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Iraqi cabinet stalls on US security agreement

By James Cogan, 31 October 2008

Progress toward the signing of a bilateral US-Iraqi security agreement sanctioning a continued American military presence in Iraq has halted again.

Italy: Protests and strikes against Berlusconi education cuts

By Peter Schwarz, 31 October 2008

Thousands participated in protests across Italy on Thursday against cuts in education initiated by the Berlusconi government.

GDP, consumer spending contract as US plunges into recession

By Patrick O’Connor, 31 October 2008

Gross domestic product (GDP) figures released yesterday by the Commerce Department confirm the US economy has now entered into severe recession.

Evidence grows that UK is entering a sharp recession

By Julie Hyland, 31 October 2008

The Bank of England has forecast total losses as a result of the global financial crisis will reach some £1.8 trillion ($2.8 trillion).

The German October: The missed revolution of 1923

By Peter Schwarz, 31 October 2008

Eighty-five years ago, in October 1923, the German Communist Party prepared an insurrection and then cancelled it at the last minute, prompting Leon Trotsky to characterize it as “a classic demonstration of how it is possible to miss a perfectly exceptional revolutionary situation of world-historic importance.”

The Historical & International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party

By , 31 October 2008

This document was adopted at the founding congress of the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), which was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on August 3-9, 2008. Tracing essential historical events and political experiences spanning more than a century,The Historical & International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party establishes the theoretical and political basis of the struggle for socialism.

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

By , 31 October 2008

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

After six years, Australian jury clears Jack Thomas of all terrorism charges

By Mike Head, 31 October 2008

After six years of torture, imprisonment and persecution, Australian worker Jack Thomas has finally been cleared by a Victorian jury of all terrorism charges.

History and the revolutionary party

By , 31 October 2008

The founding congress of the Socialist Equality Party was held August 3-9 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A critical document adopted by the congress, The Historical and International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party, has now been published in book form and can be ordered from the WSWS.

Canadian Government defends export of asbestos to poorer nations

By John MacKay, 30 October 2008

The Canadian government has played a major role in keeping chrysotile asbestos off a United Nation’s list of dangerous substances.

US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates as recession deepens

By Patrick O’Connor, 30 October 2008

The rapidity of the economic downturn has alarmed a number of economists who are now warning of a potential deflationary crisis.

The German October: The missed revolution of 1923

By Peter Schwarz, 30 October 2008

In October 1923, the German Communist Party prepared an insurrection and then cancelled it at the last minute, prompting Leon Trotsky to characterize it as “a classic demonstration of how it is possible to miss a perfectly exceptional revolutionary situation of world-historic importance.”

Ford Australia sackings signal a wave of auto job losses

By Terry Cook, 30 October 2008

Ford Australia is preparing a series of job cuts that are just the beginning of downsizing and restructuring throughout the industry amid the global economic downturn and collapsing new car sales internationally.

Turkish court provides explanation of its ban on headscarves

By Sinan Ikinci, 30 October 2008

Turkey’s Constitutional Court has provided a long-awaited explanation of its annulment of constitutional amendments that served to ban Muslim headscarves.

World Bank places Sri Lanka among the “highly vulnerable” countries

By Saman Gunadasa, 30 October 2008

A World Bank report published just prior to a joint IMF-World Bank meeting on October 10 included Sri Lanka among 28 countries that are judged to be “highly vulnerable” to the ongoing global financial crisis and credit crunch.

Advocate of Afghan “troop surge” selected as head of British Army

By Harvey Thompson, 30 October 2008

Gen. Sir David Richards, recent commander of the NATO’s ISAF in Afghanistan, has been appointed the new head of the British Army.

US defense secretary expands pre-emptive war doctrine to include nuclear strikes

By Alex Lantier, 30 October 2008

In a remarkable speech on October 28, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates painted a dire portrait of international affairs and argued that Washington should expand the doctrine of pre-emptive war formulated by the Bush administration to include possible nuclear strikes.

Detroit residents denounce social decay in fire deaths

By , 30 October 2008

The following video is part of a series by the World Socialist Web Site reporters on the dire social conditions prevailing former auto production centers in Detroit.

Opportunism versus socialism: lessons of two “left” conferences in Britain

By , 30 October 2008

For all the factional heat between the SWP and Respect Renewal, what is striking is the fundamental similarity between the approaches of both parties to the economic crisis of world capitalism. Both groups are extraordinarily anxious to downplay the severity of the global crisis that has brought down many of the world’s major financial institutions and threatens whole economies with bankruptcy.

The Baader Meinhof Complex

By Peter Schwarz, 30 October 2008

This new German film—directed by Uli Edel and based on the book by Stefan Aust—deals with the Red Army Faction.

Letters from our readers

By , 30 October 2008

A selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

Machinists union accepts job-cutting deal in bid to end Boeing strike

By Hector Cordon and Barry Grey, 29 October 2008

The IAM, representing 27,000 striking Boeing workers in Washington, Oregon and Kansas, has signed a tentative contract with the airplane manufacturer that is a betrayal of the workers’ seven-week struggle against outsourcing and job destruction.

Workers Struggles: The Americas

By , 29 October 2008 contribute The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to to this regular feature.

Oil price drop undermines stability of Iranian regime

By James Cogan, 29 October 2008

With the price of oil plummeting on world markets, the Iranian government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is confronting a deepening financial and social crisis.

New York City cops arrest immigrant day laborers

By Luis Arce and Bill Van Auken, 29 October 2008

The arrests last week of immigrants workers seeking casual labor has sent a chilling warning throughout Jackson Heights, a heavily immigrant neighborhood in Queens.

What is behind US-Taliban talks?

By , 29 October 2008

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported on US plans to open direct negotiations with Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

Alaska Senator convicted on seven corruption charges

By Patrick Martin, 29 October 2008

Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, the longest-serving Republican in the history of the US Senate, was convicted Monday on seven felony counts of filing false reports to conceal more than a quarter million dollars worth of gifts from political and business cronies.

German economics expert compares bank managers to persecuted Jews

By Ulrich Rippert, 29 October 2008

In an interview with Tagesspiegel, Munich-based economics professor Hans-Werner Sinn has compared the current widespread criticism of bank managers with the persecution of the Jews under the Nazis.

Detroit residents and firemen denounce social decay in fire deaths

By Daniel Douglass, D’Artagnan Collier and Tim Tower, 29 October 2008

Residents and firemen in Highland Park, Michigan have denounced the social conditions that led to the deaths of three children in a tragic house fire last week.

Global economic crisis hits Japanese banks, exporters

By Peter Symonds, 29 October 2008

Despite claims that Japan was well positioned to weather the crisis, the world’s second largest economy is rapidly being dragged into the financial and economic maelstrom sweeping the globe.

Sarkozy intends to partly nationalise “strategically important” companies

By Peter Schwarz, 29 October 2008

Right-wing President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to protect “strategically important” French enterprises against their take-over by foreign investors receives support from German “lefts.”

Britain: the SWP and Galloway’s Respect Renewal on the economic crisis

By Chris Marsden, 29 October 2008

The Socialist Workers Party and George Galloway’s Respect Renewal held separate meetings last Saturday discussing the economic crisis gripping world capitalism.

Britain: Socialist Workers Party member becomes government adviser

By Chris Marsden, 28 October 2008

18-year-old Sabiha Iqbal has been nominated to serve on the Young Muslim Advisory Group, a Brown government think tank set up to combat Islamic extremist influence.

Marxism and Science: An addendum to “The Frankfurt School vs. Marxism”

By Ann Talbot and Chris Talbot, 28 October 2008

This essay supplements “The Frankfurt School vs. Marxism: The Political and Intellectual Odyssey of Alex Steiner” by David North, recently published by the WSWS.

One week until the US elections

By , 28 October 2008

One week before Election Day, Democratic Party leaders are already issuing excuses as to why a lopsided Obama victory should not be interpreted as a mandate for a significant change of policy, and why no such change will be forthcoming.

Scottish nationalism’s perspective in tatters

By Steve James, 28 October 2008

The global financial meltdown has severely compromised the economic basis of the Scottish National Party’s strategy for independence.

Letters from our readers

By , 28 October 2008

A selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.  

Increasing social inequality and poverty in Germany

By Dietmar Henning, 28 October 2008

Since 2000 inequality and poverty have increased more sharply in Germany than in any other advanced capitalist country

Living on thin ice: Frozen River

By Hiram Lee, 28 October 2008

Frozen River, set on the US-Canadian border in northern New York state, is a sincere effort and a compassionate portrayal of a working class family’s struggle to stay afloat.

US military forces attack Syrian village, killing eight

By Patrick O’Connor, 28 October 2008

The raid has all the earmarks of a calculated provocation by the outgoing administration of US President George Bush aimed at derailing moves by the European powers to normalise relations with the Syrian government.

Global recession threatens mass lay-offs in China

By John Chan, 28 October 2008

A wave of protests by laid-off workers is a sign of what is to come as the global recession hits China.

US carries out fresh air strike in Pakistan

By Keith Jones, 28 October 2008

The US military is now routinely violating Pakistani sovereignty, extending the Afghan War to its southern neighbor.

Martti Ahtisarri: Advocate of imperialist intervention awarded Nobel Peace Prize

By Paul Mitchell, 27 October 2008

Ahtisaari’s name became synonymous with the development of UN “plans for independence” that provided cover for imperialist interventions.

An interview with Azharr Rudin, director of This Longing

By David Walsh, 27 October 2008

The WSWS commented on This Longing, directed by Malaysian filmmaker Azharr Rudin, in the first part of the series on the Vancouver film festival. The movie takes place in Johor Baharu, in southern Malaysia.

Conservatives to press ahead with right-wing tax-cutting agenda

By Keith Jones, 27 October 2008

During their first 31 months in office, the Conservatives implemented massive tax cuts with the double aim of transferring wealth to big business and the most privileged sections of society and hobbling the state’s capacity to fund public and social services.

70th Anniversary of the Fourth International: Socialism and the Future of Humanity

By , 27 October 2008

At this landmark public meeting leading members of the Socialist Equality Party will speak on the central questions facing working people and students all over the world.

Warnings of deep recession as US layoffs spread coast-to-coast

By Patrick O’Connor, 27 October 2008

Mass layoffs in the United States have spread from the financial sector and automobiles to virtually every sector of the economy. But the response of the political establishment, including Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is to rule out any new programs to create jobs.

Economic crisis overshadows New Zealand elections

By John Braddock, 27 October 2008

The main political parties are scrambling to prove their economic credentials and their willingness to impose the brunt of the crisis on working people.

Political furore over Australian government’s bank guarantee

By Mike Head and Peter Symonds, 27 October 2008

Last week’s political crisis has shone a little light on the way in which the government and state bureaucracy have made available huge sums of public money to shore up the country’s largest banking institutions.

Pakistan forced to seek IMF bailout package

By Vilani Peiris, 27 October 2008

Pakistan has turned to the IMF for the emergency loans to stave off state bankruptcy.

The “dirty little secret” of the US bank bailout

By , 27 October 2008

In an unusually frank article published in Saturday’s New York Times, economic columnist Joe Nocera reveals that the banking industry has no intention of using the government bailout money to make new loans.

Six films: problems of perspective, passivity

By David Walsh, 27 October 2008

Every film that fails or disappoints does so in its own way. Pointing to the flaws of a work is not a pleasurable task.

Art and Socialism—a talk by David Walsh, WSWS arts editor

By the, 25 October 2008

Global capitalism has entered its greatest crisis since the 1930s. The economic slump will undoubtedly lead to a widespread radicalization, as all the myths about the "free market" are shattered.

Warnings of recession send global share markets plunging

By Peter Symonds, 25 October 2008

World share markets plunged again on Friday, as further signs emerged that the global economy is heading for a deep and protracted recession.

US federal appeals court stays Troy Davis execution

By Kate Randall, 25 October 2008

A federal appeals court in Atlanta, Georgia issued a stay of execution on Friday for death row prisoner Troy Anthony Davis.

More setbacks for Guantánamo show trials

By Tom Eley, 25 October 2008

The Pentagon announced it was temporarily dropping charges against five Guantánamo prisoners, after the lead prosecutor resigned in protest over the handling of the case.

SEP candidates to speak in Canada

By , 25 October 2008

The SEP’s candidates for president and vice president will be speaking at meetings in Montreal and Toronto next week.

Britain: Labour, the Conservatives and the oligarchs

By Julie Hyland, 25 October 2008

A row over relations between Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, Labour’s Peter Mandelson and Conservative Party shadow chancellor George Osborne has brought to light the intimate relations between Britain’s major parties and the global financial oligarchy.

More letters on the World Socialist Web Site redesign

By , 25 October 2008

The World Socialist Web Site has received a flood of emails in response to its new design, launched on October 22. We thank all who have sent comments, and we encourage our readers to continue to write in and tell us what you think.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

By , 25 October 2008

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

European auto industry in crisis

By Ulrich Rippert, 25 October 2008

The German stock exchange fell dramatically Thursday as automakers announced substantial job cuts and austerity measures.

The New York Times’ endorsement of Obama

By , 25 October 2008

The lineup of major newspapers behind Obama culminated in Friday’s endorsement by the New York Times, the leading US newspaper and the principal voice of the liberal wing of the American political establishment.

Little Audrey by Ruth White: a family in postwar Virginia

By Jane Stimmen, 24 October 2008

Written for young adults, this book deals with life in a Virginia coal town in 1948.

Fearing default, Argentina moves to nationalize private pension funds

By Luis Arce, 24 October 2008

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner proposed legislation Tuesday to nationalize the country’s private pension funds—known in Spanish as AFJPs—in an attempt to stave off a new government default on its debt.

German Social Democrats meet in the shadow of the financial crisis

By Ulrich Rippert, 24 October 2008

The special SPD congress last weekend took place in the shadow of the ever-growing international financial crisis.

Highland Park, Michigan residents speak on deadly fire

By , 24 October 2008

The World Socialist Web Site sent a reporting team to Highland Park, Michigan, where a house fire killed four people in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 22, 2008. Residents spoke to the WSWS about the terrible social conditions in the city.

The economic crisis and war

By , 24 October 2008

While the world’s attention has been focused on the global economic crisis, the United States has continued to prosecute its neo-colonial war in Iraq and has expanded its military violence in Afghanistan and the adjoining border regions of Pakistan. Early Thursday morning, a US drone fired four missiles into a religious school, or madrassa, in a tribal area of Pakistan’s North Waziristan, killing 11 people, according to Agence France-Presse. It was the latest in a series of US strikes into Pakistan, including at least one commando raid by Special Forces ground troops, launched since the beginning of September.

More recriminations over US/NATO quagmire in Afghanistan

By James Cogan, 24 October 2008

An increasing number of commentators describe the occupation of Afghanistan as a failure.

Mass strike in Italy against Berlusconi government

By Harvey Thompson, 24 October 2008

A general strike in Italy last Friday protested low wages and attacks on the working population by the Berlusconi government.

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

By , 24 October 2008

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

French Airbus worker: “Boeing and Airbus workers have the same enemy—we should fight them together”

By Antoine Lerougetel, 24 October 2008

The WSWS interviewed a worker at the Nantes Airbus plant in western France.

Indian politicians threaten to resign over Sri Lankan war

By Sasi Kumar and Arun Kumar, 24 October 2008

The intensifying civil war in Sri Lanka is provoking widespread anger in southern India, producing a rash of anti-war posturing among political parties in Tamil Nadu.

Britain: Millions threatened with negative home equity and repossession

By Jordan Shilton, 24 October 2008

A report by Standard & Poor’s revealed that 335,000 households in Britain now find themselves in negative equity, meaning that the value of their homes has fallen below the cost of their mortgage.

US layoffs mount, home foreclosures rise

By Patrick O’Connor, 24 October 2008

Indicators of a worsening social crisis in the US are mounting daily as the economic downturn takes an ever greater toll on jobs.

The Political and Intellectual Odyssey of Alex Steiner—Part 3

By David North, 24 October 2008

The following is the final part of a three-part essay. The first part was posted October 23 and the second part was posted October 22. Click here to download PDF versions of Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Britain in recession: Mervyn King’s moment of clarity

By Chris Marsden, 24 October 2008

Bank of England governor: “Not since the beginning of the First World War has our banking system been so close to collapse.”

Canada: Toronto transit system avoids essential service designation

By , 24 October 2008

The Toronto municipal government has voted against a motion that would have stripped the city’s 9,000 transit workers of their right to strike.

Leon Trotsky - Culture and Socialism - 1927

By Leon Trotsky, 23 October 2008

This work concisely explains the fundamentals of a Marxist approach to culture and art, explaining the link between the growth of technological culture and mass acquisition of artistic and spiritual culture in the 1920s USSR. Trotsky begins by discussing the different components of culture: technology and material culture, philosophy, the natural sciences, and the arts and humanities. After polemicizing against views -- then promoted by the growing Soviet bureaucracy under the name "proletarian culture" -- that art from previous epochs of mankind's history should be disregarded due to their dangerous class influences, Trotsky explains the material realities of the early USSR with which the Marxist movement had to deal in order to raise the cultural level of the population.

Vladimir Lenin - Karl Marx - 1914

By Vladimir Lenin, 23 October 2008

This work, written from July-November 1914 for publication in one of Russia's most popular encyclopedias, contains a general overview of the Marxist doctrine as well as a biographical sketch of Marx. It is perhaps the most comprehensive overview of Marxism in so short a document, and is infused with Lenin's distinctive polemical vein; here, as in all of his writings, Lenin defends the international and revolutionary essence of Marxism at a time when the majority of the leaders of the Second International were contorting Marx's teachings into a doctrine of reformism and lining up behind their ruling classes in the First World War.

“Socialism” intrudes on the 2008 elections

By , 23 October 2008

For the past month, a long-demonized word has been increasingly injected into political discussion in the United States—socialism. The Treasury bailout of Wall Street was initially defeated in the House of Representatives, largely through the votes of the ultra-right faction of the Republican Party, which declared the massive government intervention into the financial markets to be … “socialism.”

Repentance, betrayal and the less dramatic

By Joanne Laurier, 23 October 2008

This is the fourth in a series of articles on the recent Vancouver International Film Festival (September 25-October 10).

Detroit area house fire kills four

By Tom Eley, 23 October 2008

Early Wednesday morning three children and their great aunt died in a house fire in Highland Park, Michigan. The likely cause of the fire was an electrical space heater the family was using for warmth after companies suspended gas service.

Germany: Parliament authorises €500 billion bank bailout

By Dietmar Henning, 23 October 2008

Last week witnessed unprecedented events in the history of post-war Germany.

Letters on “In defense of Bill Ayers,” and a reply by David Walsh

By , 23 October 2008

These letters were sent to the World Socialist Web Site in response to the article, "In Defense of Bill Ayers". The first letter is followed by a reply from David Walsh.

General strike in Greece amid deepening financial crisis

By Harvey Thompson, 23 October 2008

A 24-hour general strike was staged Tuesday, October 21, across Greece, grinding the country’s major infrastructure to a halt. The strike involved workers in air traffic, urban transport and public services.

Eastern European economies face bankruptcy

By Niall Green, 23 October 2008

The economies of central and eastern Europe are being rocked by the crisis of world capitalism, compounded by the corrupt and pro-big business policies of their local elites.

The Political and Intellectual Odyssey of Alex Steiner—Part 2

By David North, 23 October 2008

In the autumn of 1978, as the Workers League was in the final stages of moving its political headquarters from New York to Detroit, Alex Steiner left the party without any explanation. Steiner had previously resigned from the movement in 1973, during a political crisis in the Workers League that culminated in the resignation of its national secretary, Tim Wohlforth. Steiner rejoined the party in the summer of 1974. But his second departure in 1978 brought his career in the revolutionary movement to an end. In his last discussion with me prior to his departure, Steiner said, “Life is very grim.” I often recalled these words, because they articulated not simply the personal dejection of an individual, but also the pessimism and demoralization of the broader milieu of petty-bourgeois radical intellectuals. Nevertheless, I regretted Steiner’s departure from the Workers League. Particularly after he rejoined the Workers League in 1974, we had collaborated on several theoretical projects. However, Steiner’s intellectual abilities were undermined by his extreme emotional volatility, susceptibility to discouragement when confronted with problems, and pessimistic view of life.

Canada’s shame: the incarceration, torture, and exile of Abousfian Abdelrazik

By Guy Charron and Keith Jones, 23 October 2008

For more than five years, the Canadian state has victimized Abousfian Abdelrazik, a 46-year-old Canadian citizen of Sudanese origin, and, in so doing, negated and illegally redefined Canadians’ citizenship rights.

Can China fund the US and European bailouts?

By John Chan, 23 October 2008

As American and European governments outlined bailouts of their failing banks to the tune of $US2.8 trillion, it is obvious that none of them have sufficient cash.

Job cuts mount as global recession takes hold

By Patrick O’Connor, 23 October 2008

Share markets in the US and internationally fell sharply again yesterday. The renewed round of sell-offs was a reaction to growing signs that a severe recession is taking hold in the United States and engulfing Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

Australian by-elections record massive anti-Labor swings

By Laura Tierman, 23 October 2008

Polls held in Australia over the weekend produced the largest by-election swings against an incumbent government since World War II.

Letters on the World Socialist Web Site redesign

By , 23 October 2008

The World Socialist Web Site has received a flood of emails in response to its new design, launched on October 22. Many readers have offered suggestions, which we will carefully consider. Others have pointed out lingering bugs, most of which are already fixed. We thank all those who have sent comments, and we encourage our readers to continue to write in and tell us what you think.

Under cover of “voter fraud” allegations, Republicans suppress the vote—Part 2

By Tom Eley, 23 October 2008

Under cover of “voter fraud” allegations, Republicans and the McCain campaign are seeking to suppress working class votes and prejudice far-right elements in the population against the legitimacy of a Democratic victory.

Under cover of “voter fraud” allegations, Republicans suppress the vote—Part 1

By Tom Eley, 22 October 2008

Under cover of “voter fraud” allegations, Republicans and the McCain campaign are seeking to suppress working class votes and prejudice far-right elements in the population against the legitimacy of a Democratic victory.

Welcome the redesigned World Socialist Web Site

By , 22 October 2008

The International Editorial Board is proud to present the first edition of the redesigned World Socialist Web Site. It is the product of the work of an international team of web designers and technicians who have been involved in this project for more than a year. It represents visually and technically a major advance.

Fiji: High Court rejects former prime minister’s legal challenge to military junta

By Frank Gaglioti, 22 October 2008

Fiji’s High Court has effectively whitewashed the 2006 military coup that ousted the former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

Irish government imposes harsh budget cuts

By Jordan Shilton, 22 October 2008

Barely two weeks after an unlimited guarantee was offered on all bank deposits, the Irish government has announced severe funding cuts for public services.

Leon Trotsky - Lessons of October - 1924

By , 22 October 2008

In this document, written just months after the failure of the Communist Party to take power in Germany in the fall of 1923, Trotsky analyzes the struggle that unfolded within the Bolshevik Party from February 1917 through the October Revolution of 1917. Just as the leaders of the October Revolution were steeped in the lessons of the Great French Revolution, the Revolution of 1848, the Paris Commune, and the 1905 Revolution in Russia, Trotsky urges that the international workers' movement undertake a serious study of October 1917. This history shows that the fundamental instrument of proletarian revolution is the party, and Trotsky analyzes the crisis that almost inevitably arises within the revolutionary party in the transition from preparatory revolutionary activity to the direct struggle for power. This work was met with furious attacks by Stalin, Zinoviev, Kamenev and other Bolsheviks who were fighting against the Left Opposition led by Trotsky.

Stella D’oro strikers rally in the Bronx, New York

By A. Wood and Steve Light, 22 October 2008

Two hundred bakery workers, on strike at the Stella D’Oro plant in the Bronx, New York for more than two months, held a rally Saturday to oppose wage-cutting demands by the private equity firm, which took over the company in 2006.

W: A crude approach is not good for grasping much of anything

By David Walsh, 22 October 2008

Directed by Oliver Stone, screenplay by Stanley Weiser W. is veteran American director Oliver Stone's film about the life and career of President George W. Bush. It was shot and edited rapidly for release while Bush was still in office. The November 4 election was no doubt a consideration as well.