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European powers rebuff US, British proposals for economic stimulus

By Patrick Martin, 30 March 2009

Despite the attempts to present a picture of responsible world leaders gathering to consult and cooperate on reviving the world economy, the participants in the G-20 summit will arrive in London effectively crippled and deeply at odds.

Indonesian dam collapse disaster leaves 100 dead

By Patrick O'Connor, 30 March 2009

A dam in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, burst last Friday, destroying hundreds of homes. The official death toll stands at 97; another 102 people are officially listed as missing. The number of missing persons could be higher, however, as many of the area’s residents are believed to be university students temporarily renting rooms.

Obama escalates war in Central Asia

By World Socialist Web Site editorial board, 30 March 2009

The new military strategy announced by President Barack Obama in Afghanistan marks a major escalation of the war in Afghanistan and the official transformation of Pakistan into a theater of US military action.

Iraqi government turns on Sunni “Awakening” militias

By James Cogan, 30 March 2009

Amid the ongoing claims of victory in Iraq, American forces and the pro-US government have come into conflict with predominantly Sunni Arab militias that were bribed into ending their resistance to the occupation during the “surge” in 2007.

London: 35,000 march in “Put People First” protest

By Chris Marsden, 30 March 2009

A march by 35,000 people through London was perhaps the largest of a number of protests in Europe directed towards this week’s G-20 summit.

Video: WSWS interviews G-20 protesters in London

30 March 2009

Protesters ahead of the G-20 summit speak on the financial crisis, increasing militarism and climate change.

Germany: Thousands demonstrate on eve of G-20 summit

By our reporters, 30 March 2009

Just days before the G-20 summit in London, tens of thousands took to the streets of the German capital Berlin and its main finance centre Frankfurt-Main on Saturday to protest the policies of the German government and political establishment.

Germany: SAV promotes illusions in the Left Party

By Lucas Adler, 30 March 2009

The international economic crisis and mass protests throughout Europe mean political formations like the Left Party become increasingly significant for the ruling class, serving to prevent the independent mobilisation of the working class in a socialist direction.

After the slaughter: political lessons of the Balkan War

By David North, 30 March 2009

March 24 marked the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the 11-week US-NATO bombardment of Serbia and Kosovo. This statement by David North, chairman of the international editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site and national chairman of the Socialist Equality Party, was originally published on June 14, 1999.

Edward Upward: An artistic vision at odds with his politics

By Paul Bond, 30 March 2009

British writer Edward Upward, who died last month, aged 105, was a remarkable figure.