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30 September 2003

Correction: The article “London protesters condemn occupation of Iraq and defend Palestinians,” by Mike Ingram, posted September 29, 2003, inadvertently misrepresented the position of environmentalist and antiwar activist George Monbiot. It reported erroneously that in a speech from the platform in Trafalgar Square, Mr. Monbiot “presented the UN role in Iraq as a preferable option to the US occupation.”

Dollar fall adds to global turbulence

By Nick Beams, 30 September 2003

The sharp drop in the value of the dollar in money markets last week has pointed to the underlying instability of the international financial system and the ever-present possibility of a major crisis. The dollar’s decline followed a meeting of the Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers in Dubai which called for exchange rates to reflect “economic fundamentals.”

Elia Kazan: director, HUAC informer dead at 94

30 September 2003

Hollywood director Elia Kazan died September 28 at age 94. Kazan directed 19 feature films between 1945 and 1976 that garnered a total of 20 Academy Awards. He was a founder and longtime co-director of the prestigious Actors Studio and a co-founder of the first repertory theater at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Grasso and Wall Street’s “governance” crisis

By Jamie Chapman, 30 September 2003

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) chairman and chief executive Richard Grasso resigned on Sept. 17 at an emergency meeting of the NYSE board of directors, who voted 13-7 for his ouster. The forced resignation came only three weeks after the board disclosed their earlier payout of $140 million in deferred compensation and retirement benefits to Grasso, at that time lavishing him with praise for his “outstanding leadership.”

LTTE joins government strikebreaking against Sri Lankan health workers

By Nanda Wickramasinghe, 30 September 2003

The fact that the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is backing the Sri Lankan government’s attempts to crush an island-wide strike by health workers speaks volumes about its class character and the real purpose of its peace talks with Colombo.

Netherlands: New round of job and social service cuts prepared

By Jörg Victor, 30 September 2003

Barely six months after Jan Peter Balkenende’s Christian Democratic government in the Netherlands imposed drastic cuts to the country’s social security system, warnings are already being made about further inroads. “Nearly all citizens will have less purchasing power next year,” Queen Beatrix recently announced in her government-composed royal speech to parliament in The Hague.

Peter Camejo and the Greens bid for “respectability” in California recall campaign

By Peter Daniels, 30 September 2003

The gubernatorial campaign of Peter Camejo in the California recall election marks a further turn to the right by the Green Party. The Greens and their candidate have tailored their election statements and appearances to demonstrate their “responsibility”—i.e., subordination—to the political and media establishment and the financial elite.

The New York Times whitewashes Bush’s lies on Iraq war

By Bill Vann, 30 September 2003

In what amounts to a damning self-indictment, the New York Times admitted in a September 26 editorial that it “never quarreled with one of [the Bush administration’s] basic premises” for launching its war on Iraq—the supposed threat from weapons of mass destruction.

Workers Struggles: The Americas

30 September 2003

Argentine unemployment protest

A militarist as “peace” candidate: Retired general Wesley Clark enters Democratic presidential race

By Alex Lefebrve, 29 September 2003

Retired US general Wesley Clark, who commanded NATO forces during the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia, entered the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination on September 18. Clark became the tenth Democrat to announce his candidacy for the November 2004 election, and the first new entry since early this year.