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AFL-CIO conference passes pro-war resolution

By Joseph Kay, 30 July 2005

Before its 25th Constitutional Convention ended on Thursday, the AFL-CIO passed a resolution on the war in Iraq that buttresses the basic lies used by the US government to justify its continued occupation of the country. While the resolution calls for US troops to be withdrawn “rapidly,” it goes on to support the political process installed under the supervision of the occupying forces, under the guise of promoting “democracy.”

Amid “civil war” warnings, Rumsfeld flies to Iraq

By Bill Van Auken, 30 July 2005

Amid growing concerns in Washington over the intractable conflict in Iraq and the instability of the US-backed regime there, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld staged his latest emergency flight to Baghdad Wednesday.

Britain: Police shoot-to-kill policy part of onslaught against democratic rights

By Rob Stevens and Richard Tyler, 30 July 2005

The gunning down of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes on a London subway carriage has tragically exposed the shoot-to-kill policy secretly adopted by Britain’s police.

Russia and China call for closure of US bases in Central Asia

By John Chan, 30 July 2005

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), a grouping of China, Russia and four Central Asian republics, issued an unprecedented statement at a summit meeting on July 5 in Kazakhstan calling on the United States to set a deadline for the removal of its military bases in Central Asia.

Twenty years since the Air India bombings—Part 2

By David Adelaide, 30 July 2005

This is the second and concluding part of a two-part article. The first part was posted July 29.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia & the Pacific

30 July 2005

South Korean government forces end to hospital strike

Blair defends Iraq war, vows new attacks on civil liberties and social conditions

By Julie Hyland, 29 July 2005

Prime Minister Tony Blair’s July 26 press conference was a sharp warning that his government will intensify both its pro-war alliance with Washington abroad and the imposition of sweeping attacks on civil liberties at home.

China’s yuan revaluation a response to increased US pressure

By John Chan, 29 July 2005

Last week’s decision by the Chinese central bank to revalue the yuan by 2 percent against the US dollar reflected two sets of pressures operating on the Chinese government.

NASA grounds space shuttle fleet after near-disaster in Discovery launch

By Patrick Martin, 29 July 2005

In a devastating blow to the US space program, NASA ordered the suspension of all future space shuttle flights Wednesday, pending an investigation into the loss of a large piece of foam insulation during the successful launch of Discovery the previous day. The space agency began an intensive review of the launch, examining photos taken by hundreds of cameras, as well as inspecting the spacecraft’s skin, looking for possible damage.

Twenty years since the Air India bombings

By David Adelaide, 29 July 2005

The following is the first of a two-part article. The concluding part was posted on July 30.