Denouncing Crimea referendum, US and EU step up pressure on Russia

By Johannes Stern, 11 March 2014

Officials from the EU and the US are reportedly to meet in London today to discuss another round of sanctions that could be formally adopted at an EU foreign ministers summit on March 17—the day after the Crimean referendum.

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Snowden denounces global mass surveillance at SXSW festival

By Thomas Gaist and Barry Grey, 11 March 2014

NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden gave a live interview Monday to the South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas.

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The US media returns to the mysterious death of Ibragim Todashev

By Nick Barrickman and Patrick Martin, 11 March 2014

More than nine months after the unexplained shooting death of Ibragim Todashev by the FBI, the US media has suddenly revived interest in the case.

Searches fail to locate Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

By Peter Symonds, 11 March 2014

All the sightings of debris and oil slicks have been discounted as having no connection to the vanished aircraft.

German President Gauck visits Greece

By Christoph Dreier, 11 March 2014

The German president exhibited all of the dishonesty and hypocrisy that have become his political trademarks on his three-day trip to Greece.

Twenty-six died from the cold in Chicago area this winter

By Christopher Davion, 11 March 2014

The elderly residents and homeless people who died this winter lacked access to the most basic necessities.

US grocery chain takeover threatens workers’ jobs

By Marc Wells, 11 March 2014

The purchase of Safeway by Cerberus, a private equity firm, portends an assault on workers’ wages and benefits.

Maryland politicians plan wave of business tax cuts

By Trent Novak, 11 March 2014

The Maryland state legislature is deliberating over various proposals aimed at cutting taxes for corporations and the state’s wealthiest residents.

Malaysian court overturns acquittal of opposition leader Anwar

By John Roberts, 11 March 2014

The sodomy conviction follows clear support from Washington for Prime Minister Najib’s government.

Students sue British government over ban on loans and grants

By Joan Smith and Paul Mitchell, 11 March 2014

Romanian and Bulgarian students are taking the British government to court over its decision to end financial support while they study in the UK.

New Zealand Labour leader appoints new chief of staff

By John Braddock, 11 March 2014

Matt McCarten, leader of the Unite union, has a long history of establishing bogus “left” formations as a political trap for workers.

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Les États-Unis renforcement leur dispositif militaire et menacent d'abandonner la diplomatie en Ukraine

Par Chris Marsden, 11 mars 2014

Washington a passé le week-end dernier à faire pression sur ses alliés pour qu'ils intensifient les provocations et les menaces contre la Russie au sujet de l'Ukraine.

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New in Turkish

Ukrayna krizi derinleşirken ABD ve Avrupa baskıyı arttırıyor

Peter Symonds, 11 Mart 2014

Rusya, ABD ile Avrupa Birliği’nin (AB) Rusya’ya ve Rusya yanlısı Ukraynalı yetkililere yaptırım tehditini eleştirirken, Ukrayna’deki kriz Cuma günü derinleşmeye devam etti.

Marx 21’den Christine Buchholz Afrika’daki Alman birliklerini ziyaret etti

Johannes Stern, 11 Mart 2014

Emperyalizm kendi çıkarlarını savunmak için askeri aygıtını ve faşistleri harekete geçirirken, sahte-sol, bu aşırı gerici güçlerle ittifaka katılmak istiyor.

New in German

Kriegspropaganda in den deutschen Medien

Von Ulrich Rippert, 11. März 2014

Im Bemühen, ein schärferes Vorgehen gegen Russland zu rechtfertigen, stellen die deutschen Medien die Tatsachen auf den Kopf.

Ukraine: USA erhöhen Militärpräsenz und drohen Russland mit Ende der Diplomatie

Von Chris Marsden, 11. März 2014

Washington hat am Wochenende den Druck auf seine Verbündeten verstärkt, die Provokationen und Drohungen gegen Russland wegen der Ukraine zu verschärfen.

Bundespräsident Gauck besucht Griechenland

Von Christoph Dreier, 11. März 2014

Gaucks Reise diente dazu, der griechischen Regierung bei ihren Angriffen auf die Rechte und Errungenschaften der arbeitenden Bevölkerung den Rücken zu stärken.

CIA hat Senatsausschuss für Geheimdienstüberwachung ausspioniert

Von Patrick Martin, 11. März 2014

Mindestens ein demokratischer Senator hat angedeutet, dass Präsident Obama von dem massiven Verstoß gegen die verfassungsgemäße Gewaltenteilung wusste – ein möglicher Grund für ein Amtsenthebungsverfahren.

Forbes-Liste der reichsten Menschen beleuchtet soziale Ungleichheit

Von Ed Hightower, 11. März 2014

Wenn man die enorme Verschwendung an der Spitze der Gesellschaft der elenden, zunehmend unhaltbaren Lage des größten Teils der Weltbevölkerung gegenüberstellt, dann beweist man damit die Notwendigkeit des Sozialismus.

Die Krise Erdogans destabilisiert die Türkei

Von Jean Shaoul, 11. März 2014

Der Konflikt um Premierminister Erdogan stellt die größte Krise in seiner elfjährigen Regierungszeit dar und bedroht die Stabilität der gesamten Türkei.

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Ukraine, the United States and international law

11 March 2014

The United States has systematically violated the national sovereignty of Ukraine to unconstitutionally overthrow an elected government and install a far-right regime that includes Neo-Nazis whose thugs served as the shock troops for the February 22 putsch.

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Crisis in Ukraine

Germany: The Süddeutsche Zeitung and the poison of militarism

By Ulrich Rippert, 10 March 2014

The crisis in Ukraine and the historical consequences of the dissolution of the Soviet Union

By Peter Schwarz and David North, 7 March 2014

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David North to speak at the New School in NYC
The Unfinished Twentieth Century: The Philosophy and Politics of Historical Falsification

18 February 2014

At this public meeting, WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North will examine the philosophical premises and political impulses that find expression in the falsification of the history of the “unfinished” twentieth century. In particular, he will focus on disturbing tendencies in historiography in Germany, where leading historians are relativizing and legitimizing the crimes of Hitler’s Third Reich.


Spike Lee, gentrification and the crisis of affordable housing

By Clare Hurley, 11 March 2014

The relentless gentrification of working class neighborhoods poses the urgent need to fight for housing as a social right.

CIA caught spying on US Senate

By Tom Carter, 10 March 2014

Five years of Obama’s “recovery”

By Patrick Martin, 8 March 2014

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

Why is Ron Bloom representing Detroit’s retirees?

By Thomas Gaist, 8 March 2014

Reports to the Workers Inquiry
The rape of Detroit: Deindustrialization, financialization and parasitism

By Barry Grey, 28 February 2014

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Arts Review

Drive-by Truckers release new album, English Oceans

By Eric London, 10 March 2014

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

11 March 2014

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature

Ford Australia refuses to guarantee production until 2016

By Will Morrow, 8 March 2014

More on the end of auto production in Australia »

Socialist Equality Party

Over 4,000 signatures support German Socialist Equality Party for European elections

By our correspondents, 8 March 2014

Sri Lankan SEP election campaign receives wide hearing

By our correspondents, 6 March 2014

UK public meetings
Ukraine: The danger of fascism and war

SEP (Canada) meeting to oppose PQ’s chauvinist Charter, unite workers on socialist program

Socialist Equality Party public meeting in Melbourne
A global political strategy to defend car industry jobs


WSWS publishes interviews with children of the Left Opposition

By Fred Williams and Clara Weiss, 25 February 2014

The World Socialist Web Site is publishing interviews with three children of Soviet Left Oppositionists—Tatiana Smilga, Zorya Serebryakova and Yuri Primakov—and with Tatiana Isaeva, granddaughter of the outstanding Marxist literary critic, Alexander Voronsky.

In Defence of Leon Trotsky

Berlin IYSSE protests Professor Jörg Baberowski’s suppression of democratic discussion at Humboldt University

22 February 2014


100 years since Ford’s five dollar day

By Tom Mackaman, 5 March 2014

Ford’s profit-sharing scheme was billed as the key to social harmony. Yet socialism and the Russian Revolution, coming just four years later, breathed a new spirit into the American class struggle.

NSA Spying and the Defense of Edward Snowden

Snowden’s testimony to European Parliament: “Billions of innocents” unlawfully spied upon

By Robert Stevens, 10 March 2014

CIA spied on US Senate oversight committee

By Patrick Martin, 7 March 2014

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25 years ago: Testimony reveals Reagan ordered illegal Contra aid be kept secret

On March 10, 1989, former National Security Adviser Robert C. McFarlane testified that President Ronald Reagan authorized the solicitation of illegal financial support for the right-wing Contra guerrilla war against Nicaragua.

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50 years ago: US military increases aid to South Vietnamese puppet regime

A top-level US delegation led by Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maxwell Taylor and CIA director John McCone visited Saigon this week in 1964 to assess the military situation and bolster the position of the puppet military government of South Vietnam.

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75 years ago: Nazi Germany invades Czechoslovakia

With severe inflationary economic pressures forcing the pace of territorial expansion, the German Nazi regime invaded Czechoslovakia on March 15, 1939.

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100 years ago: Serbia and Turkey sign Treaty of Constantinople

On March 14, 1914, senior diplomatic representatives of Serbia and Turkey signed the Treaty of Constantinople, affirming the Treaty of London of May 1913.

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