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Aftermath: Unanswered questions from 9/11

By Marge Holland, 30 April 2003

Aftermath: Unanswered questions from 9/11, shown April 21, 2003 at the Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, sponsored by

German SPD bows to Schröder on social cutbacks

By Ulrich Rippert, 30 April 2003

German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (German Social Democratic Party - SPD) has linked his demand for the implementation of sweeping cuts to the German welfare state system to an ultimatum to his own party. Either the SPD accepts the destruction of basic social rights, many of which date back to the time of Chancellor Bismarck, or Schröder will resign. He is not prepared to stay in office on the basis of any other policy.

Obasanjo to be recognised despite rigged Nigerian election

By Trevor Johnson and Chris Talbot, 30 April 2003

The response of the Bush administration as well as media reports makes clear that Olusegun Obasanjo and his People’s Democratic Party (PDP) will be accepted as the legitimate victor in the recent Nigerian elections, despite widespread vote-rigging.

Russia: School fires in Yakutiya and Dagestan kill 50 children

By Vladimir Volkov, 30 April 2003

The end of spring break and commencement of the final term of the school year in Russia were tragically disfigured by two terrible fires that took the lives of 50 children, aged 5 to 18.

Sri Lankan SEP May Day meeting to go ahead

By Wije Dias, 30 April 2003

Despite the United National Front (UNF) government’s decision to block the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in Sri Lanka from using its allocated venue, the party has rescheduled its May Day meeting for the YMCA Hall, Bristol Street in downtown Colombo at 3 p.m. on May 1. The SEP was forced to make the last minute change after the Interior Minister overrode the existing procedure for allotting May Day venues and routes.

US troops gun down Iraqi demonstrators

By James Conachy, 30 April 2003

US troops opened fire on a night-time demonstration by students and youth in the Iraqi town of Fallujah on Monday, April 28. Thirteen Iraqis are dead, as many as 75 are wounded and there is an outpouring of bitterness and anger. Throughout Tuesday, thousands of people demonstrated through the town, carrying the coffins of the dead, denouncing the US and demanding the withdrawal of American forces.

Washington pushes for interim regime in order to pump Iraqi oil

By Peter Symonds, 30 April 2003

Washington’s military administrator in Iraq, retired general Jay Garner, held his second gathering of some 250 Iraqi delegates on Monday in Baghdad. It had no more to do with the needs and aspirations of the vast majority of Iraqis than the first meeting held at a heavily guarded air base near the southern city of Nasiriya on April 15.

ABC News Primetime interview: Country music group holds its own against right-wing attack

By Kate Randall, 29 April 2003

ABC News’s Primetime interview with the country music group the Dixie Chicks on April 24 was one of the more grotesque examples of the US media’s attempt to intimidate political dissent and distort public opinion. Entitled “Landslide: the Dixie Chicks,” the program set out to vastly exaggerate the right-wing backlash against a comment made by a member of the group, Natalie Maines, at a March 10 concert in London, nine days before the US-led attack on Iraq. Maines said, “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

Bechtel awarded Iraq contract: War profits and the US “military-industrial complex”

By Joseph Kay, 29 April 2003

On April 17 the US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a contract worth $680 million to Bechtel Corp., a private company with close ties to the Republican Party and the Bush administration.

Britain: Family win new inquiry into London police shooting

By Keith Lee, 29 April 2003

The family of Harry Stanley have won the right to a fresh inquiry into his death at the hands of specialist armed police. A High Court ruling overturned a previous inquiry last June because it was an “insufficient Inquiry” and have ordered the case to be re-examined.