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The unfolding debacle in Iraq once again reveals the role of the media in the war plans of the ruling class. In today's perspective, Bill Van Auken documents the way the American media promoted the lies of the state, covers up what is really happening in Iraq and, in general, prevents as much as possible the American people from knowing the truth. The media columnists and editors who promoted the war bear part of the responsibility for the disaster that has engulfed that country, for a war that has killed more than one million Iraqis and nearly 4,500 US troops.

The response of the ruling class and its media appendages to the disaster it has created is more bloodshed--in Iraq, where troops and drones are on their way, and against bigger powers. One hundred years after the First World War, the imperialist powers are once again courting catastrophe.

In the fight against war, exposing the truth is a critical task. As Van Auken writes, "the unrelenting struggle against the lies of the media becomes all the more urgent in developing a struggle against militarism and war. This requires the continuous development of the World Socialist Web Site and expansion of its readership to working people all over the world."

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