Terrorist arrests injected into Australian election

By Mike Head, 28 May 2016

Many questions are raised about the timing of each arrest, suggesting definite political calculations.

Australian dairy farmers protest over milk price cuts

By Margaret Rees, 28 May 2016

Socialist Equality Party Senate candidate for Victoria Chris Sinnema attended the protest, discussing the party’s socialist program with farmers and their families.

Australian media vendetta against worker who questioned tax breaks for wealthy

By Patrick Kelly, 28 May 2016

The savage media treatment of Duncan Storrar is a reflection of the ruling elite’s determination to prevent any challenge to the status quo.

Why is there “no money” for basic social needs?

By Mike Head—SEP candidate for the Senate in Queensland, 27 May 2016

All around the world, governments are seeking to dismantle welfare entitlements, minimum wages, retirement pensions, and access to education and healthcare.

Public meetings on the Australian election

Support the SEP in 2016! No to war and budget cuts! For socialism and internationalism!

26 May 2016

The candidates will explain the socialist and internationalist program for which the SEP is fighting in opposition to Labor, the Liberals, the Greens and every other capitalist party.

Australian election: Military spending is war preparation, not “industry policy”

By James Cogan—SEP candidate for the Senate in NSW, 26 May 2016

The greatest expenditure on hardware for the Australian military since World War II is being cynically portrayed as a public works program.

Australian Treasury issues a blunt demand for austerity offensive

By Mike Head, 25 May 2016

The warning points to the reality of economic slump that all the parties of the political establishment are trying to keep hidden from public view until after the election.

Australian government’s “internship” program: An attack on young people

By Oscar Grenfell—SEP candidate for Grayndler, 24 May 2016

Young people are a central target of the austerity agenda that will be deepened by whichever party forms government after the July 2 elections.

Support the Socialist Equality Party 2016 election campaign!

Vote against war and budget cuts! For internationalism and socialism!

By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 23 May 2016

The SEP’s campaign is directed to the ever growing number of workers and young people who want a genuine alternative.

The SEP candidates in the 2016 Australian election

By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 23 May 2016

The Socialist Equality Party is standing a Senate group in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and candidates in the electorates of Grayndler and Blaxland in Sydney and Wills in Melbourne.

Australia: NSW government accelerates privatisation of prisons

By Robert Morgan, 21 May 2016

The state’s prison policy is part of a global process of higher imprisonment rates and commercial exploitation of public facilities.

Australian Federal Police raid Labor Party frontbencher

By Nick Beams, 20 May 2016

Raids conducted by the police have been denounced as “extraordinary and unprecedented” in an election campaign.

Why the South China Sea tensions were removed from Australian Greens’ speech

By Oscar Grenfell, 20 May 2016

Richard Di Natale’s foreign policy speech was edited to remove anything that could have been interpreted as a challenge to the Australian ruling elite’s preparations for war against China.

Australia: Fairfax Media imposes forced redundancies

By Terry Cook, 19 May 2016

Amid threatened government legal action against its workers for striking, one of the country’s largest media corporations last week began sacking editorial staff across two states.

Australian Greens leader criticises the US alliance—without mentioning China

By Oscar Grenfell, 18 May 2016

While denouncing aspects of the US-Australia alliance, Di Natale stopped short of raising the preparations for war against China or the crisis in the South China Sea.

Australian rate cut warnings point to economic slump

By Mike Head, 17 May 2016

The predictions indicate a deflationary “vortex” of falling prices, business investment and living standards.

Singapore expands military training in Australia

By John Roberts, 16 May 2016

The intensified military cooperation between Singapore and Australia is another part of the escalating US “pivot” against China.

Young Australian girl forced to go to Supreme Court to seek abortion

By Mary Beadnell, 16 May 2016

A teenager’s plight shows that the right to abortion is still denied for many working-class girls and women in Australia’s public hospitals.

Submarine project no solution for South Australia’s employment crisis

By John Braddock, 14 May 2016

Claims that building submarines will rescue the economically depressed state are false and any new jobs will be tied to preparations for war.

Patrick Stevedores threatens to lock out Australian port workers

By Terry Cook, 13 May 2016

Amid the campaign for Australia’s July 2 federal election, the major waterfront company has declared it will lock out workers in four states if they take further industrial action.

Australian Greens offer to enter future coalition with Labor

By Oscar Grenfell, 12 May 2016

The Greens are presenting themselves to the corporate elite as a party of “parliamentary stability.”

Australian state government imposes draconian “public safety” laws

By Mike Head, 12 May 2016

The two latest bills allow police officers to issue sweeping “crime prevention” and “public safety” orders—including forms of house arrest for up to five years—without a charge, trial or conviction.

Australian “Anzac Day plot” boy entrapped by police

By Cheryl Crisp, 12 May 2016

According to new evidence, the alleged plot consisted of taped conversations between the 16-year-old and an undercover police agent.

War danger grows following new US provocation in South China Sea

By James Cogan, 11 May 2016

US imperialism continues to stoke up long-standing, competing claims over territory in the South China Sea to militarily encircle and destabilise the Chinese regime.

Australian Labor shadow treasurer foreshadows post-election spending cuts

By Nick Beams, 11 May 2016

Labor shadow treasurer Chris Bowen used his National Press Club address to attack the Turnbull government for having no plan to reduce the budget deficit.

Build the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!

For a socialist program against Labor, the Liberals and the Greens

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 11 May 2016

The National Union of Students has called rallies to bolster the populist posturing of Labor and the Greens.

Murdoch tabloid appeals to voters to “save” Labor candidate in Australian elections

By Oscar Grenfell, 11 May 2016

The Daily Telegraph’s editorial expressed concerns within ruling circles that the elections are deepening the crisis of the two-party parliamentary set-up.

Thousands of jobs cut in Australia as slump deepens

By Terry Cook, 10 May 2016

Major companies continue to slash jobs, restructuring their operations to cut costs as the economic situation worsens.

Australian PM announces “double-dissolution” election for July 2

By James Cogan, 9 May 2016

Announcing the election, Prime Minister Turnbull spelled out his militarist, corporatist and anti-democratic agenda.

Trump’s rise causes disquiet in Australian ruling circles

By Mike Head, 9 May 2016

Alarm over the implications of a Trump presidency for the US alliance has been accompanied by anxiety over the popular discontent that Trump has exploited.

Committee minutes reveal anti-democratic discrimination against IYSSE at University of Melbourne

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 9 May 2016

Given the constitutional issues and potential legal implications involved, it is noteworthy that the University of Melbourne Student Council, to whom the C&SC is accountable, has taken no action.

Australian government boasts of helping US kill its own citizens in Middle East

By Mike Head, 7 May 2016

Remarks by Prime Minister Turnbull amount to sanctioning extra-judicial killings as a matter of government policy.

Young worker dies on Australian “work for the dole” scheme

By Declan O’Malley, 7 May 2016

Josh Park-Fing’s death underscores the unsafe conditions imposed on jobless workers via the Australian government’s forced work scheme.

Australia: Labor Party spells out election campaign of populism and lies

By James Cogan, 6 May 2016

Shorten’s budget reply highlighted Labor’s awareness of the deep hostility toward the entire political establishment.

Australian Workers Union to enforce cost-cutting at Arrium steel

By Terry Cook, 5 May 2016

The AWU is working hand-in-glove with major banks and the administrators to slash costs.

May Day 2016: The glorification of war and the preparation for future conflicts

By Cheryl Crisp, 4 May 2016

Cheryl Crisp, assistant national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), delivered the following speech to the International Online May Day Rally.
Link to audio

Two refugees set themselves alight in Australia’s Nauru detention centre

By Max Newman, 4 May 2016

The Australian government has labelled the protests as acts of “self-harm” to divert from any examination of why refugees have been driven to such desperate actions.

Australian government budget sets stage for volatile federal election

By James Cogan, 4 May 2016

The budget is predicated on cutbacks to working-class living standards in order to finance the ramping up of military spending and corporate tax cuts.

May Day 2016: Oppose the drive to war in the Asia-Pacific

By James Cogan, 4 May 2016

James Cogan, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), delivered the following speech to the International Online May Day Rally.
LInk to audio

Australia: Pseudo-lefts promote the Greens’ posturing on refugees

By Patrick Kelly, 3 May 2016

Amid widespread public outrage, the rally organised in Melbourne on Saturday served as a thinly veiled election campaign event for the Greens.

Deflation spreads to Australia

By Mike Head, 3 May 2016

Last week’s cost-of-living statistics showed the emergence of deflation for the first time since the 2008–09 global financial crisis.

Australian government defies PNG refugee ruling

By Mike Head, 2 May 2016

The refugees remain incarcerated on Manus Island, despite Papua New Guinea’s highest court declaring their detention unconstitutional and ordering their immediate release.

Australia awards $50 billion submarine contract to France

By James Cogan, 28 April 2016

The contract also serves the US and Australian aim of drawing France more closely into the strategic planning for war with China.

Anzac Day celebrations in Australia aimed at suppressing anti-war sentiment

By Oscar Grenfell, 28 April 2016

This year’s Anzac events gave centre stage to military veterans from Australia’s more recent neo-colonial interventions in Vietnam, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sacked Australian reporter continues to challenge Anzac myths

By Richard Phillips, 28 April 2016

Former SBS sports journalist Scott McIntyre posted a series of tweets on Monday opposing the promotion of militarism and war.

PNG court declares Australian refugee detention camp illegal

By Mike Head, 28 April 2016

Papua New Guinea’s Supreme Court ruling exposes the unlawful character of the Australian policy of incarcerating asylum seekers on remote islands.

Australia: Another dubious “Anzac Day terror plot”

By Mike Head, 27 April 2016

Unsubstantiated claims of ISIS-inspired plots are being utilised to justify attacks on democratic rights and drum up pro-war jingoism.

Successful IYSSE meetings in Australia and New Zealand against the drive to war

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 27 April 2016

Students participated in lively discussions on the principles outlined in the ICFI’s historic statement, “Socialism and the Fight Against War.”

Increasing suicide rate in Australia highlights social crisis

By Mary Beadnell, 26 April 2016

Steep increases in the numbers of people taking their own lives point to deteriorating economic and social conditions.

Australian media demands austerity offensive via “double dissolution” election

By Mike Head, 21 April 2016

The corporate media’s concerns reflect the conundrum that has wracked governments over the past decade: how to impose deep cuts to living standards on a hostile electorate.

Australian government to call an extraordinary “double dissolution” election

By Mike Head, 19 April 2016

Amid a worsening economic situation, the government is under intense pressure from big business to break the parliamentary logjam and impose its austerity agenda.

Moody’s warns Australian government of credit downgrade

By Mike Head, 18 April 2016

The warning highlights the crisis of the Coalition government which is under mounting pressure to implement deeply unpopular austerity measures.

Australian prime minister skirts controversy in China

By James Cogan, 16 April 2016

Turnbull carefully avoided any contentious public remarks on the US-China confrontation in the South China Sea.

Police attack student protests in Sydney and Melbourne

By Oscar Grenfell, 16 April 2016

The violent actions of the police against a handful of student protesters are a warning of the preparations for a broader crackdown on any opposition to austerity cuts and war.

Australia’s prime minister to make state visit to China

By James Cogan, 13 April 2016

Despite the hype about exciting economic opportunities in China, Turnbull faces fraught issues on trade and Australia’s involvement in the US military buildup in Asia.

Australian Labor Party’s populist call for an inquiry into the banks

By Mike Head, 13 April 2016

Behind the populist façade, the Labor opposition is trying to convince the corporate elite that it would be better able to contain public discontent and shore up the financial industry.

Oppose the drive to war, austerity and the assault on democratic rights!

Build the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 13 April 2016

The National Union of Students has called rallies to promote the lie that the election of a Labor government will halt the assault on higher education.

Oppose the political ban on the IYSSE at University of Melbourne!

For democratic and political rights on campus!

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 12 April 2016

The IYSSE calls on students, staff, academics and all workers and youth opposed to the assault on democratic rights to support our campaign against political censorship at the University of Melbourne.

Major Australian companies implicated in Panama Papers

By Mike Head, 11 April 2016

Australia’s corporate elite is heavily involved in using offshore shell companies to minimise taxes and avoid scrutiny of their business operations.

Black lung disease reemerges in Australian coal mines

By Richard Phillips, 11 April 2016

Increased workloads, inadequate mine ventilation and low dust-testing standards have produced a sudden jump in the number of coal miners suffering from black lung.

CSIS report argues for strong US-Japan-Australia alliance against China

By Peter Symonds, 9 April 2016

The Washington think tank’s proposed “federated defence” is nothing but a system of military alliances to prepare for war with China—akin to the alliances that preceded the previous two world wars.

Australia: Socialist Alternative conference endorses US-led Syrian war and Syriza’s betrayal in Greece

By Oscar Grenfell, 9 April 2016

Like their counterparts internationally, Socialist Alternative responded to the global financial crisis of 2008 by junking even nominal opposition to imperialist war.

Thousands of jobs threatened by Australian steel company collapse

By Mike Head, 8 April 2016

Steelworkers in Australia, like those around the world, are being made to pay for a colossal breakdown in the world capitalist economy.

Australian government uses “war on terror” to end airport strikes

By Terry Cook, 8 April 2016

The ban on strike action by Immigration and Border Protection employees has set a precedent that will be used against other sections of the working class.

Concern over Australian banks’ stability if housing bubble bursts

By Nick Beams, 7 April 2016

The official position is that the Australian housing market is sound but it is becoming increasingly clear that this view is not shared internationally.

Australian government crisis intensifies over austerity agenda

By Mike Head, 5 April 2016

Prime Minister Turnbull’s new slogan—“We must live within our means!”—signifies that working class people must be made to pay for the worsening economic situation.

Australia: State electricity workers vote for industrial action

By Terry Cook, 5 April 2016

Essential Energy wants to axe agreements covering hundreds of workers to begin sackings and further slash working conditions.

Australian political crisis deepens with humiliating defeat of PM’s state taxing plan

By Mike Head, 2 April 2016

Just 48 hours after floating a plan to restructure the Australian federation, Prime Minister Turnbull was forced to “withdraw” the proposal.

Australian government in disarray over spending cuts

By Mike Head, 1 April 2016

In his latest twist, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is seeking to shift the blame for devastating and deeply unpopular cuts onto state and territory governments.

Australian prime minister lurches from one crisis to the next

By Peter Symonds, 31 March 2016

Just a week after his move to bring on an early “double dissolution” election, Malcolm Turnbull has announced a new tax plan that could sow the seeds for a fracturing of the Australian federation.

Australian Labor leader makes a cynical populist pitch

By Peter Symonds, 30 March 2016

Opposition leader Bill Shorten is preparing for this year’s election with false promises on “jobs, education and health” to obscure Labor’s commitment to austerity.

Australia: Pacific Islanders suffer slave-like conditions in fruit industry

By Paul Bartizan, 30 March 2016

The super-exploitation of Pacific Islanders who have no democratic rights under the Seasonal Workers Program is to be extended throughout the agricultural industry.

Australia: Socialist Alternative hails downing of Russian jet in Syria

By Oscar Grenfell, 29 March 2016

The declaration that Turkey’s flagrant act of war was “a small victory for humanity” underscores the pseudo-lefts’ support for imperialist provocations, including those that threaten to trigger world war.

Large protests in East Timor over ongoing Australian oil theft

By Patrick Kelly, 26 March 2016

The demonstration was among the largest in East Timor since the former Portuguese colony and Indonesian territory received formal independence in 2002.

Corporate elites maintain pressure on Australian prime minister

By Nick Beams, 25 March 2016

The Australian economy’s “transition” from the China-induced mining boom has been described as an “internal devaluation,” involving major attacks on wages and social conditions.

Australia: Socialist Alternative and the US “pivot to Asia”

By Oscar Grenfell, 25 March 2016

Socialist Alternative’s response to the Defense White Paper is aimed at obscuring Australia’s central role in the US drive to war against China.

Australian PM treads a fine line on foreign policy

By Peter Symonds, 24 March 2016

With an early election looming, Turnbull used his Lowy Lecture to spin his vision of bright economic opportunities in Asia, while seeking to answer critics’ demands for a tougher stance against China.

Socialism and the Fight Against War

IYSSE meetings in Australia and New Zealand—Build an International Movement of the Working Class and Youth Against Imperialism!

24 March 2016

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) is holding meetings in Australia and New Zealand to alert students, youth and workers to the threat of a Third World War.

Public sector union cancels strike action at Australian airports

By Richard Phillips, 24 March 2016

The CPSU is anxious to prevent the pent-up anger among its members, after years of job cuts, wage freezes and the erosion of working conditions, from erupting out of its control.

Hundreds of refugees in Australia face return to offshore camps

By Max Newman, 23 March 2016

Asylum seekers who have been receiving medical treatment in Australia are threatened with being sent back to Nauru or Manus Island.

Australian government threatens a “double dissolution” election

By Mike Head, 22 March 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is trying to break through a political crisis that has increasingly engulfed the government and the parliamentary system itself.

Australian nickel refinery workers sacked without entitlements

By Terry Cook, 21 March 2016

Mining magnate Clive Palmer is making the Queensland refinery workers pay for the collapse of the mining boom.

Australian youth and workers denounce media and government racist hysteria

By our reporters, 21 March 2016

The continuing campaign against African youth by the media and political establishment has prompted a reaction amongst young people in working-class areas of Melbourne.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

19 March 2016

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Australia: Fairfax journalists strike over job cuts

By Richard Phillips, 18 March 2016

The latest attack is part of a decade-long process of job destruction and restructuring at Fairfax Media.

Australian journalists condemn the axing of more Fairfax jobs

By our reporters, 18 March 2016

Striking editorial staff speak out against the latest attack on jobs and conditions by one of Australia’s largest media corporations.

Anti-protest laws attack democratic rights in Australia

By Mike Head, 18 March 2016

New laws in three states impose draconian punishments for allegedly disrupting or hindering business operations.

Australian Greens join government in ramming through Senate voting changes

By Mike Head, 17 March 2016

In the machinations over the electoral laws, the Greens have stepped forward, not just to assist the government, but to try to shore up the parliamentary system itself.

Australian media whips up fear campaign against African youth

By Richard Phillips, 16 March 2016

The state Labor government has seized on police clashes with youth in Melbourne on Saturday to demand greater police powers to “smash gang violence.”

Build the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!

A socialist program to fight the Coalition-Labor-Greens assault on education in Australia

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 16 March 2016

The IYSSE is fighting for the development of an independent, socialist movement of the working class in opposition to the assault on education and the gutting of social spending.

Australian primary teachers resign in protest at standardised, assessment-based education

By Susan Allan and Linda Tenenbaum, 14 March 2016

The two teachers decided to go public, hoping to encourage other teachers to speak out about the escalating education crisis.

Australia: Despite deaths, no youth mental facility in Brisbane

By Declan O’Malley, 14 March 2016

The official inquiry is an attempt to cover up the refusal of successive state and federal governments to provide adequate mental health services.

US reignites controversy over Chinese lease of Australian port

By Peter Symonds, 12 March 2016

The Australian government is already feeling the heat from Washington for failing to carry out a military intrusion into Chinese-claimed waters in the South China Sea.

Arrium demands Australian mine workers take pay cuts

By Terry Cook, 12 March 2016

Under the threat of closure, steelmaker Arrium is working with the unions to impose a 10 percent wage cut in its iron ore mines.

Growing concerns about Australia’s housing bubble

By Mike Head, 11 March 2016

Australia’s economy has so far avoided a recession, largely because of debt-fuelled household spending, based on steep rises in house prices.

US Air Force to boost presence in northern Australian bases

By Peter Symonds, 9 March 2016

Citing Chinese “militarisation” of the South China Sea, the US Pacific Air Forces commander insisted that the US had to maintain “a credible combat power” in Asia.

Australian government wracked by rifts over US military demands and austerity

By Mike Head, 9 March 2016

Sharp divisions within the political establishment lie behind recriminations within the Turnbull government.

Australia: Labor Party, teacher unions prepare further assault on public education

By Patrick Kelly and Frank Gaglioti, 9 March 2016

The Labor and union campaign for a new “Gonski” school funding model is a fraud from start to finish.

Fiji cyclone: Australian and New Zealand military mobilised for “humanitarian” relief

By Richard Phillips, 8 March 2016

While thousands of Fijians desperately need assistance, Canberra and Wellington have seized on the disaster to advance their own geo-strategic interests.