Median CEO pay in US tops $10 million

By Andre Damon, 29 May 2014

The median compensation of chief executives of US corporations listed on the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index has grown by more than 50 percent since 2010.

The Financial Times’ attack on Thomas Piketty

Obama defends global US interventionism in West Point speech

By Bill Van Auken, 29 May 2014

In a speech riddled with lies and evasions, the US president put forward a rationale for continued US aggression in every corner of the planet.

Announcing Afghan drawdown, Obama pledges military forces for other “priorities around the globe”

US deploys Special Forces to train military units in North and West Africa

Supreme Court issues unanimous decision defending police in fatal shooting

By Tom Carter, 29 May 2014

The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled Tuesday in favor of three Arkansas police officers who fired 15 bullets at a fleeing motorist and his passenger, killing both.

Supreme Court stops Florida execution, requiring more evidence to assess mental competency

By Gabriel Black, 29 May 2014

Detroit “blight” task force calls for demolition of 20 percent of city’s housing stock

By Thomas Gaist, 29 May 2014

Such a vast destruction of housing is historically unprecedented outside of conditions produced by war or natural disaster.

South African miners speak: “We are striking so our children don’t also end up with nothing”

By our reporters, 29 May 2014

The World Socialist Web Site conducted an interview with two South African miners.

The European election in Greece

By Christoph Dreier, 29 May 2014

The results of the election for the European Parliament in Greece reflect the population’s hostility to the government and the EU’s austerity policies.

Shooting of Spanish politician used to justify Internet crackdown

By Alejandro López and Paul Mitchell, 29 May 2014

The Spanish government’s response to intensifying social despair and anger is to “cleanse” the Internet.

Police attack immigrant camp in Calais, France

By Pierre Mabut, 29 May 2014

Stepped-up attacks on immigrants are the Socialist Party government’s response to the victory of the French neo-fascists in last week’s European elections.

Fire in South Korean nursing home kills 21

By Ben McGrath, 29 May 2014

The nursing home lacked basic fire safety measures and was badly understaffed.

Arts funding slashed in Australian budget

By Richard Phillips, 29 May 2014

Abbott government cutbacks will seriously impact on thousands of creative workers and technicians.

Filmmaker, actor and gallery director speak out against arts cuts

By Richard Phillips, 29 May 2014

More on the Australian budget »

Governor’s revised budget signals renewed attack on California workers

By Dan Conway, 29 May 2014

After years of cuts, the new budget is being seized upon as an opportunity to cut billions more from social programs.

New in Turkish

Donetsk’teki katliam

Thomas Gaist ve Barry Grey, 29 Mayıs 2014

Donetsk’teki katliam ile Luhansk’taki ve diğer isyancı bölgelerdeki artan saldırıların amacı, yalnızca bölgesel isyanı ezmek değil; bir bütün olarak halkı sindirmektir.

New in French

Bain de sang à Donetsk

Par Thomas Gaist et Barry Grey, 29 mai 2014

Les meurtres de masse à Donetsk font encore plus voler en éclats les efforts entrepris pour qualifier de « révolution démocratique » le coup d’Etat orchestré en février par l’Occident et soulignent le caractère réactionnaire du régime fantoche pro Washington de Kiev.

Le nouveau gouvernement ukrainien lance des frappes aériennes et prépare des mesures d'austérité

Par Thomas Gaist, 29 mai 2014

Le président nouvellement élu Petro Poroshenko a promis lundi d'écraser la résistance à l'est du pays, lançant des frappes aériennes contre les militants séparatistes sur et autour de l’aéroport de Donetsk.

L'armée américaine déploie des forces spéciales pour entraîner des unités en Afrique du Nord et de l'Ouest

Par Eric London, 29 mai 2014

Dans le cadre d'une intervention de plus en plus importante en Afrique, les forces spéciales américaines entraînent et arment des unités en Libye, au Niger, en Mauritanie et au Mali.

France: la victoire néo-fasciste à l’élection européenne expose la faillite de l’élite dirigeante

Par Alex Lantier, 28 mai 2014

L’arrivée en tête dimanche du Front national (FN) néo-fasciste à l’élection européenne en France révèle de façon éclatante la faillite de l’establishment politique français.

New in German

Die Europawahl und die Krise der EU

Von Peter Schwarz, 29. Mai 2014

Das Ergebnis der Europawahl der vergangenen Woche ist Ausdruck einer massiven Zurückweisung der Europäischen Union.

Das Blutbad von Donezk

Von Thomas Gaist und Barry Grey, 29. Mai 2014

Die Massenmorde in Donezk haben erneut die Versuche, den vom Westen organisierten Putsch in der Ukraineals "demokratische Revolution" darzustellen, bloßgestellt und den reaktionären Charakter von Washingtons Marionettenregime in Kiew noch deutlicher gemacht.

Obama kündigt Teilabzug aus Afghanistan an und verteilt Truppen in andren Teilen der Welt

Von Jerry White, 29. Mai 2014

Die Truppenverringerung in Afghanistan, die Obama vorgeschlagen hat, bedeutet keine Verringerung der Gewalt des US-Militärs.

Vier Tote bei Anschlag auf Jüdisches Museum in Brüssel

Von Matthew MacEgan und David Walsh, 29. Mai 2014

Der Mordanschlag am vergangenen Samstag im Jüdischen Museum von Brüssel, dem vier Menschen zum Opfer fielen, wirft etliche Fragen auf.

Europawahl 2014: Das Ergebnis der SEP und der PSG

Von Peter Schwarz, 29. Mai 2014

Die Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (PSG) hat bei der Wahl zum Europäischen Parlament bundesweit 9.852 Stimmen erhalten, die Socialist Equality Party in der Region Nordwest Großbritanniens 5.067 Stimmen.

Besorgnis in der politischen Elite über Prince Charles` Vergleich von Putin mit Hitler

Von Julie Hyland, 29. Mai 2014

In Großbritannien gibt es anhaltende Auseinandersetzungen um den von Prince Charles gezogenen Vergleich des russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin mit Adolf Hitler.

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The European elections and the crisis of the EU

29 May 2014

The SEP and PSG participated in the European elections in order to provide a perspective for the coming class battles and build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International throughout Europe.

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SEP European Election Campaign

European election results for the Socialist Equality Party (UK) and Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (Germany)

By our correspondent, 29 May 2014

The PSG of Germany received 9,852 votes nationwide, while the SEP (UK) obtained 5,067 votes in Britain’s northwest region.

Participants speak at PSG’s eve of poll election meeting

By our correspondents, 29 May 2014

The PSG were the only ones “who focused their election campaign on the danger of war,” a participant told the WSWS.

PSG holds successful final election meeting

Lively discussions at SEP European election meetings in North West England

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CNN’s Chicagoland: Propaganda for Mayor Emanuel

By Jeff Lusanne and George Marlowe, 29 May 2014

Recent emails reveal that the producers of the documentary series Chicagoland worked closely with the Emanuel administration.

The bloodbath in Donetsk

By Thomas Gaist and Barry Grey, 28 May 2014

French neo-fascist victory in European elections exposes bankruptcy of ruling elite

Unease in UK’s political elite after Prince Charles compares Putin to Hitler

Arts Review

“Are they going to throw him away?”
Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse

By Christine Schofelt, 28 May 2014

San Francisco International Film Festival 2014
Part four: Manos Sucias, Freedom Summer and others: Bitter social conflict present and past

By Joanne Laurier, 26 May 2014

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Video: The plight of migrant workers in Southern California

By our reporters, 28 May 2014

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

City workers denounce fraudulent “vote” on benefit cuts

By Tim Rivers, 24 May 2014

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The Civil War in 1864

By Tom Mackaman, 23 May 2014

Fifty years since Johnson’s “Great Society” speech

25 years ago: Social tension builds as Chinese workers mobilize in support of students

This week, 25 years ago, saw a deepening of the turmoil in China, as the Stalinist bureaucracy had been unable to implement its crackdown on protesting students in Tiananmen Square.

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50 years ago: Nehru dies in India

On May 27, 1964, Jawaharlal Nehru, the prime minister of India, died at the age of 74 after suffering a stroke.

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75 years ago: Soviet census shows dramatic growth

The population of the Soviet Union was growing by approximately two million people a year, according to official census figures released on June 1,1939.

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100 years ago: Over a thousand die in sinking of the RMS Empress of Ireland

On May 29, 1914, some 1,012 people died when the RMS Empress of Ireland sank in the Saint Lawrence River.

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