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Britain: Prince Charles bemoans “child-centred” education

By Richard Tyler, 30 November 2004

“One of the strongest natural proofs of the folly of hereditary right in kings, is, that nature disapproves it, otherwise she would not so frequently turn it into ridicule by giving mankind an ass for a lion” (from Common Sense by Thomas Paine).

China: riot in Guangdong province points to broad social unrest

By John Chan, 30 November 2004

A riot involving some 30,000 people in Jieyang city in southern Guangdong province on November 10 has highlighted the mounting hostility of broad layers of the Chinese population to the economic impositions and autocratic rule of the Stalinist bureaucracy.

Confused, struggling America

By David Walsh, 30 November 2004

I Heart Huckabees, directed by David O. Russell, written by Russell and Jeff Baena.

Mass protests to greet Bush in Canada

By Richard Dufour, 30 November 2004

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Ralph Nader and the Democratic election debacle

By Jerry White, 30 November 2004

Ralph Nader’s first public pronouncements following the Democrats’ electoral debacle have reaffirmed the political orientation to the Democratic Party that underlay his nominally independent campaign for US president.

Sri Lankan driver held hostage in Iraq

By W.A. Sunil, 30 November 2004

The fate of Dinesh Dharmendram Rajaratnam, a Sri Lankan truck driver, who was captured in Iraq by Islamic extremists along with fellow driver Abul Kashem from Bangladesh late last month, is still unknown. They are being held by the notorious Ansar al-Sunna, the group responsible for the cold-blooded slaughter of 12 Nepalese workers in August.

US intervenes in disputed Ukraine election: Who the hell asked you, Mr. Powell?

By Joseph Kay, 30 November 2004

If it were not for its reactionary political implications, US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s declaration last week that the Ukraine presidential election is unacceptable because it does not meet the high standards of the Bush administration would be a moment of high comedy. Here is the American secretary of state, the chief international spokesman of an administration that first came to power after a stolen election, declaring the Ukrainian election to be illegitimate “because it does not meet international standards and because there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse.”

Workers Struggles: US & Canada

30 November 2004

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Germany: right-wing trajectory of conservative parties in wake of Bush re-election

By Ulrich Rippert, 29 November 2004

Right-wing conservative politicians and Christian fundamentalists have sensed the possibilities for a radicalisation of their politics since the re-election of American president George W. Bush three weeks ago. The murder of Dutch film producer Theo van Gogh has already been used to kindle hysteria against Islamists— actual and supposed—and to conduct a crusade for so-called “Western values.” The party congress of Germany’s conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) last weekend in Munich represented the peak of this demagogic and chauvinist campaign.

Japan uses submarine incident to whip up anti-Chinese nationalism

By John Chan, 29 November 2004

In the early hours of November 10, a Chinese submarine was detected intruding into Japanese territorial waters off the Okinawa islands, some 1,600 kilometers southwest from Tokyo. The incident rapidly escalated into a full-blown diplomatic row as the entire Japanese political establishment stirred up fear and suspicion with alarmist statements about the Chinese military threat on Japan’s doorstep. An examination of the events reveals that the alarm was largely fabricated.