Obama outlines “grand bargain” to slash corporate taxes

By Eric London, 31 July 2013

Speaking at an Amazon facility in Tennessee, President Obama presented a plan to slash corporate taxes and hand out billions of dollars in corporate subsidies in the name of “a better bargain for the middle class.”

Senate confirms deputy attorney general under Bush as new FBI chief

By Thomas Gaist, 31 July 2013

The US Senate voted Monday 93-1 to confirm President Barack Obama's pick for new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey.

Constitutional amendments prepare authoritarian rule in Japan

By John Watanabe, 31 July 2013

The draft constitution prepared by Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party scraps fundamental democratic rights.

Pressure from European Union heightens political crisis in Slovenia

By Markus Salzmann, 31 July 2013

Slovenia’s ruling elite fears a resurgence of working class protests even more than the imminent collapse of government.

Australia: Queensland flood victims still living in freight containers

By Mark Church, 31 July 2013

Two years on from the 2011 disaster in Brisbane and nearby areas, some residents remain in temporary housing, but corporate-related infrastructure has been rebuilt.

Denmark’s social democratic-led government targets health service for cuts

By Ellis Wynne, 31 July 2013

The attack on health provision follows the lockout of 70,000 teachers.

Brooklyn hospitals dismantled as Wall Street waits in the wings

By Dan Brennan, 31 July 2013

Brooklyn’s hospital system is in deep crisis, with two closures imminent and up to four more possible.

Advertising giants merge to hedge against economic downturn

By Kristina Betinis, 31 July 2013

The merger of transnational corporations Publicis and Omnicom creates the world’s largest advertising conglomerate.

Congressional committee passes legislation attacking the Postal Service and its workers

By Hector Cordon, 31 July 2013

A House committee has passed a “postal reform” bill that imposes 5-day delivery, reduces services and attack workers’ rights

New in Turkish

Amerika’nın askerileştirilmesi

Bill Van Auken, 31 Temmuz 2013

Hem Amerika’nın egemen oligarşisi hem de Pentagon, derin toplumsal kutuplaşmanın ve derinleşen ekonomik krizin toplumsal altüst oluşlara yol açması gerektiğinin farkında. Onlar, buna göre hazırlanıyorlar.

New in French

Le coup d’État en Égypte et les tâches auxquelles la classe ouvrière doit faire face

Par Johannes Stern, 31 juillet 2013

Le coup d’État militaire du 3 juillet en Égypte a révélé de manière concrète le principal problème auquel la classe ouvrière internationale est confrontée : la crise de la direction révolutionnaire.

Contre la faillite de Detroit!

31 juillet 2013

Le SEP demande aux travailleurs et aux jeunes de distribuer cette déclaration aussi largement que possible et de construire la mobilisation pour la participation au rassemblement de campagne du 4 août à l'Université de Wayne State.

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Pourquoi je lis le WSWS: Courrier des lecteurs

New in German

Der Putsch in Ägypten und die Aufgaben der Arbeiterklasse

Von Johannes Stern, 31. Juli 2013

Der Militärputsch in Ägypten am 3. Juli und die darauf folgende Unterdrückung haben das größte Problem aufgezeigt, vor dem die Arbeiterklasse weltweit steht: die Krise der revolutionären Führung.

Revolutionäre Sozialisten versuchen, Unterstützung für Militärputsch zu verschleiern

Von Johannes Stern, 31. Juli 2013

Während das ägyptische Militärregime sein brutales Vorgehen gegen jede Opposition verschärft und Elemente der ehemaligen Mubarak-Diktatur zurück an die Macht bringt, wird die konterrevolutionäre Rolle der „linken“ Unterstützer des Putsches immer deutlicher.

Vater von Edward Snowden richtet einen offenen Brief an Obama, in demer die “Orwellschen Überwachungsprogramme” verurteilt

Von Thomas Gaist, 31. Juli 2013

In einem mit seinem Anwalt zusammen verfassten Brief, verteidigt Lon Snowden die Taten seines Sohnes als Bürgerpflicht und warnt die Amerikaner vor der “Dynamik des Dritten Reiches”.

Japan will in der Lage sein, Präventivschläge zu führen

Von John Chan, 31. Juli 2013

Der japanische Bericht zur Verteidigungspolitik liegt auf einer Linie mit der Forderung von Ministerpräsident Abe nach einem „starken Japan“ und einem „starken Militär“.

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The conviction of Bradley Manning: A travesty of justice

31 July 2013

As the government well knows, the “enemy” for whose benefit Manning courageously exposed proof of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan was the American people.

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The Detroit Bankruptcy

Detroit moves to force retirees onto Obama health care exchanges

By Kate Randall, 31 July 2013

Detroit’s emergency manager is seeking to shift retirees into inferior coverage on the insurance exchanges.

Detroit firefighters speak out on bankruptcy

By Tim Rivers and Jerry White, 29 July 2013

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Support D'Artagnan Collier for Detroit Mayor

Oppose the Detroit bankruptcy!
Statement by D’Artagnan Collier, SEP candidate for Detroit mayor

24 July 2013

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The Egyptian coup and the tasks facing the working class

By Johannes Stern, 30 July 2013

Obama’s bogus crusade for the “middle class”

By Eric London and Barry Grey, 29 July 2013

Four in five Americans economically insecure

By Andre Damon, 29 July 2013

Defend Edward Snowden!

The World Socialist Web Site and the Socialist Equality Party call on all workers, students and youth to come to the defense of Edward Snowden. To get involved, click here.

Germany: PSG holds meetings in defence of Edward Snowden

By our reporters, 31 July 2013

The Socialist Equality Party (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit—PSG) held well-attended meetings in defence of Edward Snowden in Berlin, Bochum and Frankfurt.

Father of Edward Snowden issues open letter to Obama denouncing “Orwellian surveillance programs”

By Thomas Gaist, 29 July 2013

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Arts Review

Fruitvale Station tells the story of Oscar Grant III

By Christine Schofelt, 31 July 2013

In very limited release, Ryan Coogler’s Fruitvale Station depicts the final day in Oscar Grant III’s life with compassion and complexity.

Orson Welles and Roger Hill: A Friendship in Three Acts: A remarkable glimpse into cultural history

By David Walsh, 26 July 2013

NHS FightBack

UK hospital mortality rates used as an argument for privatisation

By Ajanta Silva, 31 July 2013

A new report on the UK National Health Service calls for policies that will speed up the privatisation of health care.

SEP (Australia) Election 2013

SEP holds election meetings in Geelong, Perth and Brisbane

By our correspondents, 29 July 2013

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SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

Germany: Socialism and the fight against the GM-Opel shutdown
Dietmar Gaisenkersting—SEP candidate

29 July 2013

Workers Struggles

Canada: US Steel forces locked-out workers to vote on concessions contract

By Carl Bronski, 29 July 2013

Fund Appeal

An appeal to WSWS readers by David Walsh

In this video, WSWS Arts editor David Walsh reviews the major political events of this year and explains why now, more than ever, the World Socialist Web Site needs its readers’ financial support.

25 years ago: Jordan’s King Hussein relinquishes claim to West Bank

In a July 31, 1988 declaration, King Hussein of Jordan renounced all claims to the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

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50 years ago: South Vietnamese regime in crisis

The South Vietnamese government was thrown into deep crisis in 1963 by mounting protests among Buddhists against the US puppet regime of Ngo Dinh Diem.

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75 years ago: British inquiry into partition of Palestine draws to close

On August 3, 1938, three months after arriving in colonial Palestine to collect information on the technical aspects of dividing the territory into three parts, the Palestine Partition Commission finished its research.

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100 years ago: Wheatland Hop Riot in California

On August 3, 1913, tensions between impoverished farm workers in Northern California and local authorities boiled over when a local sheriff and his deputies attempted to disperse a mass meeting of agricultural laborers.

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