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Afghanistan: war crimes amnesty prepares further atrocities

By Harvey Thompson, 30 May 2007

The US-backed political elite in Kabul have recently made a series of judicial rulings with grave implications for democratic rights that has received little comment in the international media.

Bush decrees new sanctions against Sudan

By Bill Van Auken, 30 May 2007

President Bush Tuesday announced that his administration is imposing a fresh set of economic sanctions on Sudan, claiming the measures are designed to pressure the government in Khartoum to halt the bloodshed in the country’s western-most province of Darfur.

Iraq war opponent Cindy Sheehan resigns from the Democratic Party

By David Walsh, 30 May 2007

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ISSE holds public meeting at Florida State University

By our reporter, 30 May 2007

On Thursday, May 24, the International Students for Social Equality (ISSE) at Florida State University held its first public meeting. World Socialist Web Site writer and Socialist Equality Party member Lawrence Porter delivered the featured report titled, “Which way forward in the fight against the war in Iraq?” Around twenty students and local residents attended the event.

May death toll spikes as 10 US soldiers die on Memorial Day

By Jerry White, 30 May 2007

Ten US soldiers in Iraq were killed on Memorial Day, the military reported Tuesday, bringing the total number of US forces killed so far in May to 115. This month’s death toll is the third highest since the war began, trailing only April and November 2004, when 135 and 137 US troops died respectively during the two bloody sieges of Fallujah.

More civilians killed by US/NATO forces as fighting intensifies in Afghanistan

By James Cogan, 30 May 2007

American and NATO coalition forces in Afghanistan are killing and maiming dozens of civilians as they attempt to suppress a growing anti-occupation insurgency by loyalists of the former Taliban fundamentalist regime. In case after case, the deaths are the result of indiscriminate bombing by US/NATO aircraft in retaliation for attacks on coalition troops.

Political crises deepen in Romania and Bulgaria

By Marcus Salzmann, 30 May 2007

Just six months after Romania’s and Bulgaria’s entry into the European Union (EU), it is apparent that the political situation in both countries has far from stabilised, contradicting predictions made by both politicians and the media. Indeed, the entry of these countries—supported by a general consensus within their political elites—has intensified the political crisis in both countries.

The Cerberus-Chrysler deal: The case for public ownership of the auto industry

By World Socialist Web Site editorial board, 30 May 2007

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Workers Struggles: The Americas

30 May 2007

Latin America

Germany: Verdi prepares sell-out of Telekom workers strike

By Ulrich Rippert, 29 May 2007

For the last two weeks German public sector union Verdi has been striving to maintain its control over Telekom workers and keep their strike low key. Despite management delivering an ultimatum on its plans to transfer 50,000 employees into an in-house company where they will earn up to 40 percent less while working longer hours, Verdi is refusing to expand the strike and organise a serious struggle.