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Another Australian whitewash

By Mike Head, 30 July 2004

The Flood report into the performance of the Australian intelligence agencies in the lead-up to the Iraq war is another blatant whitewash. By the time the report was released last week, every one of the Howard government’s lies about why it participated in the illegal invasion of a sovereign country had disintegrated: Saddam Hussein’s regime possessed no “weapons of mass destruction”, no nuclear weapons materials and no links to Al Qaeda. Instead of being greeted as “liberators” the US-led force has confronted bitter and determined popular opposition.

Britain: Blair’s claims on Iraqi mass graves refuted

By Elaine Gorton, 30 July 2004

In November 2003, British Prime Minister Tony Bair said, of Iraq, “We’ve already discovered, just so far, the remains of 400,000 people in mass graves.”

Democrats withdraw objections to SEP petitions: Tom Mackaman to be on the ballot in Illinois

By Jerry White, 30 July 2004

The attorney representing Tom Mackaman, Socialist Equality Party state legislative candidate in Illinois’ 103rd District, received word late Thursday that the Democratic Party was withdrawing its objections to the SEP candidate’s nominating petitions. The following is an initial report on this development. Further reports and commentary will follow.

Official indifference as South Asia floods affect 40 million people

By Wimal Perera, 30 July 2004

Millions of people across the Indian subcontinent have been affected by what are considered to be the worst floods in 15 years. According to the latest figures, around 40 million people are homeless and at least 1,300 people have been killed. Officials have admitted that the final death toll could be much higher, with rescue and relief measures still not reaching some areas. Water-borne diseases are also expected to cause many more fatalities.

SIEU head says unions might be better off if Democrats lose

By Kate Randall, 30 July 2004

Andrew Stern, head of the 1.6-million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), commented Monday that both organized labor and the Democratic Party might be better off if John Kerry were to lose the election.

The great unmentionable at the Democratic convention: Kerry’s antiwar past

By David Walsh, 30 July 2004

One of the most striking and dishonest features of the Democratic Party convention and nomination of Senator John Kerry this week in Boston has been the concerted effort to excise the moral high point of its presidential candidate’s career: his outspoken repudiation of and opposition to the Vietnam war in the early 1970s.

Workers Struggles: Europe & Africa

30 July 2004


WSWS readers comment on the Democratic National Convention

30 July 2004

Below we publish a selection of letters from readers on WSWS coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Anger at International AIDS Conference over Bush administration’s policies

By Carol Divjak, 29 July 2004

More than 17,000 delegates, including scientists, health officials, policy makers and activists, gathered from July 11 to 17 at the 15th International AIDS Conference in Bangkok. What dominated the agenda was not so much the latest scientific research but the failure of the major powers, especially the US, to provide the resources needed to deal with the rapidly spreading AIDS epidemic.

Australian union continues to attack the SEP

By Terry Cook, 29 July 2004

When the Socialist Equality Party issued leaflets denouncing the Rail Tram Bus Industry Union (RTBIU) in the Australian state of Victoria for collaborating in the sacking of 100 tram workers earlier this year, the union leadership accused the SEP of lying.