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ASEAN’s problems on display at Bali summit

By John Roberts, 30 October 2003

The ninth summit meeting of the leaders of the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), held on the Indonesian island of Bali earlier this month, announced a series of economic and political steps to create a free trade zone by 2020.

Australia: Grieving families lead march against construction site deaths

By Terry Cook, 30 October 2003

In one of the largest demonstrations of construction industry workers in New South Wales in many years, an estimated 10,000 marched through the Sydney central business district on October 27 protesting deaths on building sites and demanding the state Labor government introduce industrial manslaughter laws.

Azerbaijani presidential election fixed with the approval of Bush and Putin

By Simon Whelan, 30 October 2003

On November 31 Ilham Aliyev will be inaugurated as president of Azerbaijan. Two weeks earlier, Azerbaijanis entered the polling booths to elect their president, not that it made any difference. The outcome was preordained courtesy of a crude stitch-up approved by both the US and Russian governments. Once the fabricated result was announced, both Washington and Moscow congratulated Aliyev.

Britain: Labour expels antiwar MP Galloway

By Chris Marsden, 30 October 2003

George Galloway, MP for Glasgow Kelvin, has been expelled from the Labour Party for the sole crime of opposing the Blair government’s participation in the US-led war against Iraq.

Bush press conference: the bigger the crisis, the bigger the lies

By David Walsh and Barry Grey, 30 October 2003

The contrast between rhetoric and reality reached new heights at the press conference held by President Bush October 28. It was Bush’s first news conference since July 30 and only the second since early March, two weeks prior to the invasion of Iraq.

Casa Blanca prohíbe noticias acerca de ataúdes que regresan de Iraq

30 October 2003

WSWS : Español

Groping their way toward power and wealth

By David Walsh, 30 October 2003

“History is the greatest of dialecticians.” - G. Plekhanov

Huge losses for Social Democrats in German state election

By Peter Schwarz, 30 October 2003

The election held last Sunday in the state of Brandenburg is regarded as the final opportunity this year to gauge the mood of the German electorate. The election confirmed a trend which was already evident in the Bavarian state election of last September.

17,000 violent deaths in Detroit—the social meaning of a horrifying statistic

By Patrick Martin, 29 October 2003

One incident that occurred during the October 26 Democratic presidential debate in Detroit starkly illuminated the grim social reality of America in 2003. It came in the course of remarks by Dennis Kucinich, the congressman from Cleveland, Ohio.

Bush’s Philippines model for Iraqi “democracy”

By John Roberts, 29 October 2003

In the course of his address to the Philippines Congress on October 18, George Bush invoked the Philippines as an example of US-sponsored “liberation” and democracy.