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Atrocities mount as Israel intensifies bombardment of Lebanon

By Mike Head, 29 July 2006

Openly backed and armed by the United States, Israel is carrying out mounting atrocities in Lebanon in an attempt to overcome unexpectedly fierce resistance from the Hezbollah movement. With its 17-day aerial bombardment having failed to wipe out Hezbollah, or weaken its support among the population, Israel has intensified its onslaught.

Bush, Blair meet to oppose Lebanon ceasefire and back Israel’s war aims

By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, 29 July 2006

President Bush summoned British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Washington Friday to perform his usual function of lending US foreign policy an international veneer. Amidst growing international outrage over Israel’s bloody assault on the Lebanese people, the two leaders stood by their intransigent defence of Israeli aggression.

How Australia orchestrated “regime change” in East Timor

By Peter Symonds, 29 July 2006

This is the conclusion of a three-part article on Australia’s recent military intervention in East Timor. Part one was published on July 27, part two on July 28.

India increases its censorship of the Internet

By Ajay Prakash and K. Nesan, 29 July 2006

An Indian government order to Internet service providers (ISPs) to block 17 Internet web sites and web pages resulted in Indians being denied access for well over a week to whole swathes of the Internet, including the blogs hosted on, and Geocities.

Israel, the UN and the assassination of Count Bernadotte

By David Walsh, 29 July 2006

On July 25, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched a sustained attack on a United Nations outpost in southern Lebanon. Over the course of six hours, the UNTSO (United Nations Truce Supervision Organization—established in 1948) post was hit at least 16 times, according to press reports, including five direct hits on the base. The unarmed staff, assert UN officials, repeatedly contacted the Israeli military and begged them to stop.

Letters from our readers

29 July 2006

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

SEP candidate in Michigan to be certified for November ballot

By our reporter, 29 July 2006

The Bureau of Elections on Friday informed the Socialist Equality Party that there were no challenges to the qualifying petitions of Jerome White, the SEP candidate for US Congress in Michigan’s 12th District. This means that White will be officially certified as a candidate for the November elections at the next meeting of the State Board of Canvassers in mid-August.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

29 July 2006


Britain: Mounting criticism of Blair over Lebanon

By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, 28 July 2006

The world is being reminded yet again why Britain earned the sobriquet “Perfidious Albion.”

Growing disquiet in Israel over Lebanon war

By Mike Head, 28 July 2006

In a private meeting with 70 American Jewish leaders in his Jerusalem office on July 25, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed that his government would not “run away” from the war in Lebanon. Olmert told the United Jewish Communities Solidarity Mission that the battle “may be painful,” with two million Israelis living in bomb shelters and daily life at a halt in the country’s north. But he cited an opinion poll showing that 95 percent of the country’s Jewish population supported the war.