who perished as a direct consequence of anti-refugee laws introduced by the Howard government with the support of the Labor Party. Yet, despite the tragedy, both Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kim Beazley have vowed to maintain the laws and have stepped up their vilification of asylum seekers in the campaign for the November 10 federal election.