US Congress moves toward government shutdown

By Andre Damon, 26 September 2013

The United States moved closer to a government shutdown as the Democratic-controlled Senate voted to take up debate on a bill that would fund the government through mid-November.

US-backed Syrian opposition forces reject political leaders, align with Al Qaeda

By Alex Lantier, 26 September 2013

Free Syrian Army forces have issued a joint statement with Al Qaeda-linked groups rejecting the political leadership of the Syrian National Coalition.

Iranian president appeals at UN for deal with Washington

By Peter Symonds, 26 September 2013

The Iranian regime is desperate to end the punitive sanctions that have crippled the country’s economy and threaten to trigger social unrest.

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Forming a new German government: Parties prepare for war, social attacks

By Ulrich Rippert, 26 September 2013

All the parties are trying to establish a ruling coalition stable enough to push through unpopular measures on behalf of the ruling class.

Breakup of German department store chain threatens jobs and wages

By Sybille Fuchs, 26 September 2013

German-American investor Nicolas Bergruen, celebrated by the unions as a “savior,” has reached a deal to sell off the premier stores in the Karstadt retail chain.

IMF imposes stringent austerity measures on Pakistan

By Sampath Perera, 26 September 2013

In exchange for a $6.6 billion bailout, the IMF is demanding strict austerity measures that will devastate the living conditions of workers and the poor.

Coverup of Spanish bank debt continues

By Paul Mitchell, 26 September 2013

Increasing numbers of companies and individuals are failing to keep up with payments on their loans and mortgages.

UK’s Royal Mail faces privatisation

By Zach Reed, 26 September 2013

The Communication Workers Union has limited its opposition to privatisation to sending postcards to Members of Parliament.

Australian mining magnate’s party gains parliamentary presence

By Mike Head, 26 September 2013

By posturing as an opponent of both the Labor and Liberal parties, Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party attracted around 5 percent of the national vote.

Qantas Australia to sack another 300 maintenance engineers

By Margaret Rees, 26 September 2013

The move marks another stage in the company’s drive to boost profits and maintain international competitiveness by slashing labour costs.

Washington, DC living wage bill fails after mayor’s veto

By Adam Soroka, 26 September 2013

Washington DC Council failed to override Democratic Mayor Vincent Gray’s veto of the Large Retailer Accountability Act.

New in Turkish

Almanya’daki seçimleri Merkel kazandı

Stefan Steinberg, 26 Eylül 2013

Merkel’in SPD ile bir büyük koalisyon oluşturmaya karar vermesi durumunda, bu, 2005’ten 2009’a kadar Almanya’yı yönetmiş olan hükümetin basit bir tekrarı olmayacak.

Almanya’daki seçimlerin önemi

Peter Schwarz, 26 Eylül 2013

Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit—PSG) parlamento seçimlerine işçi sınıfını bu mücadelelere hazırlamak için giren tek partidir.

ABD’nin kimyasal silah kullanımı suçlaması İsrail için geçerli değil

Jean Shaoul, 26 Eylül 2013

Başka bir deyişle, [Washington’a göre]kimyasal silah geliştirmek, üretmek ve kullanmak ABD’nin müttefikleri için bütünüyle meşru bir haktır.

New in German

Quantitative Lockerung wird weitergeführt
Entscheidung der Fed weist auf Verschärfung der Finanzkrise

Von Nick Beams, 26. September 2013

Der Fed geht es nicht um die Realwirtschaft oder die Lage von Millionen Arbeiterfamilien, sondern sie muss im Interesse der Wirtschafts- und Finanzelite den Preis von Wertpapieren hochhalten.

Die Bedeutung des Wahlkampfs der PSG

Von Christoph Dreier, 26. September 2013

Die Partei für Soziale Gleichheit nahm an den Wahlen teil, um die Arbeiterklasse auf große soziale Auseinandersetzungen vorzubereiten. Ihr Ziel bestand darin, die Vierte Internationale als sozialistische, revolutionäre Arbeiterpartei aufzubauen.

Obama verteidigt vor der UN einseitige Aggressionen

Von Bill Van Auken, 26. September 2013

Obama verteidigte den Status der USA als „außergewöhnliche“ Nation und ihr Recht, nach eigenem Ermessen Militärinterventionen im Nahen Osten durchzuführen.

New in French

Obama à l'ONU : une défense de l'agression unilatérale

Par Bill Van Auken, 26 septembre 2013

Dans son cinquième discours lors d’une séance d'ouverture de l'Assemblée générale des Nations unies, le président Barack Obama a mêlé une rhétorique sentencieuse sur la démocratie et l'humanitarisme à des menaces très claires d'agression américaine.

Les manifestations continuent en Grèce contre l'austérité et la terreur fasciste

Par Christoph Dreier et Katerina Selin, 26 septembre 2013

Avec de nouvelles révélations sur le soutien accordé par le gouvernement à l'organisation néo-fasciste Aube dorée, les syndicats et les partis de la pseudo-gauche essaient de contenir les manifestations.

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Obama’s UN speech and the crisis in US policy

26 September 2013

Combining a doctrine of aggressive war with proposals for negotiations with Iran and Syria, Obama’s speech underscored his administration’s crisis in the face of popular opposition to military intervention.

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Defend the Detroit Institute of Arts!

Detroit city workers denounce threatened sale of DIA art

By WSWS reporting team, 26 September 2013

A WSWS reporting team spoke to Detroit city workers Tuesday about the threat to sell works from the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Workers, students, musicians endorse demonstration in defense of the Detroit Institute of Arts

26 September 2013

Students, artists and workers are among those calling for support for the October 4 demonstration called by the SEP and IYSSE to oppose the selloff of art.

The working class and the Detroit Institute of Arts

By Joseph Kishore, 25 September 2013

Video: The fight to defend the Detroit Institute of Arts

By Andre Damon, 23 September 2013

Socialist Equality Party to hold demonstration in defense of the Detroit Institute of Arts

By our reporter, 16 September 2013

Why workers must defend the Detroit Institute of Arts

By the Socialist Equality Party, 21 September 2013

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War Drive in the Middle East

Obama at the UN: A defense of unilateral aggression

By Bill Van Auken, 25 September 2013

US imperialism and the proxy war in Syria

By David North, 19 September 2013

SEP (US) public meetings: Syria, Iran and the geopolitics of American militarism

Rallies in Sydney and Melbourne on October 5: No to war against Syria! End the US-Australia military alliance!

26 September 2013

The intrigues taking place in the United Nations over disarming Syria of chemical weapons have not stopped the threat of war, but only postponed it.

IYSSE meetings in Australia and New Zealand: Oppose war against Syria!

18 September 2013

Montreal meeting to discuss “The Socialist alternative to war and dictatorship”

23 September 2013

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Arts Review

Ricky Gervais’ Derek: A glimpse into the lives of caregivers

By Christine Schofelt, 26 September 2013

Ricky Gervais’ Derek, set primarily in a home for the aged, is a sympathetic and pointed commentary on the lot of caregivers and the aged.

War, fascism and the fate of music in the 20th century

By Fred Mazelis, 25 September 2013

An important new book explores the period of musical history brought to an end by fascist barbarism.

Toronto International Film Festival 2013–Part 2
12 Years a Slave and other films

By Joanne Laurier, 23 September 2013

Defend Eward Snowden

German domestic intelligence agency supplies data to NSA

By Sven Heymann, 25 September 2013

British artist pays tribute to Edward Snowden

By Robert Stevens, 24 September 2013

“Truth will out”—Filmmaker Deepa Mehta defends Edward Snowden

By Richard Phillips, 24 September 2013

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SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

European workers’ conference against war, dictatorship and social cuts in Berlin

By our correspondents, 25 September 2013

Why Merkel won the German elections

By Ulrich Rippert, 24 September 2013

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Socialist Equality Party

Public meeting in Paris: 15 years of the WSWS

24 September 2013


Protests continue against social cuts and fascist terror in Greece

By Christoph Dreier and Katerina Selin, 25 September 2013

Fed “taper” decision points to deepening financial crisis

By Nick Beams, 23 September 2013

Sri Lanka: TNA wins northern provincial council election

By K. Ratnayake, 23 September 2013

Workers Struggles

British firefighters to walk out over attack on pensions

By Julie Hyland, 24 September 2013

25 years ago: US continues political and covert assault on Sandinista regime

On September 27, 1988, US President Ronald Reagan made a speech before the UN General Assembly accusing the Nicaraguan Sandinista government of being a “totalitarian regime.”

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50 years ago: Dominican president toppled in CIA-backed coup

On September 25, 1963, a military coup d'état removed the democratically elected Dominican Republic President Juan Bosch from office.

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75 years ago: Munich conference called on Czechoslovakia

Late on the afternoon of September 26, 1938, Sir Horace Wilson, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s closest adviser, met with Adolf Hitler in the Reich Chancellery.

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100 years ago: Tensions between China and Japan in aftermath of rebellion

This week in September 1913, tensions between China and Japan flared into a major diplomatic row over the deaths of three Japanese citizens in Nanking.

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