US Politics

Trump chooses millionaire fast food executive as secretary of labor

By Shelley Connor, 9 December 2016

Andrew Puzder, CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, is a long-time opponent of minimum wage increases and mandatory overtime for salaried employees.

A Trump junta?

By Bill Van Auken, 9 December 2016

The growing number of recently retired generals joining the Trump cabinet is an expression of the ever-growing power of the military over political life.

A cabinet of generals: Trump appoints John Kelly to lead Department of Homeland Security

By Eric London, 8 December 2016

The unprecedented prominence of the military in the incoming cabinet is a dangerous sign that the American ruling class is preparing for war abroad and repression at home.

In counterterrorism speech, Obama hints at danger of dictatorship

By Patrick Martin, 7 December 2016

In a speech to a military audience in Florida, the US president twice cited the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal as a warning to the incoming administration of Donald Trump.

Trump names opponent of public housing to run Housing and Urban Development

By Fred Mazelis, 7 December 2016

Former Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson is a vitriolic opponent of social programs to benefit the working class.

After Carrier deal, effusive praise for Trump from steelworkers union

By Jerry White, 7 December 2016

The United Steelworkers union praised Trump’s protectionist and chauvinist policies along with his deal with Carrier, which will wipe out 1,300 of the firm’s 2,100 production jobs in Indiana.

China warns Trump over Taiwan phone call

By Peter Symonds, 7 December 2016

The People’s Daily condemned the phone call as “despicable” and accused Trump of violating the One China policy—the foundation of US-China relations.

Trump picks General “Mad Dog” Mattis for secretary of defense

By Patrick Martin, 5 December 2016

The selection of retired General James Mattis has been greeted with approval across the political and national-security establishment and in the major organs of the corporate-controlled media.

Tennessee woman charged in attempted coat-hanger abortion

By Naomi Spencer, 5 December 2016

A Tennessee woman accused of attempting to terminate her pregnancy with a coat hanger last year was arraigned late last month on three felony charges.

CEOs, Wall Street to drive Trump economic policy

By Patrick Martin, 3 December 2016

Hedge fund boss Stephen Schwarzman will chair the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum, which will begin meeting with Trump on economic policy after his inauguration.

Trump backers sue to block recounts

By Patrick Martin, 3 December 2016

Lawsuits were filed in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Trump’s margin of victory has shrunk dramatically.

Tensions mount over US presidential election recounts

By Patrick Martin, 2 December 2016

Wisconsin officials began reviewing ballots, while the Trump campaign took legal action to block the recount in Michigan.

Deal to “save” Indiana Carrier plant will cut 1,100 jobs

By Jerry White, 1 December 2016

Trump reportedly told the CEO of Carrier’s parent company that federal and state tax cuts and the lifting of corporate regulations could save more money than moving to Mexico.

Trump names Medicare opponent to head health programs: Who is Tom Price?

By Nick Barrickman, 1 December 2016

The naming of Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services signals the intention of the incoming Trump administration to begin the dismantling of Medicare.

President-elect Trump on flag-burning: The crisis of American democracy

By Joseph Kishore, 1 December 2016

Trump’s statement on flag-burning reflects not only the authoritarian disposition of the president-elect, but the far-reaching decay of bourgeois democracy in the United States.

A cabinet of billionaires

Trump forms a Wall Street government to attack health care and workers’ rights

By Patrick Martin, 30 November 2016

Trump has picked Wall Street banker Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary and anti-Medicare zealot Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

US president-elect says flag burners should be stripped of their citizenship

By John Burton, 30 November 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s tweet that people who burn the American flag in protest should be stripped of their citizenship is a repudiation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Trump refuses to sever ties with his business empire

By E.P. Milligan, 30 November 2016

Trump has business interests in real estate, management and branding in no less than 18 foreign countries, spanning virtually the entire globe.

US unions channel workers’ wage demands into “Fight for 15” publicity stunts

By Alexander Fangmann, 30 November 2016

Low-wage workers are being used by the Service Employees International Union and its supporters as a bargaining chip.

Obama extends global reach of US Special Operations death squads

By Patrick Martin, 29 November 2016

The global mandate of the new formation means US death squads could be sent virtually anywhere, from European cities to South American jungles, including in the United States itself.

The political issues in the campaign for a recount in the US elections

By Joseph Kishore and David North, 29 November 2016

Three weeks after the US presidential election, the political crisis triggered by the initiative to recount the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania is escalating.

Trump considers asset stripper Wilbur Ross for commerce secretary

By Evan Winters, 29 November 2016

Ross made billions destroying the pensions, jobs and living standards of steel, coal, auto and textile workers.

Obama denounces recount effort

By Eric London, 28 November 2016

President Barack Obama is denouncing an entirely legitimate legal action to verify the outcome of the election in states where the result was exceptionally close.

Hillary Clinton leads by two million in US popular vote

By Patrick Martin, 24 November 2016

Clinton’s lead in the popular vote is being largely ignored by the American media and the political establishment, including the Democratic Party leadership.

Who is Charles Schumer?

By James Brookfield, 24 November 2016

The newly elected Democratic leader is a defender of Wall Street who backed the war in Iraq.

Trump to build on Obama’s antidemocratic legacy

By Tom Carter, 24 November 2016

The assault on democratic rights under cover of the “war on terror” has provided the incoming Trump administration with a pseudo-legal framework to impose authoritarian methods of rule.

The 19,000 Dow: Markets soar on prospects for profiteering under Trump

By Nick Beams, 24 November 2016

Trump’s agenda for the US economy bears a striking resemblance to his own business operations: a mixture of tax evasion, swindling and profit-gouging.

2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony

Obama awards those who “have helped make me who I am”

By David Walsh, 24 November 2016

Tuesday’s ceremony, during which Barack Obama bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on 21 individuals, was a bizarre and unreal event.

Trump’s authoritarian government of nationalism and war

By Joseph Kishore, 21 November 2016

As the Democratic Party seeks to normalize the transfer of power to Trump, the appointments of the president-elect confirm the historically unprecedented character of the incoming US administration.

Trump lines up militarists for cabinet posts

By Tom Eley, 21 November 2016

The unprecedentedly right-wing cabinet being formed is meeting no opposition from the Democrats.

A chilling attack on free speech

Trump attempts to bully cast of Hamilton over criticism of anti-democratic policies

By David Walsh, 21 November 2016

President-elect Donald Trump responded to concerns about his incoming administration as expressed by the cast of the Broadway show Hamilton with a series of thuggish, threatening Tweets.

Trump begins selecting ultra-right cabinet

By Patrick Martin, 19 November 2016

His appointments are a Southern racist to run the Justice Department, an anti-Muslim bigot for national security adviser, and a congressman tied to the Koch brothers as CIA director.

Trump transition team discussing registry of Muslims

By our reporter, 19 November 2016

In the wake of a television appearance in which a Trump campaign activist said that a registry of Muslim visitors to the United States could be justified under the “precedent” set by the mass internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, a leader of the Trump transition team has revealed that a formal proposal for such a registry is under discussion.

After the election of Trump: The realignment of US politics

By Patrick Martin, 18 November 2016

The Democratic Party leadership is moving very rapidly to align itself with Trump, based on a program of economic nationalism and trade war.

Japanese prime minister meets President-elect Trump

By Nick Beams, 18 November 2016

There is a sense in Japanese ruling circles that the election of Donald Trump as US president is a political earthquake that has shattered the foundations of the post-war order.

Sanders, trade union officials promote economic nationalism at Washington, DC rally

By Nick Barrickman, 18 November 2016

Trade union officials celebrated the nationalist agenda that Trump has pledged to carry out, while seeking to promote the idea that the Democratic Party can be pushed to the left.

Obama seeks to placate concerns over Trump in final tour of Europe

By Peter Schwarz, 18 November 2016

Obama’s promotion of his successor is so obvious that the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung described him as Donald Trump’s “press spokesman.”

Vice President Biden, Senate Democrats redouble pledge to work with Trump

By Joseph Kishore, 17 November 2016

The cordial words from leading Democrats come amidst growing protests against Trump’s election, centered among high school students and youth.

Obama postures as Europe’s protector in Athens

By Chris Marsden, 17 November 2016

The European Union has plunged millions of Greek workers into an ever-deeper social nightmare based on an austerity programme that Obama endorses.

Obama visits Berlin after Trump’s victory

By Ulrich Rippert, 17 November 2016

Notwithstanding Obama's claims, Trump’s election will be characterised by sharp tensions and shocks in Transatlantic relations.

Mass student protests against Trump election: The way forward

By The Socialist Equality Party and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 16 November 2016

The opposition expressed by students and young people in demonstrations across the US stands in sharp contrast to the abject capitulation of the Democratic Party to Donald Trump.

Trump transition points to escalation of US militarism

By Bill Van Auken, 16 November 2016

Former New York Mayor Giuliani, named as top choice for secretary of state, condemned the Obama administration for failing to “even threaten to use our military” against Russia.

High school walkouts, protests against Trump enter second week

By our reporters, 16 November 2016

The protests on Tuesday follow the press conference of Obama on Monday, when he urged Americans to “reconcile themselves” with a Trump presidency.

Trump’s candidate for Homeland Security chief calls for suppression of anti-Trump protests

By Tom Carter, 16 November 2016

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has unleashed a series of tweets calling for a “state of emergency” to be declared and for the ongoing anti-Trump protests to be violently “quelled” by the military.

Greek protests greet Obama’s last overseas tour as US president

By Alex Lantier, 16 November 2016

Obama aimed to reassure the European ruling classes that Donald Trump's election would not undermine their relations with the United States.

New York Times apologizes for coverage of presidential election

By David Walsh, 16 November 2016

In two open letters last Friday, the New York Times expressed regret for its coverage of the US election and promised to approach the Donald Trump administration “without bias.”

Obama defends Trump at White House press conference

By Patrick Martin, 15 November 2016

The Democratic president emphasized his desire for a “smooth transition” to a government by an ultra-right Republican opposed by a majority of the American people.

Trump names fascist Bannon as top adviser, confirms plans to deport immigrants

By Tom Eley, 14 November 2016

Trump’s appointment of a fascist as a top advisor and his plans to deport millions of immigrants are the initial moves of what will be the most right-wing government in American history.

From “political revolution” to collaboration: Sanders and Warren pledge to work with Trump

By Patrick Martin and Joseph Kishore, 14 November 2016

As Trump assembles his administration, the Democratic Party and the media seek to normalize a government of the extreme right the likes of which has never been seen in American history.

Anti-Trump protests continue across US for fifth day

By Shannon Jones, 14 November 2016

Demonstrations continued coast to coast over the weekend against the election of Donald Trump and his far-right and anti-immigrant politics.

Several thousand join anti-Trump protests in Chicago

By our reporters, 14 November 2016

For the second time in a week, anti-Trump protesters gathered in downtown Chicago Saturday morning expressing social anger felt throughout the United States in the wake of Trump’s election.

Anti-Trump protests in Los Angeles: “At the end of the day, we didn’t want either of them”

By our reporters, 14 November 2016

Tens of thousands of protesters marched in the Los Angeles area over the weekend to protest the election of Donald Trump.

After backing Clinton, Michael Moore calls for “takeover” of Democratic Party

By Gabriel Black, 14 November 2016

Moore has been brought forward to keep the broadly felt popular opposition to president-elect Donald Trump from breaking free of the political semi-corpse of the Democratic Party.

From monster to Mr. President-Elect: Democrats grovel before Trump

By Andre Damon, 11 November 2016

In rushing to support Trump, the Democrats and the media are largely remaining silent about a significant fact of the election: the president-elect lost the popular vote.

Bernie Sanders declares willingness to “work with Trump”

By Eric London, 11 November 2016

Eighteen months after Sanders announced his candidacy, his statement on Trump punctuates a critical experience for the working class.

Race, class and the election of Trump

By Barry Grey, 10 November 2016

The lack of enthusiasm for Clinton was fundamentally a class response to a crony of Wall Street with a record of militarism and corruption.

Trump’s victory and the debacle of American democracy

By Joseph Kishore, 9 November 2016

Such is the level of political crisis in the United States that it has elevated an obscene charlatan and billionaire demagogue to the highest office in the land.

FBI concludes extended probe into Clinton emails

By Patrick Martin, 8 November 2016

The ending of the investigation was made public only nine days after the shock announcement that the probe had been resumed, which dealt a blow to the Clinton presidential campaign.

Janet Reno, attorney general who gave order for mass murder in Waco, Texas, dead at 78

By Fred Mazelis, 8 November 2016

Only two months after her nomination to head the Justice Department under President Bill Clinton, Reno presided over the horrific attack that killed more than 80 people, including 21 children.

On the eve of the 2016 US election

By Patrick Martin, 7 November 2016

The election campaign has plumbed new depths of filth and reaction, sparking concerns in ruling circles that it has done lasting damage to the credibility of the United States, both internationally and at home.

US election stokes deep concerns in Australian ruling circles

By Peter Symonds, 7 November 2016

Not only the “pivot to Asia,” but the whole framework of post-war alliances in Asia is being called into question.

War of smears and scandals in US election campaign

By Patrick Martin, 4 November 2016

The presidential election campaign is being conducted in a way designed to avoid any serious examination of the critical issues of war, economic inequality and attacks on democratic rights.

As election tightens, Clinton steps up right-wing appeals

By Patrick Martin, 3 November 2016

In response to an improper intervention by the FBI into the presidential campaign, the Democrats are intensifying their efforts to woo the military-intelligence apparatus.

Build an international movement against imperialist war!

By Socialist Equality Party, 3 November 2016

The conference this Saturday in Detroit, Michigan, “Socialism vs. Capitalism and War,” will outline a political strategy for building a socialist movement of the international working class against the danger of a Third World War.

Two death penalty propositions on California ballot

By Adam Mclean, 3 November 2016

From a class standpoint, it is impossible to support an anti-death penalty proposition that expands life imprisonment without parole and other forms of punishment of prisoners.

The 2016 US election and the crisis of the two-party system

By Barry Grey, 1 November 2016

The bitter conflict within the political establishment following FBI Director James Comey’s intervention in the election has exposed the deep crisis of bourgeois rule in the US.

Democrats step up campaign against FBI director

By Patrick Martin, 1 November 2016

Democrats have focused much of their attack on Comey’s intervention on demands that he release information supposedly connecting Trump to Russian President Putin.

Political warfare explodes in Washington

By Patrick Martin and Barry Grey, 31 October 2016

The FBI's announcement of new “investigative steps” against Hillary Clinton has brought to the surface a raging conflict within the American state and ruling elite.

The FBI intervenes in the 2016 election

By Patrick Martin, 29 October 2016

The FBI’s announcement of new “investigative steps” related to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, made only 11 days before the election, is both extraordinary and unprecedented.

Leaked documents detail how Wall Street bought the Clintons

By Patrick Martin, 28 October 2016

Memos released this week by WikiLeaks document how Bill and Hillary Clinton milked their corporate paymasters to accumulate a fortune of $150 million.

Clinton: “I love having the support of real billionaires”

By a reporter, 28 October 2016

Speaking in Florida, Clinton saluted her capitalist overlords.

Michael Moore in TrumpLand grovels in praise of Hillary Clinton

By Fred Mazelis, 27 October 2016

With his latest effort, Moore emerges as a chief promoter of the favored candidate of Wall Street and the Pentagon.

The 2016 elections and the dead-end of “lesser evil” politics

By Patrick Martin, 24 October 2016

Republican Donald Trump is a billionaire demagogue seeking to lay the basis for a fascistic movement; Hillary Clinton is the representative of Wall Street and the military-intelligence apparatus.

Clinton and Trump laugh it up with New York’s aristocrats at Al Smith Dinner

By Barry Grey, 22 October 2016

The once-every-four-years pre-election affair has long been an occasion for the richest of the rich and their political and media spokesmen to trade jokes and revel in their wealth and power.

Final Trump-Clinton debate: A bankrupt political system staggers toward the finish line

By Patrick Martin, 20 October 2016

The 2016 election offers the American people the “choice” between the two most reactionary candidates in modern US history.

Sanders’ damning silence on Clinton’s Wall Street speeches

By Barry Grey, 20 October 2016

As Sanders continues to hustle votes for Clinton, while saying nothing about her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other financial malefactors, there is about him a palpable odor of dishonesty and cynicism.

Is the US election rigged?

By Barry Grey, 18 October 2016

The reactionary character of Trump’s claims that the US election is “rigged” does not lend any credibility to the self-righteous and hypocritical response of the Democratic Party.

DeRay Mckesson and the right-wing character of racialist politics

By Genevieve Leigh, 18 October 2016

A prominent spokesman for Black Lives Matters addressed a political forum sponsored by the online newspaper Voice of San Diego.

In secret Goldman Sachs speeches, Clinton explains why the rich should rule

By Tom Carter, 17 October 2016

Hillary Clinton’s lavishly paid speeches to gatherings of Wall Street multi-millionaires reveal why she is the favored candidate of the corporate and financial elite.

The ISO and the New America think tank denounce opposition to the war in Syria

By Eric London, 17 October 2016

The ISO last week published an interview on its Socialist Worker web site with a journalist linked to the New America think tank who advocates an escalation of the US military intervention in Syria.

Citigroup chose Obama’s 2008 cabinet, WikiLeaks document reveals

By Tom Eley, 15 October 2016

The email listing Citigroup’s personnel choices for cabinet posts came three days after the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was signed into law.

Donald Trump’s campaign takes a fascistic turn

By Patrick Martin, 14 October 2016

The speech delivered by the Republican presidential nominee Thursday in Florida was the manifesto for a fascist movement to emerge from his campaign.

Haiti’s hurricane devastation: A tragedy rooted in capitalist oppression

By Bill Van Auken, 13 October 2016

Nearly seven years after the catastrophic earthquake of 2010, Hurricane Matthew has again exposed the historic oppression of the Haitian masses.

Leaked Clinton email admits Saudi, Qatari government funding of ISIS in Syria

By Bill Van Auken, 12 October 2016

The email exchange between Clinton and her campaign manager lays bare the criminality and hypocrisy of the US war for regime change.

Chomsky in Chicago: The thin gruel of lesser-evil politics

By Marcus Day and George Gallanis, 12 October 2016

Noam Chomsky falsely suggested in a recent lecture that the global drive to war could be combated by supporting the “lesser of two evils” in the upcoming US elections.

The Trump scandal and the US gutter election

By Patrick Martin, 10 October 2016

The generally degraded state of American politics entered a new low this weekend following the release of video showing Republican candidate Donald Trump boasting of his ability to use his position of wealth and celebrity to assault women.

Vice presidential candidates agree on US military escalation in Syria

By Patrick Martin, 5 October 2016

Most of the 90-minute vice presidential debate consisted of unintelligible squabbling, but the Democratic and Republican candidates agreed on the overriding issue of war.

Sanders’ campaign for Clinton: A “political revolution” in defense of the status quo

By Joseph Kishore, 5 October 2016

Sanders’ bid to drum up support for Clinton in a series of campaign appearances this week is based on sophistries and lies.

Trump’s taxes: Capitalist corruption and class privilege

By Patrick Martin, 4 October 2016

The tax dodges that Trump employed provide a glimpse of the real nature of the “free market” system, in which working people are systematically exploited to boost the wealth of the super-rich.

Congress overrides Obama veto of bill allowing 9/11 lawsuits

By Tom Carter, 30 September 2016

The White House is openly protecting the Saudi monarchy against charges that it supported the Al Qaeda terrorists who hijacked four airplanes on September 11, 2001.

Sanders stumps for Clinton at University of New Hampshire

By Barry Grey, 29 September 2016

Sanders evidently believes the American people are infinitely gullible and cannot see through a “political revolution” that consists of supporting the favored candidate of the financial aristocracy and the CIA.

The US presidential debate and the war plans of the ruling class

By Patrick Martin, 28 September 2016

Clinton used the debate to continue the war-mongering diatribes against Russia that have dominated her campaign, along with her attacks on Trump as a stooge of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Clinton-Trump debate: A degrading spectacle

By Patrick Martin, 27 September 2016

The 90-minute exercise in reaction and backwardness was an indictment not only of the candidates, but also of the political system that produced them.

New York and New Jersey scandals highlight corruption across political establishment

By Fred Mazelis, 27 September 2016

Charges in a wide-ranging investigation into bribery and extortion by New York Democrats came amid sensational testimony in the trial of close aides to Republican Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey.

On the eve of the US election debate: The politics of the grotesque

By Patrick Martin, 26 September 2016

The first debate of the presidential election campaign takes place under conditions of growing crisis, both at home and abroad.

International Socialist Organization backs NATO escalation in Syria

By Alex Lantier and David North, 21 September 2016

The close links between CIA war propaganda and the ISO’s writings supporting war in Syria are virtually self-evident.

The threat of world war: The great unmentionable in the 2016 campaign

By Patrick Martin, 19 September 2016

Neither Clinton nor Trump is discussing the increasing likelihood of a US war with Russia or China, although the Pentagon is making active preparations.

“The US has one of the most undemocratic electoral systems in the world”

SEP candidate denounces exclusion of Libertarians, Greens from debates

By Jerry White, 19 September 2016

The US Commission on Presidential Debates is excluding the Libertarian and Green Party presidential candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, from the first presidential debate.