Obama heads to Europe for week of meetings directed against Russia

By Patrick Martin, 3 June 2014

The US is seeking to rally Eastern European countries and the G-7 powers for stepped-up economic and military pressure against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine.

The bloodbath in Donetsk

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Thai junta puts off elections for at least 15 months

By Ben McGrath, 3 June 2014

The military has deployed thousands of troops in Bangkok to crackdown on continuing small scale anti-coup protests.

The US and Thailand’s military coup

German firm Siemens to eliminate a further 11,600 jobs

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 3 June 2014

IG Metall and the works council defend the company’s competitiveness and profits, not the interests of the workers.

US Supreme Court rejects appeal by New York Times reporter James Risen

By Thomas Gaist, 3 June 2014

The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear Risen’s case amounts to a stamp of approval for US government prosecutions that violate the First Amendment.

US auto union meets to install new president

By Jerry White, 3 June 2014

Many of the 1,100 delegates are national, regional or local officials on the UAW payroll, and most are well versed in colluding with the employers to impose speedup and wage and benefit cuts.

New York’s Working Families Party once again backs Democrat Cuomo

By Fred Mazelis, 3 June 2014

The Working Families Party delivered its endorsement for the governor after bitter recriminations at its convention.

Migrant workers face brutal conditions at NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus

By Isaac Finn and Fred Mazelis, 3 June 2014

A recent report provided details on the beatings, arrests, deportations and other abuses.

Indonesian presidential election campaign gets underway

By John Roberts, 3 June 2014

The two presidential candidates are backed by competing factions of the Jakarta military/business establishment formed during the Suharto dictatorship.

UK referred to International Criminal Court for war crimes in Iraq

By Jean Shaoul, 3 June 2014

This is the first time the International Criminal Court in The Hague has opened an enquiry into a Western state.

New in French

Turquie: vaste opération policière contre des manifestants

Par Stefan Steinberg , 3 juin 2014

Au cours de l’année écoulée, douze manifestants au moins ont été tués aux mains de l’Etat et des milliers de personnes ont été poursuivies pour avoir participé à des manifestations.

Le suspect de la tuerie de Bruxelles lié à l'opposition syrienne soutenue par l'Occident

Par Kumaran Ira , 3 juin 2014

Un citoyen français de 29 ans, Mehdi Nemmouche, soupçonné d'avoir perpétré la tuerie dans le musée juif de Bruxelles, a été arrêté par la police française.

New in German

Privatisierungsversuche gefährden Gesundheitsversorgung für Veteranen

Von Kate Randall und Barry Grey, 3. Juni 2014

Es ist ein Skandal, dass das amerikanische Ministerium für Kriegsveteranen die Gesundheitsversorgung für Tausende von Kriegsveteranen privatisieren will, die Behandlungen wegen der Verletzungen benötigen, die sie in den Kriegen in Afghanistan und im Irak erlitten haben.

USA entsenden Kriegsschiff mit 1.000 Marineinfanteristen in libysche Küstengewässer

Von Barry Grey, 3. Juni 2014

Washington ist zutiefst verwickelt in die Bürgerkriegskämpfe, die Libyen zerreißen und unterstützt einen Rebellengeneral und langjährigen CIA-Mitarbeiter, der einen Staatstreich durchführen will.

Europawahl in Österreich: Gewinne für rechtsextreme FPÖ

Von Markus Salzmann, 3. Juni 2014

Gegenüber 2009 legte die Partei um Christian Strache um 7 Prozent zu und erreichte 19,7 Prozent der Stimmen.

Irische Regierungsparteien bei Kommunal- und Europawahl abgestraft

Von Jordan Shilton, 3. Juni 2014

Das bedeutendste Ergebnis waren die massiven Stimmverluste für die Labour Party und der Rücktritt ihres Vorsitzenden

Siemens baut weitere 11.600 Arbeitsplätze ab

Von Elisabeth Zimmermann, 3. Juni 2014

Mit dem Abbau von 11.600 Arbeitsplätzen im Verwaltungsbereich knüpft der neue Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser an die Spar- und Sanierungsprogramme der letzten Jahre an.

Die New York Times und die Pressefreiheit

Von Patrick Martin, 3. Juni 2014

Die New York Times behauptet in einem Kommentar, die US-Regierung, nicht jedoch die Presse, sollte darüber entscheiden, ob veröffentlichte Informationen über Fehlverhalten der Regierung publik gemacht werden sollte.

Spannungen bleiben trotz trotz Modis Treffen mit Sharif auf hohem Niveau

Von Sampath Perera und Keith Jones, 3. Juni 2014

Die Gespräche zwischen dem neuen indischen Premierminister und seinem pakistanischen Kollegen haben nicht zu einer Beilegung der Konflikte zwischen beiden Ländern beigetragen.

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Washington boasts of military buildup against China

3 June 2014

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s speech in Singapore underscored the recklessness of US imperialism’s bid to maintain hegemony over the Asian Pacific region by military means.

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The drive to privatize US veterans’ health care

By Kate Randall and Barry Grey, 2 June 2014

NSA collects facial images of hundreds of millions of people

By Patrick Martin, 2 June 2014

Edward Snowden defends decision to reveal NSA spying in NBC interview

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European elections
Support for Portugal government nosedives

By Paul Mitchell, 2 June 2014

Votes for the two right-wing government coalition partners collapsed to just 27.7 percent

The European elections and the crisis of the EU

Financial Times’ attack on Piketty under fire

The Financial Times’ attack on Thomas Piketty

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

Emergency manager threatens Detroit retirees at policy conference

By Thomas Gaist, 2 June 2014

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Socialist Equality Party

SEP meetings in Australia discuss budget attacks and drive to war

By our reporters, 3 June 2014

The well-attended public meetings discussed the Abbott government’s budget and the socialist program required to mobilise the working class against social austerity and war.

Students and workers consider SEP’s analysis

By our reporters, 3 June 2014

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

3 June 2014

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Arts Review

Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia
Film portrait of an American radical iconoclast

By Fred Mazelis, 2 June 2014

The newly released documentary on the life of writer and social critic Gore Vidal has much to recommend it.

Utopia: A confronting but politically flawed documentary

By Susan Allan, 31 May 2014

Belle’s moving and enlightened story (and The Immigrant)


The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

By Philip Guelpa, 31 May 2014

Book Review

No Place to Hide: Glenn Greenwald’s account of the Snowden revelations

By Patrick Martin, 30 May 2014

Shedding light on the New York Times shake-up

30 May 2014

25 years ago: Thousands killed in Tiananmen Square massacre

On June 4, 1989, the months-long conflict over control of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square erupted with the shooting of hundreds of protesters by troops of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

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50 years ago: South Korea imposes martial law

On June 3, 1964, South Korean President General Park Chung Hee declared martial law after thousands of student protesters in Seoul overwhelmed police and overran the capitol complex.

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75 years ago: Jewish refugee ship forced back to Europe

On the June 6, 1939, the Hamburg-Amerika ocean liner MS St. Louis, laden with 917 Jewish refugees, including 500 women and 150 children, was forced to head back to Europe.

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100 years ago: Gunning down of protesters sparks mass upheavals in Italy

On June 7, 1914, police killed three demonstrators at an antiwar protest in the Adriatic port city of Ancona.

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