Attempts to form Italian government collapse

By Marianne Arens, 28 March 2013

A month after Italian elections produced a hung parliament, the latest attempts to form a government have collapsed amid mass opposition to austerity.

Plans to vastly expand drones in US

By Fred Mazelis, 28 March 2013

After a decade of the use of drones as part of its “war on terror” abroad, the US government is preparing the American people for the routine use of drones inside the US.

US sequester cuts force NASA to halt outreach programs

By Bryan Dyne, 28 March 2013

NASA is halting all public outreach programs as a result of $900 million in budget cuts forced by the sequester.

Tensions high at Chrysler Warren Stamping in wake of victimization

By Shannon Jones, 28 March 2013

Skilled trades worker Alex Wassell was fired for opposing the Alternative Work Schedule, recently implemented at the plant.

More evidence emerges of torture by Spanish troops in Iraq

By Alejandro López, 28 March 2013

A video posted by the daily El País provides more evidence of the involvement of Spanish soldiers in mistreatment of detainees during the Iraq war.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland not exempt from threat of National Health Service destruction

By Steve James, 28 March 2013

All the regional devolved administrations in the UK are pushing ahead the assault on health care underway in England.

New Chinese president courts Africa

By John Chan, 28 March 2013

Xi declared that China would treat Africa as an “equal” partner, in contrast to the former colonial powers.

Two refugees killed in latest boat disaster off Australia

By Patrick O’Connor, 28 March 2013

The latest tragic deaths raise further questions about the culpability of Australian authorities.

New in Italian

Bridgstone vuole chiudere lo stabilimento di Bari

Di Marianne Arens, 28 marzo 2013

Il produttore di pneumatici Bridgestone prevede di chiudere lo stabilimento di Bari e eliminare 950 posti di lavoro, come risposta al declino del mercato europeo degli pneumatici.

New in Spanish

Dictador bancario para Detroit

Por Joseph Kishore, 28 Marzo 2013

Desde que se nombrara un jefe de emergencia el jueves pasado, Detroit se ha convertido en la mayor ciudad de Estados Unidos que un gobierno estatal ha apropiado.

New in Afrikaans

Die SID se oorlog teen Sirië

Deur Johannes Stern, 26 March 2013

Na afloop van President Barack Obama se sogenaamde “vredestog” na Israel verlede week, op die tiende herdenking van die VSA se inval van Irak, brei Washington sy bloedige intervensie in die Midde Ooste uit.

Agang bied geen alternatief vir Suid-Afrikaanse werkersklas as ANC nie

Deur Mike Jones, 26 March 2013

Die aankoms van die prominente sakevrou en voormalige anti-apartheids aktivis Mamphela Ramphele se nuwe politieke formasie, Agang, kom op ‘n tydstip van akkute politieke krisis in Suid-Afrika.


Seleka rebelle beset hoofstad van Sentraal Afrikaanse Republiek

Deur Thomas Gaist, 26 March 2013

Op Maart 23-24 het Seleka, ‘n koalisie van rebelle-groepe in die Sentraal Afrikaanse Republiek (SAR) beheer oorgeneem van die hoofstad Bangui, na afloop van ‘n reeks aanvalle wat verlede Desember begin het.

New in Turkish

ABD, Obama’nın İsrail’e yaptığı “barış” gezisinin ardından Suriye’ye karşı savaşı hızlandırıyor

Johannes Stern, 28 Mart 2013

ABD Başkanı Barack Obama’nın geçen hafta İsrail’e yaptığı gezinin ardından, ABD ve müttefikleri Suriye Devlet Başkanı Beşar Esad’ı devirme ve Batı yanlısı bir yönetim kurma planları doğrultusunda ilerliyor.

ABD, Obama’nın İsrail’e yaptığı “barış” gezisinin ardından Suriye’ye karşı savaşı hızlandırıyor

Cristoph Dreier, 28 Mart 2013

Yunanistan’ın en büyük partisi olan iktidardaki Yeni Demokrasi’nin, göçmenlerin poliste ve orduda çalışmasını yasaklamayı önererek ve yüz binlerce göçmen çocuğu etkileyen yurttaşlığa kabul yasalarına saldırarak faşist Altın Şafak’ın desteğini araması, işçi sınıfına açık bir uyarıdır.

New in Romanian

Războiul CIA împotriva Siriei

De Johannes Stern, 28 martie 2013

După aşa numita vizită a "păcii", efectuată săptămâna trecută de Preşedintele SUA Barack Obama în Israel, Washingtonul escaladează intervenţia sa sângeroasă în Orientul Mijlociu.

New in German

Streikwelle in Ägypten: Mursi und das Militär erwägen Kriegsrecht zu verhängen

Von Thomas Gaist und Alex Lantier, 28. März 2013

sich die Arbeitskämpfe über ganz Ägypten ausbreiten und ein Nahrungsmittelstreik droht, diskutiert der islamistische Präsident Mohamed Mursi mit dem Militär über die Verhängung des Kriegsrechts.

Der seltsame Tod des Boris Beresowski

Von Joseph Santolan, 28. März 2013

Der russische Oligarch Boris Beresowski wurde am Samstag in seinem britischen Herrenhaus in Berkshire tot auf dem Fußboden des Badezimmers aufgefunden.

Bill Keller von der New York Times verunglimpft Bradley Manning

Von Naomi Spencer, 28. März 2013

Am 10. März versuchte der ehemalige Chefredakteur der Times in einer Kolumne mit dem Titel „Bradley Mannings Vertrauter“ die prinzipienlose Rolle der Times bei den Ereignissen zu rechtfertigen, die zu Mannings Verhaftung führten.

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The trade unions and Michigan’s “right to work” law

28 March 2013

The actions taken by the trade unions in response to the passage of Michigan’s reactionary “right to work” law expose the anti-working class character of these organizations.

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Kino Video’s Griffith Masterworks: Watching movies become art

By Charles Bogle, 28 March 2013

The Kino Video collection entitled Griffith Masterworks provides an opportunity to watch pioneer filmmaker D.W. Griffith invent much of what came to be known as the grammar of cinema.

Letter from a reader on Zelary, a Czech film set in World War II

28 March 2013

Zelary is a remarkable 2003 film from the Czech Republic, directed by Ondrej Ontran (and available from Netflix and Amazon).

A Place At The Table: A damning picture of hunger, with feeble conclusions

By James Brewer, 27 March 2013


The British working class and the American Civil War: 150 years since London’s St. James’ Hall meeting

By Tom Mackaman, 26 March 2013


US sequester cuts and the fraud of “political gridlock”

By Andre Damon, 27 March 2013

Mursi, army debate imposing martial law as strike wave shakes Egypt

By Thomas Gaist and Alex Lantier, 27 March 2013

The CIA war against Syria

By Johannes Stern, 26 March 2013

Workers Struggles

Striking teachers, students and parents rally to defend education in Cleveland area

By Phyllis Scherrer and Samuel Davidson, 25 March 2013

25 years ago: Nationalist conflicts emerge in Soviet Armenia

This week in 1988, Soviet troops and helicopters were sent into the Armenian capital of Yerevan to enforce Moscow’s March 24 ban on demonstrations.

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50 years ago: New York city newspaper strike comes to an end

On March 31, 1963, 19,000 workers striking against eight leading New York City newspapers, including the New York Times, the Daily News, and the Herald-Tribune, ended their 114-day walkout.

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75 years ago: Military reverses for Republican Spain

The week beginning March 25, 1938, was marked by a series of defeats and reverses for Republican forces across the battlefronts of the Spanish Civil War.

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100 years ago: The Battle of Adrianople

On March 26, 1913, the Turkish city of Adrianople was seized by Bulgarian and Serbian armed forces, following a five-month siege of the city.

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