Missouri governor deploys National Guard to Ferguson

By Thomas Gaist, 18 August 2014

Following a night of police provocations and attacks on peaceful demonstrators demanding justice in the police murder of eighteen-year-old Michael Brown, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, announced that he was calling in the National Guard to occupy the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

Video: Ferguson, Missouri residents determined to fight police violence

By Andre Damon and Zac Corrigan, 18 August 2014

In this video, Ferguson residents speak to the WSWS about the implications of police violence amid the ongoing protests against the police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Democratic Party operatives seek to stifle opposition, facilitate police crackdown in Ferguson, Missouri

By Eric London, 18 August 2014

Al Sharpton, the police, and a coterie of Democratic politicians delivered a “unity” message aimed at suppressing popular outrage over the killing of Michael Brown.

Police refuse to release video after Dayton-area killing

By Samuel Davidson, 18 August 2014

Federal government programs in the US have turned police into military force

Ferguson, Missouri: War comes home

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US expands air war in Iraq

By Peter Symonds, 18 August 2014

American military involvement in Iraq is set to grow after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stepped aside last week.

German army intervenes in Iraq

By Ulrich Rippert, 18 August 2014

All of Germany’s official government and opposition parties are supporting a German military intervention in Iraq.

ISIS in Iraq: A disaster made in the USA

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Fighting continues in east Ukraine, as Kiev regime moves on Luhansk

By Niles Williamson, 18 August 2014

The Ukrainian government continued it offensive against pro-Russian separatists in the east over the weekend, while a humanitarian aid convoy from Moscow continued to be held up at the border.

Why have the media and Obama administration gone silent on MH17?

By Niles Williamson, 18 August 2014

The deafening silence of the US media and government in regards to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 reeks of a cover-up.

Leaders of pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine resign

By Andrea Peters, 18 August 2014

As the Putin regime makes renewed overtures to the West, leading figures from the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic have given up their posts.

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Canada’s callous indifference to human suffering in Gaza

By Richard Dufour, 18 August 2014

Turning a blind eye to the civilian victims of Israel’s assault on Gaza, Ottawa is continuing its role as an enthusiastic defender of the war crimes of the Zionist state.

The slaughter in Gaza: A warning to the international working class

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Dozens of immigrants discovered trapped, one dead, in British shipping container

By Chris Marsden, 18 August 2014

As soon as the survivors were released from hospital, they were sent directly to an immigration reception centre.

US farm fatalities: An unpublicized epidemic

By Naomi Spencer, 18 August 2014

Hundreds of agricultural workers, including many child laborers, die in farming accidents across the US each year, making it the most dangerous occupation in America.

Australian budget impasse continues

By Nick Beams, 18 August 2014

Treasurer Joe Hockey has been forced into a back down over remarks about the poor while trying to sell his regressive budget measures.

Political interference alleged in Australian sports doping investigation

By James Cogan, 18 August 2014

What unfolded was a tawdry affair in which no evidence of illegal doping or organised crime in sport emerged.

Mass graves from Spain’s civil war uncovered

By Alejandro López, 18 August 2014

Four mass graves have been uncovered containing up to 400 victims of the fascists during the Spanish Civil War.

New in Serbo-Croatian

Gaza, Ukrajina i priprema SAD za urbano ratovanje

Bill Van Auken, 18. avgust 2014.

Vojna vrhuška u Pentagonu radi na pripremanju SAD armije za direktne kontrarevolucionarne intervencije uperene na gušenje popularnih ustanaka, koje vidi kao neizbježnu posljedicu društvene nejednakosti bez presedana prouzrokovane krizom svjetskog kapitalizma.

New in Polish

Sprzeciw się izraelskiej napaści na Gazę!

Oświadczenie Socjalistycznej Partii Równości (USA), 18 sierpień 2014

Trzeci Narodowy Kongres Socjalistycznej Partii Równości (USA) jednogłośnie zatwierdził tę uchwałę 6 sierpnia 2014 roku.

New in French

Le gouvernement français tétanisé par l'intensification de la crise économique

Par Kumaran Ira et Alex Lantier, 18 août 2014

Selon des notes internes, le gouvernement français est en plein désarroi face à ses prévisions révélant une spirale déflationniste et un effondrement économique qui frappe l’Europe.

Critique de livre: un leader de la grève étudiante de 2012 glorifie le nationalisme québécois

Par Louis Girard, 18 août 2014

Le livre de Nadeau-Dubois est un éloge de la politique de pression et de nationalisme qui a mené à la défaite la grève étudiante de 2012 au Québec.

États-Unis: Cinquante ans depuis la promulgation de la loi sur les droits civiques

Par Tom Mackaman, 18 août 2014

La loi relative aux droits civiques (Civil Rights Act) est un produit du mouvement de masse qui balaie le Sud américain à partir des années 1950.

New in German

Gouverneur von Missouri ändert die Taktik gegen Ferguson Proteste

Von Patrick Martin, 18. August 2014

Der Demokrat Jay Nixon übertrug der Bundespolizei von Missouri von Donnerstagabend an das Kommando über die Maßnahmen gegen die Arbeiterklasse von St. Louis.

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The state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri

18 August 2014

The events in Ferguson are a concentrated expression of the real state of social and political relations in America.

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Socialist Equality Party

Defend the rights of immigrant workers! Unite the working class of North, Central and South America!
Resolution of the SEP (US) Third National Congress

14 August 2014

This resolution of the Third National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (US) was adopted unanimously on August 6, 2014.

Oppose the Israeli assault on Gaza!
Resolution of the SEP (US) Third National Congress

9 August 2014

This resolution was adopted unanimously by the Third National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party of the United States.

25 years ago: Black Panther leader Huey Newton shot dead in Oakland

On August 22, 1989, former Black Panther leader Huey Newton was shot three times in the head and killed in Oakland, California.

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50 years ago: Johnson spurns Freedom Democratic Party

On August 23, 1964, supporters of the so-called Freedom Democratic Party were blocked in their attempt to displace the official Democratic Party delegation from the state of Mississippi.

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75 years ago: Hitler-Stalin pact signed in Moscow

On August 24, 1939, German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop and Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov met in Moscow to sign a non-aggression pact between fascist Germany and the Soviet Union.

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100 years ago: Lenin authors statement against SPD betrayal and world war

Days after the German Social Democratic Party and the other major parties of the Second International betrayed the cause of socialism by supporting their “own” governments’ war efforts, Vladimir Lenin authored a statement advancing a revolutionary internationalist reponse to the barbarism of World War I.

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Australia’s pseudo-left covers up for US imperialism in Iraq

By Patrick O’Connor, 18 August 2014

Socialist Alternative seeks to justify its continuing support for the US-led regime-change operation in Syria by arguing that US imperialism is no longer a significant factor in Middle East politics.

German Left Party calls for military intervention in Iraq

By Christoph Dreier, 16 August 2014

New Zealand pseudo-lefts support Washington’s war preparations against China

By Tom Peters, 16 August 2014

Tommy Sheridan’s nationalist diatribe in service of Scottish big business

By Jordan Shilton, 16 August 2014

US war drive in Asia continues apace

By Peter Symonds, 16 August 2014

Candidate’s death in plane crash reconfigures Brazil’s presidential race

By Bill Van Auken, 16 August 2014

French government staggered by mounting economic crisis

By Kumaran Ira and Alex Lantier, 16 August 2014

Arts Review

Lucy: A little knowledge is apparently a dangerous thing

By Hiram Lee, 16 August 2014

Actress Lauren Bacall, Hollywood star at 19, dies in New York

By David Walsh, 15 August 2014

Bacall, one of the few surviving performers prominently identified with Hollywood films in the 1940s, died at her home in New York City on Tuesday at the age of 89.

Get On Up: The James Brown story

Comic actor and performer Robin Williams, dead at 63


Condolences on the death of Guy Charron

12 August 2014

In the two weeks since Comrade Guy Charron’s tragic death, the SEP (Canada) has received many condolence letters from comrades around the world.

Guy Charron, 1962-2014: Canadian fighter for Trotskyism

By Keith Jones, 2 August 2014

It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of Guy Charron, a leader of the Socialist Equality Party (Canada) and a daily collaborator in the work of the WSWS.

Mehring Books

Foreword to The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century

By David North, 1 August 2014

This essay by David North is the foreword to The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century, now available at Mehring Books.

NSA spying and the defense of Edward Snowden

Executive order 12333 authorizes NSA to collect vast quantities of US data

By Thomas Gaist, 16 August 2014

Snowden discusses US surveillance and cyber-warfare programs in interview with Wired

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The use of archaeology in Jerusalem as a political weapon

By Matthew MacEgan, 14 August 2014