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Australian prime minister embroiled in ethanol scandal

By Rick Kelly, 30 August 2003

Recently released documents proving that Australian Prime Minister Howard lied to parliament last year over a secret meeting he had with a prominent ethanol producer have demonstrated the increasingly arbitrary and autocratic manner in which his government operates.

Bush guts pollution controls on energy industry

By Joseph Kay, 30 August 2003

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new rule on Wednesday that will undermine a crucial component of the Clean Air Act, the main piece of legislation governing air pollution. The rule is the latest in a series of modifications of the New Source Review (NSR) amendment to the act, which regulates coal-burning power plants.

Canada takes leading role in Afghan occupation

By Keith Jones, 30 August 2003

With little public discussion, Canada’s Liberal government has made bolstering the US-installed regime in Afghanistan a key Canadian foreign policy objective.

Iraq: Attack on UN spurs plans for international military force

By Peter Schwarz, 30 August 2003

The bomb attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad has revived proposals for the deployment of international troops in Iraq. Behind the scenes at the Security Council in New York, the horse-trading has begun on a new resolution that would allow countries that had previously rejected the war to send their own troops to assist in the occupation of Iraq.

The Hutton Inquiry: Blair’s testimony deepens government crisis

By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, 30 August 2003

Prime Minister Tony Blair told the Hutton inquiry into the death of whistleblower Dr. David Kelly that he would have been forced to resign if allegations that the government had “sexed up” intelligence to justify war against Iraq were true. His statement points to the gravity of the crisis facing the government, which his testimony did nothing to alleviate. Indeed, the day after he spoke, his communications director, Alastair Campbell, chose to announce his own resignation.

Vote “no” on the California recall. Vote John Christopher Burton for governor, for a socialist solution to the crisis

30 August 2003

1. The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) calls on working people in California to utilize the October 7 recall election to deal a blow to the Bush administration and the policies of war and social reaction of both the Republican and Democratic parties. We urge a “no” vote on the recall of Governor Gray Davis, in order to defeat this latest attempt by the Republican Party, acting in the interests of the corporate elite, to subvert democratic processes. At the same time, we offer no political support to Davis, Lt. Governor Bustamante or any other representative of the Democratic Party. We urge a vote for John Christopher Burton, a Los Angeles civil rights lawyer and SEP supporter, who is on the ballot to provide a socialist alternative, should the recall succeed, to the candidates associated with the two big business parties.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

30 August 2003

South Korean transport strike ended by government threats

Britain’s Hutton Inquiry: Still no account of how Dr. Kelly died

By Chris Marsden, 29 August 2003

When top diplomat David Broucher gave evidence before the Hutton Inquiry into the death of whistleblower Dr David Kelly, one aspect of his testimony was described by the media as a “chilling prediction” by Kelly of his own death.

Bush cites “war on terror” to slash federal workers’ pay raises

By Kate Randall, 29 August 2003

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Egypt antiwar protesters face sedition trial

By Bill Vann, 29 August 2003

The Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak brought formal charges earlier this month against five activists who were involved in mass protests last March against the US drive to war in Iraq. The five—Ashraf Ibrahim, Nassir Faruq al-Bihiri, Yahya Fikri Amin Zahra, Mustafa Muhammad al-Basiuni and Remon Edward Gindi Morgan—were charged in an Emergency State Security Court.