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Afghan boys denied asylum by Britain after escaping from Australian camp

By Jake Skeers, 30 July 2002

The plight of two teenage Afghan boys last week put a new international spotlight on the inhumanity of Australia’s indefinite detention of asylum seekers. After a desperate breakout from the remote Woomera detention centre, the two brothers, Alamdar and Montazar Bakhtiyari, aged 12 and 13, took the unprecedented step of applying to the British consulate in Melbourne for asylum because they are being persecuted in Australia.

Anti-democratic measures guarantee Pakistan’s election will be a sham

By Vilani Peiris, 30 July 2002

Pakistan’s military ruler General Pervez Musharraf has announced National and Provincial assembly elections for October 10 in a bid to give his regime a democratic veneer and a degree of legitimacy. But a series of sweeping constitutional changes and presidential decrees announced over the last month ensure that Musharraf, not parliament, will wield power after the elections. The military junta is setting the rules for the election and at the same time ensuring that those elected will have no significant say in the running of the country.

Indian workers speak about the dangers of war

By our correspondents, 30 July 2002

Over the past six months, India and Pakistan have been engaged in a dangerous military confrontation involving one million troops backed by armour, artillery, missiles and warplanes. In both countries, the governments and the media have continued a barrage of chauvinist propaganda aimed at justifying the provocative stance taken by the nuclear-armed powers.

Letters from readers on the arts

30 July 2002

On Road to Perdition

WSWS replies to letters on boycott of Israeli academics

By Bill Vann, 30 July 2002

The WSWS posts below a reply by Bill Vann to the large volume of correspondence we have received regarding our July 12 statement “Against the boycott of Israeli academics”. Vann’s reply is followed by a representative selection of the letters we have received from readers on the issue.

Ground Zero exhibition in Detroit

By David Walsh, 29 July 2002

An exhibition of art works created in response to the September 11 terrorist attack in New York City and to the events that followed it is currently on display at the Museum of New Art (MONA) in Detroit. Nearly sixty artists from a number of countries are represented by 300 paintings, photographs, digitally altered images and sculptures. The show, which opened July 13, was curated by New York artists Danny Scheffer, Frank Shifreen and Julius Vitali.

Nine US miners rescued after three-day ordeal

By Eula Holmes and Paul Sherman, 29 July 2002

All nine coal miners trapped underground for three days in a southwest Pennsylvania shaft were brought to the surface by rescuers early Sunday morning. The men, who were working 240 feet down when their mine flooded Wednesday evening, emerged in various states of hypothermia, dehydration and near-starvation, but all were alive and expected to recover from their ordeal.

Prisoners held in Australian police cells denied basic rights

By Liz Mantell, 29 July 2002

In early May, Anne Wilkins, a mother of four, conducted a seven-day hunger strike outside a police lock-up in Bendigo, a Victorian regional city, to protest against the conditions of prisoners in police cells.

A reply to a supporter of the Kosovo Liberation Army

27 July 2002

The following letter was sent in response to the article The Milosevic trial: More questions raised over Racak , published May 8, 2002. by Paul Mitchell. It is followed by a reply from the author.

Behind the sacking of German Defence Minister Scharping

By Ulrich Rippert, 27 July 2002

On July 18, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (Social Democratic Party—SPD) held a press conference to announce the sacking of the government’s defence minister, Rudolf Scharping (also SPD). At the conference, which lasted just a few minutes, Schröder announced that the new defence minister would be Peter Struck, the former head of the SPD fraction in parliament.