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Halliburton tests warned of cement problems before BP well blowout

By Kate Randall, 30 October 2010

Weeks before the April 20 explosion, Halliburton and BP were aware of test results showing problems with the cement mixture designed to temporarily seal the Macondo well.

Aquino government blocks strike at Philippine Airlines

By Dante Pastrana, 30 October 2010

President Benigno Noynoy Aquino’s administration has issued a labor department order barring Philippine Airlines employees from striking in support of a pay agreement.

Security alert ties up US air cargo shipments

By Patrick Martin, 30 October 2010

The terrorism scare that dominated the US media Friday afternoon is one of a long series of such episodes that have become a regular part of American public life.

Build a socialist movement against mass unemployment and war

By Socialist and International Students for Social Equality, 30 October 2010

The following leaflet will be distributed to participants at the October 30 “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington DC called by comedian Jon Stewart.

EU steps up pressure for austerity measures

By Peter Schwarz, 30 October 2010

The European Union has intensified pressure on its highly indebted member states to reduce their deficits by drastically cutting costs.

London fire fighters strike against mass dismissals

By Paul Stuart, 30 October 2010

London firefighters are to stage a second series of strikes on November 1 and 5, against the London Fire Brigade imposing new cost-cutting rosters and the threat to sack those who refuse.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

By , 30 October 2010

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

Sri Lanka: UNP mounts bogus campaign against slum evictions

By Vilani Peiris, 30 October 2010

As the government prepares to evict 66,000 families from Colombo’s shanties, the opposition United National Party is falsely posturing as a champion of the urban poor.

The WSWS speaks to workers on October 28 day of action in France

By Antoine Lerougetel, 30 October 2010

WSWS teams attended demonstrations in Paris, Marseille, Nice and Amiens during the October 28 national strike and day of action called against the pension cuts of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Australia: Victorian government buries toxic dump as election issue

By Peter Byrne and SEP candidate for Broadmeadows, 30 October 2010

The state Labor government is trying to use another official inquiry to head off anger among residents over an apparent cancer cluster around the Tullamarine Hazardous Waste Landfill.

GDP report heralds still higher US unemployment

By Barry Grey, 30 October 2010

The Commerce Department on Friday estimated that the US economy grew at an anemic annual rate of 2.0 percent in the third quarter, a pace that all but ensures a further rise in unemployment.

Trade union bureaucracy strangles French oil strike

By Alex Lantier, 30 October 2010

Port workers at France’s main oil terminals and workers at the last striking refineries voted to return to work yesterday, halting an oil strike against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension cuts and his plans for cuts and partial privatisations in the oil sector.

Canada’s role in the persecution of child soldier Omar Khadr

By Keith Jones, 30 October 2010

The Canadian government has aided and abetted the prosecution and persecution of child soldier Omar Khadr, from the time that it first learned of the detention of a Canadian citizen at Guantanamo Bay through this week’s plea-bargain.

Capitalism and the Chilean miners

By Cesar Uco and Bill Van Auken, 29 October 2010

The editorial pages of two of the most prominent newspapers of the US ruling establishment rushed to claim the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile as a triumph for free-market capitalism.

Millions march in France against pension cuts

By Kumaran Ira and Alex Lantier, 29 October 2010

An estimated two million people protested in France Thursday against a pension-cutting law passed by the French Parliament over mass popular opposition.

Moldova before the elections

By Diana Toma and Mark Salzman, 29 October 2010

The Moldovan elections to be held on November 28 are the third elections the country has held in less than two years.

Key witness in Khadr case based testimony on work of anti-Muslim bigot

By Hiram Lee, 29 October 2010

A key witness in the case against former child soldier Omar Khadr based his testimony in part on the work of Danish psychologist and anti-Muslim bigot Nicolai Sennels.

Australia’s central bank chief highlights rise of China

By Mike Head, 29 October 2010

The Reserve Bank governor pointedly referred to the loss of US global economic domination, the “shift in the world economy’s centre of gravity towards Asia” and the rise of China, which is now Australia’s top export destination.

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

By , 29 October 2010

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

The 2010 elections, the working class and the Democratic Party

By Patrick Martin, 29 October 2010

With only a few days remaining in the 2010 election campaign, one thing is certain: the Obama administration and the Democratic Party are preparing a further lurch to the right.

Incentives in US health care bill for employers to drop coverage

By Kate Randall, 29 October 2010

There are growing signs that many companies will drop health care coverage for their employees as a result of the health care overhaul voted into law earlier this year.

US government undervaluing losses on AIG bailout

By Andre Damon, 29 October 2010

The White House is seeking to undervalue government losses from the 2008 bailout of failed Wall Street insurer AIG, according to a report issued Tuesday by the inspector general of the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Sino-Japanese relations remain tense

By John Chan, 29 October 2010

None of the issues that erupted between Japan and China last month during a sharp dispute over the arrest of a Chinese trawler captain by Japanese authorities in waters near the contested Diaoyu/ Senkaku islands has been resolved.

Arizona execution proceeds after Supreme Court lifts stay

By Kate Randall, 28 October 2010

A Supreme Court decision Tuesday cleared the way for execution by lethal injection of an Arizona death row inmate, dismissing arguments by lawyers for the condemned man that questioned the origins and ingredients of one of the drugs used in the procedure.

French strikes continue as parliament approves pension cuts

By Alex Lantier, 28 October 2010

Strikes continued yesterday against President Nicolas Sarkozy's pension cuts, despite the National Assembly’s approval of the final pension bill passed by the Senate.

Falling overseas enrolments compound funding crisis for Australian universities

By Zac Hambides, 28 October 2010

Less than three years after the Labor government came to office promising a market-based “education revolution,” universities have begun axing jobs and demanding higher student fees.

Australian Labor government pushes pro-business austerity agenda

By Patrick O’Connor, 28 October 2010

Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard made clear that her Labor government is a determined representative of big business, by warning the opposition parties not to undermine the bipartisan consensus on pro-market reform.

Letters from our readers

By , 28 October 2010

A selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site

Hundreds dead after two Indonesian disasters

By Peter Symonds, 28 October 2010

A tsunami off the west coast of Sumatra and a volcanic eruption in central Java have claimed more than 300 lives this week.

Cost-cutting yields surging profits for Ford

By Jerry White, 28 October 2010

Ford earlier this week announced third-quarter profits of $1.7 billion, up 68 percent from a year ago.

More letters to the Indianapolis GM Stamping Rank-and-File Committee

By , 28 October 2010

The WSWS urges workers and other readers to send letters of support and solidarity to the Indianapolis rank-and-file committee.

Tariq Aziz faces judicial murder in Iraq

By Bill Van Auken, 28 October 2010

The sentencing of former Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz to hang is a barbaric act of political vengeance by the US puppet government in Baghdad and yet another in the litany of war crimes committed by Washington since the 2003 invasion.

Revelations of “systemic” torture by British military

By Paul Mitchell, 28 October 2010

The Guardian newspaper has obtained documents that reveal that British soldiers have been trained in torture techniques and have put these practices to use in Iraq.

Michigan: Washtenaw Community College faculty face privatization

By Mitch Marcus, 28 October 2010

Hundreds of Washtenaw Community College employees are targeted for imminent privatization by the school administration.

Right-wing populist Ford elected Toronto mayor

By Carl Bronski, 28 October 2010

Right-winger Rob Ford won election as Toronto’s mayor Monday by posing as an opponent of the elite. In fact the multimillionaire businessman’s candidacy was enthusiastically promoted by the corporate media with a view to launching a major attack on public services.

Midterm elections to usher in further shift by Obama to the right

By Barry Grey, 27 October 2010

With Election Day less than a week away, it is clear that, whatever the precise breakdown of Democrats and Republicans in the new Congress and in statehouses across the country, the outcome of the vote will be a further shift to the right by the Obama administration.

Opel’s auto works in Antwerp to close by end of year

By Dietmar Henning, 27 October 2010

Belgian and German works councils, as well as the IG Metall trade union, are responsible for the closure of GM’s Antwerp Opel auto works, which will devastate Belgium’s major industrial region.

Sri Lanka: War widows left in poverty

By Subash Somachandran, 27 October 2010

Tens of thousands of women in Sri Lanka lost their husbands during the country’s decades-long civil war.

Small Australian towns face devastation under river “rescue plan”

By Alex Messenger, 27 October 2010

Small farmers and business owners reliant on irrigation from the Murray-Darling river system have reacted angrily to a government report recommending major cuts to water allocation.

French strike movement at a crossroads

By Alex Lantier, 27 October 2010

Echoing the ruling class’ demands that workers abide by the Senate vote for President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension “reform,” French trade union officials are pushing to end the strike movement against the cuts.

WikiLeaks reveals private security contractors killed Iraqis with impunity

By Tom Eley, 27 October 2010

US military documents released by WikiLeaks on Friday reveal previously unknown cases of private military contractors killing Iraqi civilians with impunity.

Activist assaulted by Rand Paul supporters in Kentucky

By Hiram Lee, 27 October 2010

Supporters of Rand Paul, the Republican “Tea Party candidate” for senator in Kentucky, assaulted a young activist prior to a debate in Lexington on Monday.

Australia: Victorian government covers up desalination plant costs

By Margaret Rees, 27 October 2010

The multi-billion-dollar desalination project—the largest in the southern hemisphere— involves the transfer of vast sums of money to the private sector.

New York gubernatorial campaign centers on pledges to attack state workers

By Philip Guelpa, 27 October 2010

As the economic crisis deepens, the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor have pledged to gut the pay and pensions of state workers.

Child soldier Omar Khadr coerced into plea-bargain

By Keith Jones, 27 October 2010

With Canada’s Conservative government acting as their accomplice and in violation of international law, the Obama administration and US military have coerced child soldier Omar Khadr into a plea bargain.

Debtors' prisons on the rise in the US

By David Brown, 27 October 2010

Recently released reports expose a disturbing trend in the American justice system: the abuse of jail sentences and probation to collect more money in fines for cash-strapped courts.

Pope creates Australia’s first “saint”

By James Cogan, 26 October 2010

The mediaeval obscurantism pushed by the Catholic Church has been matched by the media’s nauseating nationalism

The WikiLeaks documents and the rape of Iraq

By Joseph Kishore, 26 October 2010

The nearly 400,000 documents released by WikiLeaks give some indication of the barbaric reality of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Letters from our readers

By , 26 October 2010

A selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site

Chinese leadership meeting squashes talk of political reform

By John Chan, 26 October 2010

The Beijing leadership is proposing limited changes aimed at consolidating a base of support for the regime among the middle classes.

Minority government formed in Sweden

By Jordan Shilton, 26 October 2010

The right-wing Alliance led by Frederick Reinfeldt is attempting to continue in government despite failing to achieve an outright majority in last month’s parliamentary elections.

Workers Struggles: The Americas

By , 26 October 2010

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.


By Joseph Kishore, 26 October 2010


Cleveland Orchestra musicians join striking DSO players for support concert

By Shannon Jones, 26 October 2010

Members of the Cleveland Orchestra joined striking members of the Detroit Symphony at an October 24 support concert before a sellout crowd of 700.

Haiti cholera epidemic reaches Port-au-Prince

By Tom Eley, 26 October 2010

At least five cases of cholera have been confirmed in Port-au-Prince, a week after the epidemic emerged in central Haiti. By Monday evening the national death toll was reported to be 259.

French government, unions seek to limit strikes against pension cuts

By Alex Lantier, 26 October 2010

Government officials struggled yesterday to limit ongoing strikes against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension “reform.”

Once again on the Australian Greens and the Afghan war

By Patrick O’Connor, 26 October 2010

In yesterday’s parliamentary debate, Greens’ leader Senator Bob Brown made clear that his party functions as a mouthpiece for a faction of the political establishment that has tactical differences with the government over the Afghan war.

Angolan asylum seeker killed during forced British deportation

By Barry Mason, 26 October 2010

Asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga died October 11 as a result of an attempt to deport him from Britain to Angola.

Strikes continue in France against pension cuts

By Alex Lantier, 25 October 2010

Workers and students continued to mount strike action over the weekend against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension cuts.

New York Times tries character assassination against WikiLeaks founder Assange

By Barry Grey, 25 October 2010

The response of the New York Times to WikiLeaks’ posting of classified American military documents exposing US war crimes in Iraq is to downplay the atrocities and portray WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as the criminal party.

The Afghan peace talks and the “war on terror”

By Keith Jones, 25 October 2010

The Afghan war has been promoted and justified by the entire US establishment as vital to the “war on terror.” But now, to better serve US interests in Central Asia, sections of the Taliban are apparently to be brought in from the cold.

G20 meeting papers over conflicts

By Nick Beams, 25 October 2010

When it was established as the foremost international economic forum in response to the financial crash that began in September 2008, the prospect was held out that the G20 would become the means for overcoming the conflicts and imbalances wracking the global capitalist economy and provide the means for co-ordinating policies and ensuring growth.

This week in history: October 25-November 1

By , 25 October 2010

This Week in History provides brief synopses of important historical events whose anniversaries fall this week.

General strike in Argentina over killing of left-wing youth

By Rafael Azul, 25 October 2010

The general strike Thursday was organized over the murder of Mariano Ferreyra, a 23-year-old leftist youth, by thugs from the rail union, which works closely with the government.

France: New Anti-Capitalist Party academic advocates surrender to Sarkozy’s cuts

By Alex Lantier, 25 October 2010

In an interview with Le Monde, sociologist and NPA member Philippe Corcuff insisted that workers should limit themselves to “playful” protests against Sarkozy’s social cuts and strikebreaking.

Australia: Support the socialist alternative in the Victorian state election

By Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 25 October 2010

The Socialist Equality Party calls on working people and youth to support our campaign for the Victorian state election on November 27 and our candidate Peter Byrne for the Melbourne electorate of Broadmeadows.

New York Philharmonic musicians back DSO strike

By a WSWS reporting team, 25 October 2010

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra strike has received support from symphony musicians in New York City.

Six months of the Gulf oil disaster

By Hiram Lee, 25 October 2010

October 20 marked the six-month anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, which killed 11 workers and led to worst oil spill in history.

Government seeks to crush strike of Foxconn workers in India

By Arun Kumar and Nanda Kumar, 25 October 2010

Through a combination of mass arrests and intimidation, the Tamil Nadu state government is working to repress a militant strike of workers at a factory owned by the Taiwan-based company.

WikiLeaks releases documents exposing US war crimes in Iraq

By Patrick Martin, 25 October 2010

The secret US army files made public Friday by the WikiLeaks web site provide massive documentation of the criminal character of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Egyptian opposition decides to take part in elections

By Johannes Stern, 23 October 2010

Opposition parties in Egypt have said they would participate in parliamentary elections due in November, ignoring the call by the best-known Egyptian opposition politician, Mohamed ElBaradei, for a boycott.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

By , 23 October 2010

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

US Justice Department abandons murder case against Blackwater contractor

By Kate Randall, 23 October 2010

The US Justice Department will not seek charges against a Blackwater military contractor accused of a December 2006 murder in Iraq.

Letters from our readers

By , 23 October 2010

A selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site

Cholera epidemic kills 150 in Haiti

By a reporter, 23 October 2010

The outbreak of disease is the worst since last January’s devastating earthquake, which killed 250,000 people and left another 1.5 million homeless.

French Senate votes pension cuts over mass opposition

By Alex Lantier, 23 October 2010

The French Senate voted 177-153 yesterday to approve President Nicolas Sarkozy's pension cuts in the face of overwhelming popular opposition and continuing strikes.

Sri Lanka: JVP unions submit budget proposal to government

By W.A. Sunil, 23 October 2010

The JVP trade union front has given President Rajapakse a wage proposal for inclusion in the budget deliberations, indicating its willingness to collaborate with the government.

Australian government expands refugee detention

By Mike Head, 23 October 2010

Prime Minister Julia Gillard this week signalled the development of an extended detention regime, including hundreds of children housed in so-called community detention.

National Public Radio fires Juan Williams

By Patrick Martin, 23 October 2010

National Public Radio fired long-time analyst and Fox News commentator Juan Williams Thursday, declaring that his remarks on the Fox program “The O’Reilly Factor” had “crossed the line” into anti-Muslim bigotry.

India: 13,000 contract workers strike at lignite mine and power-company

By Sathish Simon and Arun Kumar, 23 October 2010

The month-old strike by thirteen thousand contract workers against the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) in southern India demonstrates their determination to resist sweatshop conditions.

Seven million without shelter months after Pakistan floods

By Sampath Perera, 23 October 2010

Seven million of the 21 million Pakistanis affected by this summer’s floods are still without shelter, the United Nation’s Pakistan Office reported this week. And an estimated 14 million continue to need urgent humanitarian assistance.

US mortgage crisis: The case for public ownership

By Tom Eley, 23 October 2010

In the face of mounting evidence of systematic fraud by leading US banks in the foreclosure and eviction of millions of families from their homes, the Obama administration continues to oppose a moratorium on foreclosures.

Chinese premier warns of global consequences of currency wars

By John Chan, 22 October 2010

After pointing out that a higher yuan would send many Chinese exporters to the wall, Wen warned that the resulting problems in China would “be disastrous for the world”.

Australian Greens: No principled opposition to Afghan war

By James Cogan, 22 October 2010

Bandt’s speech advanced the purely tactical and nationalist argument that participation in the war in Afghanistan was no longer in the strategic interests of Australian capitalism.

SEP candidate D’Artagnan Collier speaks to Wayne State students in Detroit

By Shannon Jones, 22 October 2010

SEP candidate for the Michigan state legislature D’Artagnan Collier received an attentive response speaking before a class of history students at Wayne State University in Detroit on October 20.

Major gains for far-right Freedom Party in Vienna election

By Markus Salzmann, 22 October 2010

The extreme right FPÖ primarily owes its political recovery to the rightwing policies of the social democrats who have been governing Austria in a grand coalition with the conservatives for three-and-a-half years.

Teachers’ democratic rights under attack in US

By Isabelle Belanger, 22 October 2010

There has been a steady and alarming rise in the number of teachers being persecuted for activities conducted during their personal time under the guise of protecting children from immoral influences.

Right-wing consensus in California gubernatorial elections

By Kevin Kearney, 22 October 2010

Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown are both agreed on the need to impose further harsh austerity measures, including mass layoffs and cuts to education, health care and pensions.

Zambian miners shot by Chinese mine owners

By John Farmer, 22 October 2010

Eleven miners were shot at the Chinese-owned Collum Coal Mine, in the Sinazongwe District of southern Zambia on October 15, while protesting against low wages and poor conditions.

Obama’s 2010 campaign: Fake populism and right-wing policies

By Patrick Martin, 22 October 2010

Despite the anti-Wall Street rhetoric, there is little practical difference between the policies the Obama administration is already implementing and the measures the Republicans would carry out if they return to power.

Australian prime minister denounces opposition to workplace safety cuts

By Terry Cook, 22 October 2010

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has threatened to withhold funding from the New South Wales state government over its refusal to back national legislation that would weaken the regulation of workplace health and safety.

Chilean workers protest San Jose mine’s closure

By Rafael Azul, 22 October 2010

More than 300 Chilean workers jobless due to the closure of the San Jose mine, made famous by the recent rescue of 33 trapped miners, have threatened to occupy “Camp Hope” near the mine until they receive severance pay.

German chancellor agitates against immigrants

By Peter Schwarz, 22 October 2010

Last weekend, in speech laced with anti-Islamic racism, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a conference of Christian Democratic youth that multiculturalism had failed in Germany.

Workers face a struggle for power in France

By Alex Lantier, 22 October 2010

Police action to break strikes and blockades in the oil sector has not ended France’s fuel shortage or curtailed strikes and protests by workers and students against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s deeply unpopular pension cuts.

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

By , 22 October 2010

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Gillard commits to indefinite war: End the occupation of Afghanistan!

By , 22 October 2010

The Socialist Equality Party is holding meetings in Melbourne and Sydney to discuss the perspective necessary to fight against the war in Afghanistan.

Tony Curtis (1925-2010)

By Hiram Lee, 22 October 2010

Veteran actor Tony Curtis died September 29 at the age of 85. He was a talented performer whose best films, including Some Like it Hot and Sweet Smell of Success, remain well worth seeing.

How riot police broke the occupation of the Marseille oil depots

By Anthony Torres, 21 October 2010

The French government gave the order Friday morning, October 15, to send in the CRS riot police to unblock the Fos oil depot occupied by workers near Marseille in southern France.

Ken Loach’s Route Irish: the Iraq war comes home

By David Walsh, 21 October 2010

British director Ken Loach has been a significant figure in filmmaking for more than 40 years. He first came to prominence in the 1960s with Cathy Come Home (1966) on British television and his first feature film, Kes (1969).

Seventy years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

By David North, 21 October 2010

This report was delivered by David North, WSWS International Editorial Board chairman, to a meeting in Berlin on October 17.