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Indian ruling coalition in disarray over communal campaign

By K. Ratnayake, 30 March 2002

The ongoing campaign by the communalist Vishva Hindu Parshad (VHP) to build a temple to the Hindu god Ram in Ayodhya has thrown India’s ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) into disarray. While Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee secured a deal at a crisis meeting of coalition members on March 22, the future of his fragile government is by no means certain.

Israeli military lays siege to Arafat’s headquarters

By WSWS Editorial Board, 30 March 2002

The editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site condemns the brutal attack by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people and their political leadership. The full responsibility for the continued bloodshed in the Middle East rests with the regime headed by Ariel Sharon and its backers in the Bush administration.

Ontario Tories open door to 60-hour workweek

By a correspondent, 30 March 2002

Recent changes to Ontario’s labour standards have emboldened employers to press for a lengthening of the workweek, giving rising to a series of strike struggles.

The view from the oasis

By Joanne Laurier, 30 March 2002

Monsoon Wedding , directed by Mira Nair, written by Sabrina Dhawan

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

30 March 2002

Korean power workers face mass dismissals in April

Zimbabwe election used to pressure African leaders

By Chris Talbot, 30 March 2002

Britain and the United States have demanded the leaders of African countries condemn the recent presidential elections in Zimbabwe or lose financial aid. Meeting in Abuja, Nigeria this week, leaders from 21 African states are discussing the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), an attempt to win Western investment that will be taken to the G8 economic summit in June.

A letter from a Chinese reader on workers’ protests

29 March 2002

Below we reprint a letter on “Working class demonstrations spread in northern China”

Bush expands "voluntary interviews" of Middle Eastern immigrants

By Kate Randall, 29 March 2002

On March 20, US Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that the Justice Department is expanding its “voluntary interview” program, with plans to question 3,000 more mainly Muslim and Arab immigrants. The interviews will target men ages 18 to 33 who have entered the country since September 11 and hold passports from or have visited countries where the Bush administration says there is a significant Al Qaeda presence. Civil liberties and Arab-American groups have denounced the plan as a form of racial profiling and an attack on democratic rights.

Letters to the WSWS

29 March 2002

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the WSWS.

The expulsion of the Palestinians and the origins of Land Day

29 March 2002

The following article was submitted by World Socialist Web Site correspondent David Merhav