Socialist Equality Party (Britain)

No compromise possible in UK post strike

A political and industrial offensive against Labour government is required

By Socialist Equality Party (UK), 31 October 2009

Striking postal workers in Britain are involved in a fundamental political struggle, against not just Royal Mail but also the Labour government.

Britain: Postal workers face a political struggle against Labour government

By Socialist Equality Party, 20 October 2009

Postal workers confront a coordinated campaign to defeat their strike in defence of jobs and conditions, drawn up and executed by Royal Mail and the Labour government.

European Trotskyists mark seventieth anniversary of World War II

By our reporter, 14 October 2009

On October 11 in London, the European sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International held a joint meeting on the lessons of WWII.

A new period of class struggle and inter-imperialist conflict

By Chris Marsden, 2 October 2009

The following remarks were given by Chris Marsden, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party of Britain, at an election-eve rally held Saturday, September 26, in Berlin by the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (PSG—Socialist Equality Party) of Germany.

Seventy years on

World War II: The essential lessons

Joint public meeting of the Socialist Equality Party, Britain and Germany

22 September 2009

World War II engulfed the entire European continent, pitting all of the continental powers in the bloodiest slaughter in world history.

The significance of the British Socialist Workers Party’s call for a new “left alternative”

Part two

By Tony Robson and Chris Marsden, 29 July 2009

This is the conclusion of a two-part series on an open letter issued by the Socialist Workers Party in Britain.

Scotland: Oppose Diageo job losses by mobilising the working class

By Socialist Equality Party (Britain), 25 July 2009

The following leaflet is being distributed by the Socialist Equality Party (Britain) to Sunday’s march and rally in Kilmarnock against the announcement by Diageo, the world’s largest drinks manufacturer, that it is shedding 900 jobs across Scotland.

SEP public meeting

Capitalist breakdown and the need for a socialist Europe

30 May 2009

The Socialist Equality Party will be holding a public meeting on Sunday, June 7, in Manchester, England.

Britain: ISSE to hold meetings on Charles Darwin

9 May 2009

The International Students for Social Equality in Britain are holding a series of meetings to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth.

G20 summit protest: A socialist answer to the global crisis is needed

By Socialist Equality Party (Britain), 27 March 2009

Saturday’s mass protest in London directed towards the G20 summit raises fundamental questions of political perspective.

Britain: Student meetings hear report on socialist perspective for the Middle East

By our correspondent, 3 March 2009

Jean Shaoul of the World Socialist Web Site recently addressed a series of meetings held by the International Students for Social Equality in Britain on the war in Gaza.

International Students for Social Equality meetings in Britain

A socialist answer to the Gaza crisis

5 February 2009

Jean Shaoul of the WSWS will speak at a series of meeting in Britain on an international socialist perspective for the Middle East and the Gaza crisis.

Stalin, Trotsky and the 1926 British general strike

Part Three

By Chris Marsden, 30 December 2008

Trotsky had argued that the very survival of British imperialism now rested not on the right-wing social democrats, but on the supposed lefts, without whom the right wing could not maintain its position in the labour movement.

Stalin, Trotsky and the 1926 British general strike

By Chris Marsden, 27 December 2008

More than 80 years on, the May 1926 British General Strike remains a defining moment in the history of the workers’ movement. Its lessons are essential for the development of a revolutionary strategy, not just in Britain but the world over.

University of Manchester ISSE hear report on international economic crisis

By our correspondent, 17 December 2008

Chris Talbot addressed an International Students for Social Equality (ISSE) meeting at the University of Manchester on December 11.

SEP candidate Jerry White addresses successful meetings in Britain

By Robert Stevens, 15 October 2008

Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White addressed successful meetings this week in London and Manchester, England, and Glasgow, Scotland.

Withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq! A socialist answer to war and militarism

The perspective of the “peace movement”

By the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (Germany), 20 September 2008

Demonstrations calling for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan are taking place today in German, French and British cities. The Socialist Equality Party and the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, the British and German sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International, support this demand. We call for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.