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An exchange on the crisis in Sudan’s western Darfur region

30 August 2004

The WSWS received the following letter on the article “Sudan: Western powers move towards military intervention” . It is followed by a reply by Chris Talbot, the article’s author.

Appeals court upholds discriminatory filing deadline: Ohio SEP candidate to conduct write-in campaign

By the Editorial Board, 30 August 2004

On August 27, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld a lower court ruling denying ballot status to David Lawrence, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for the US House of Representatives from the 1st Congressional District of Ohio, which includes most of Cincinnati. The decision by a three-judge panel was unanimous.

Canada: budget cuts have contributed to spread of super-bug

By Guy Charron, 30 August 2004

Reports published in succeeding issues of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) assert that government cost-cutting has led to a deterioration in hygiene at Canada’s hospitals and that this in turn has contributed to an alarming rise in Clostridium Difficile bacteria infections and fatalities

Chinese police generate “sex scandal” against Hong Kong election candidate

By John Chan, 30 August 2004

In what has all the hallmarks of a political set-up, Chinese police have arrested Alex Ho, a Democratic Party candidate in the upcoming Legislative Council elections in Hong Kong, on charges of soliciting a prostitute. The 46-year-old Ho was detained in a police raid in the early hours of August 13 in the southern city of Dongguang. He was allegedly found in a hotel room with Zhou, a 25-year-old woman.

Documents confirm US colluded in Indonesia’s 1969 incorporation of Papua

By John Roberts, 30 August 2004

Recently declassified documents from the archives of the US State Department have shed a little more light on one of the many grubby chapters of US foreign policy in the Cold War period: how Washington worked with the UN and Indonesia’s Suharto dictatorship to stage a phoney “Act of Free Choice” in West Papua in 1969.

Massive anti-Bush march in New York

By the a WSWS reporting team, 30 August 2004

Hundreds of thousands of people marched Sunday past New York City’s Madison Square Garden, site of this week’s Republican National Convention, in a massive repudiation of the policies of the Bush administration.

Fuerza de tarea "contra el terrorismo" persigue a los adversarios de Bush

28 August 2004

WSWS : Español

Germany: protests held in over 140 towns and cities

By a WSWS reporting team, 28 August 2004

For the fourth consecutive week, tens of thousands took part in protests last Monday against social cuts that the Social Democratic-Green coalition government plans to implement in 2005. More than 60,000 people took to the streets in the cities of Leipzig, Magdeburg and Berlin alone. In addition, demonstrations were held in 140 small and medium-sized towns.

New Bush administration rules slash overtime pay for millions of workers

By John Levine, 28 August 2004

The Department of Labor’s “FairPay” rules came into effect August 23, taking away the right to overtime compensation for millions of workers. Congress allowed the rule changes to take effect in a vote July 10 in the House of Representatives, which defeated a measure to stop the new rules, by a margin of 213 to 210.

Spain: controversy surrounds opening of Garcia Lorca’s grave

By Vicky Short, 28 August 2004

A state of expectation is growing in Spain regarding the disinterment of the body of the great Spanish poet, author and playwright, Federico Garcia Lorca. He was shot by General Franco’s Falangist forces just four months after their rebellion against the second elected Republic in 1936 and dumped in an unmarked grave.